Emerasoft Day 2012 - Test Automation con Polarion


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Guido Levi di Emerasoft ci racconta come Polarion sia in grado di orchestrare diversi tipi di tool open source per l'automazione del test

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Emerasoft Day 2012 - Test Automation con Polarion

  1. 1. Test  Automa+on  con  Polarion       Guido  Levi   Milano,  23  Maggio  2012  
  2. 2. Testing Quadrants Business  Facing   Func+onal  Tests   Usability  Tests   Prototypes   UAT   Cri6que  Product   [Manual  or  Automated]   [Manual]   Suppor6ng  the  Team     Tes6ng   Quadrants   Unit  Tests   Performance  Tests   Component  Tests   Load  Tests   [Automated]   [Tools]   Technology  Facing  
  3. 3. Supporting the Team – Technology Facing Unit  Tests   Component  Tests   [Automated]  Test  about  “building  the  code  right”  
  4. 4. Supporting the Team – Business Facing Func+onal  Tests   Prototypes   [Manual  or  Automated]  Test  about  “building  the  right  code”  
  5. 5. Critique Product- Business Facing Func+onal  Tests   Usability  Tests   Examples   UAT   [Manual  or  Automated]   [Manual]  
  6. 6. Critique Product- Technology Facing Func+onal  Tests   Examples   Performance  Tests   [Manual  or  Automated]   Load  Tests   [Tools]  
  7. 7. Unit Tests xUnit   …Unit  
  8. 8. Acceptance Tests FitNesse
  9. 9. FitNesse Decision Tables
  10. 10. GUI Tests Selenium
  11. 11. Test Automation e Build Automation Jenkins
  12. 12. Test Automation e ALM
  13. 13. Test Automation e ALM Jenkins