Chapter 6 by brandon miller


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chapter 6

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Chapter 6 by brandon miller

  1. 1. Chapter 6 by Brandon millerWhen you have no interest in class material, how does it affect you – your behavior, your grades, yourconnection to others, your commitment?When you have no interest in class material it does not help at all and there are many effects that comewith this because you’re not applying yourself when it comes to school work and you are not interestedit shows many things about you.For one there is you’re behavior you will most likely have a bad one and you’re teacher nor your peerswill appreciate the fact that you have an attitude problem in or out of class because you are being adistraction as well as a problem and you can either be withdrawn or simply kicked-out in simpler terms.Another thing that will most likely be affected is your grades these are vital to you especially when youwant to pass the class in order to continue you’re path to success and when you don’t participate andput an effort it will decline at a rapid rate and that I not good because not only do you have to pay backthat money that you wasted goofing off you have let yourself down as a person and people will thinkwrong of you.Now going back to the connection of others this is very important if you basically have no interest thoseconnections you have made with your professors and your peers will most likely sever this is becauseyou show lack of interest for example if you are doing a group assignment and your professor tells youto go into groups your peers will not choose you due to the fact that you have not shown the hard workand the determination that they have put into their classwork.And finally your commitment will be broken as well when you make this you are basically saying “ I willdo my best in this course” and you are letting yourself down by not being involved.come up with a positive course of action for Maya that might help her get something out of her class.A positive course for maya would be to stay positive and always ask for help when she can after readingher story it is obvious she is very bright and got help from ross what she can do is the following.1.Attitude: Basically, a good student possesses the ability and willingness to learn new subjects even thesubjects are not interesting.2. Ability: A good student has the ability to apply the results of his or her learning in to a creative wayand achieve the goals.