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Homegrown on silicone_mesa


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Presentation from Andrew Stone ( to NMTC's Tech Thursday on Local App Development (3/10)

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Homegrown on silicone_mesa

  1. 1. Home Grown onSilicone MesaHow Indies can help jump startthe NM Tech revolutionAndrew Stone, @twittelator
  2. 2. Andrew Stone, indy1989: First 3rd Party NeXT App TextArt1990: First 3rd Party Design/Page layout Create ®1991: First 3rd Party flatfile DataPhile1997: Create first app for Rhapsody aka Mac OS X ®2002: StoneWorks first indy creative suite for Mac OS X2008: First free adless Twitter client Twittelator
  3. 3. Cocoa ConspiracyA homegrown loosely affiliated bunch of iPhone & iPaddevelopers - and wannabe’s welcomeSometimes, it’s more about social interaction for nerdsEvery Thursday 8:30 - 11am RB Winnings 111 Harvard
  4. 4. Cocoa ConspiracyAnd here is the story of how it began...We live in #nm but we can take on work from anywhereYapTV
  5. 5. What we can help you withiOS Development and Ruby DevelopmentHooking you up with work and other projectsBring your code and questionsAll volunteer because it’s about people not money
  6. 6. Ruby TuesdayServer-side of iOS programmingFirst and third Tuesday’s, 6-8pm OneUp 301 CentralThey can help you select a Belgium Ale
  7. 7. Needed Skills for iOS AppsUser Interface designerUIKit ObjectiveC programmerDatabase programmer for server sideHTML 5/CSS web design skillsMarketing/Schmoozer/Public Relations
  8. 8. Funding: Self or Venture? Venture Capital Pro’s Use other people’s money Enough capital for marketing Venture Capital Con’s They own you You may have to wear a suit and goatee
  9. 9. Funding: Self or Venture? Self Pro’s You own it all You can win big Self Con’s You might starve You still have to market it
  10. 10. Guerrilla Marketing 101 Can’t afford advertising? No Problem! Using Twitter and Facebook - crowdsource the news! All you really need is chutzpah (shameless audacity) Join
  11. 11. ResourcesLearning UIKit: watch Apple’s videosTake & modify the sample apps Apple providesYou get stuck: google method name -stackoverflow.comTons of free components at
  12. 12. Join in! Thursday, 9-11am, RB Winnings at 111 Harvard SE