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  1. 1. PROCRASTINATION - Brandon millerNow for me I think procrastination is a waste of time but here is my take on it. Peopleprocrastinate at some time in their life. As a student, I am certainly positive I have done it manytimes. I have spent many evenings cleaning the house or folding the clothes instead of workingon projects with approaching deadlines. Through experience I have learned that there are manyreason why I, and others, procrastinate and getting the concept and understanding these reasonshas given me a new perspective on how to put an end to procrastination So i shall share with youmy insight on procrastination including common reasons for procrastination and strategies to getrid of procrastination.For example there is anger and this occurs when we find ourselves avoiding the assignment, Thefeelings of anger and resentment against them can translate into an unwillingness to do what theyhave assigned you to. This would cause feelings of resentment and result in avoidance.And with dealing with procrastination, some methods to beating it might work for some peoplebut not others. Also different tasks may require different methods for overcomingprocrastination. The important thing is to equip yourself with as many techniques to beatprocrastination as possible. This will increase your chances for overcoming procrastination forgood.Now some say that another reason could be the inability to prioritize because Those who cannotview the tasks at hand and place them into different categories based on their level of importancesometimes have difficulty getting anything done because they are constantly switching from onetask to another or trying to decide what to do a good tip would be to try making a list ofall of your tasks and ranking them in order of importance. Then make set a goals and completethem one by one.
  2. 2. Now here is where the information I provide will shock you. There are a lot of negatives ofprocrastination for one there is Health now get this just over a single academic term,procrastinating college students had such evidence of compromised immune systems as morecolds and flu, more gastrointestinal problems. And they had insomnia. In addition,procrastination has a high cost to others as well as oneself; it shifts the burden of responsibilitiesonto others, who become resentful. Procrastination destroys teamwork in the workplace andprivate relationships and that is some scary stuff. And some people say that It can be done withhighly structured cognitive behavioral therapy.Another reason could be you could be feeling frustrated, Now when we dont know how to dosomething, it is easier not to do anything at all. Or maybe we feel it would be too timeconsuming to learn what is needed to accomplish a particular task. It seems like it would takeforever to complete. This is the time to break the task down into manageable parts. Decide astarting point and work for short periods of time, say about 10 to 20 minutes tops. Then mark offeach part as completed. Similar to what I mentioned about goals earlier and This imparts thefeeling of accomplishment as work is being completed.So with all that said I can tell you i was once trapped in the endless cycle of procrastination and Istill do but I came to realize why I was procrastinating. Once I understood what was causing meto procrastinate, I was able to implement the strategies and put an end to my procrastination weneeded.