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A Service Oriented Cloud Proposal


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Brief introduction for the debate around Cloud Computer at the Webit Cloud Telco Summit of Istanbul

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A Service Oriented Cloud Proposal

  1. 1. A Service Oriented Cloud Proposal Eduardo Mendez Polo Telefonica Spain
  2. 2.
  3. 3. For CIOs • 75% - 80% of IT budget is needed to maintain legacy. Only 20% - 25% for new projects. • The average workload is 15% of deployed computing capacity. • The average timeframe for regular infrastructure deployment is 2-3 months. Dilbert Calendar App Screenshot by Metranome Inc. Dilbert by Scott Adams
  4. 4. For CIOs 58% 36% 79% ? Surveyed companies are running mission-critical workloads in the unmanaged public cloud regardless of policy Have policies allowing IT service management of respondents plan to support running missioncritical workloads on unmanaged public cloud services in the next two years What the CIO can do? Forrester CIO Research 2013
  5. 5. Cloud Standards Analyse von Booz & Company und FZI
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