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Chapter 8 brandon miller


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Published in: Education, Business
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Chapter 8 brandon miller

  1. 1. Chapter 8 Brandon MillerHow can preparation improve test performance?For me There is a definite positive correlation between preparation and test performance. Generally,the more you prepare for a test, the better your grade is on the test. The more you study the more youknow the subject that will appear on the test. Thus, you most likely will get a better grade. Also two tipsI can give is the following Explain at least two clues an instructor can give about potential test items; andApply the post-exam analysis strategy to at least one of your most recent exams.Also Make sure toattend all review sessions and pay close attention to hints that the instructor may provide for the test.Take detailed notes and ask questions about concepts and topics that you dont completely understand.Dont be embarrassed to ask questions.You should ask your instructor to identify those areas of study will be emphasized on the test. Arrive atclass early the day of the test; this is a great time for your instructor to give some last minute hints,guidance or instruction that will help you perform better on the test. Before each test make sure toreview all material from practice test, home work assignments, textbook readings, review material andlecture notes. andBeing in good physical and mental condition is important to an effective testpreparation. Make sure to eat before taking a test -- you need the energy to help you focus. Dont eatjunk food that will make you groggy.And alsoMake sure to get at least four to six hours of sleep before you take any test. Also Do not pull anall nighter. While this may seem like a good idea youll show up to your test tired and unfocused. Andoutline the main ideas, concepts, and information onto a sheet that can be easily reviewed many times.This will make it easy to remember key concepts as well as the information related to each concept.Visitthe restroom before you start your test. You dont want to waste valuable test time using the bathroomduring the test. This is especially important if youre taking a timed test.Another thing to remember is that Quantity and Quality are both importantConsider whether you gave yourself enough time to cover all of the pertinent information for your test.Were there topics that you neglected to study? Did you "skim" some chapters because they seemedboring, too difficult, or because you assumed you already knew the information? Quality is importanttoo. Its not very useful to read a textbook or your notes if you are not getting what youre reading or ifyoure not retaining any of the concepts in your memory.And finally Review your test in detail Looking at the questions you answered wrong on a test can helpyou figure out why you lost the marks and give you ideas about what you can improve for the next test.