FRONTRUNNER                                                                  ENGLISH ESO 1UNIT 1  My network   Whats this?...
FRONTRUNNER                                           ENGLISH ESO 1B) GrammarExercise 1 (Ss page 9-oral)Exercise 2Read the...
FRONTRUNNER                                                  ENGLISH ESO 1And now here you are a note about the rest of th...
FRONTRUNNER                                                ENGLISH ESO 1F) Everyday EnglishThese are Rachel, Mark and Susa...
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Unit 1


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Unit 1

  1. 1. FRONTRUNNER ENGLISH ESO 1UNIT 1 My network Whats this? Tell a noun. Whats network? A connected …....................... of people that …....................... information ( for instance, family) On the board- Do you know any words for members of the family? ( groups of 4) A B C D E F G ( 0.10+)A) Vocabulary and ListeningExercise 1Take this paper and put the words in the box into the two groups below. Is there any word in both groups? Which one? aunt brother cousin daughter father granddaughter grandfather grandmother grandson husband mother nephew niece sister son uncle wife godfather stepmother father-in-lawLook out! (Learn this):Possessive (s)-We add -s after a name or a noun to show possession or a family relationship (My dads computer / my uncles wife)-After a plural noun ending in -s, we just add (). (My parents car / my cousins grandfather)Exercise 5 (Speaking)Questions about family – Ss page 8Exercise 7 (Ss page 8-groups of 4) Practice - Vocabulary builder 1 - Ss page 128 (1,2,4)- ORAL QUESTIONS! María Quintas 1
  2. 2. FRONTRUNNER ENGLISH ESO 1B) GrammarExercise 1 (Ss page 9-oral)Exercise 2Read the text about The Simpsons family. Which members of the family does the text mention? Oral questions in relation to you: Whos your fathers sister? aunt Whos your brothers mother? mother Whos your fathers niece? cousin Whos your brothers grandfather? grandfather Oral questions about vocabulary: Do you know these words ( lazy, power station, classmates, studies hard)? Lazy: if you dont like work, you are lazy Power station: a factory where energy is generated classmates: a member of your school class studies hard: study with a great effortExercise 3Look out! (Learn this): Present simple-affirmative + negative (I work / He doesnt play baseball) We use the present simple to talk about 1) something that happens always or regularly 2) a fact that is always trueLook at the missing verb in line 8 of the text. What letter does it end with? WorksExercise 4Complete the sentences with the present simple-affirmative of the verbs in the box. Tell which member of the Simpsonfamily says it.Exercise 7 (Ss page 9-individual)Complete the text. Use the present simple affirmative. Practice – Grammar builder - Ss page 108 (1B / 1D)C) CultureExercise 1 (Ss page 10-individual-Speaking)Do you know any names of members of the Spanish Royal Family? Tell me about it.There are many names in relation to the British Royal Family. Which of them is Queens name? María Quintas 2
  3. 3. FRONTRUNNER ENGLISH ESO 1And now here you are a note about the rest of them:Camilla Parker-Bowles had a relationship with Prince Charles for many years before marrying him in April 2005. Themajority of the British public supported (tolerated-allowed) the marriage, despite Princess Dianas great popularity.Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, is the first son of Queen Elizabeth II. He is expected to become the next Britishking. He is well known for his interest in architecture.Diana, Princess of Wales, was the first wife of Prince Charles. She was the most popular member of the Royal Familyand was often called Di. She died in a car accident in Paris.Prince Harry is the younger son of Charles and Diana. He is in the British army.Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is the Queens husband. He likes telling jokes during public visits and sometimesthe jokes cause offence.Prince William is the first child of Charles and Diana. He is the second in line to the British throne. He studied ArtHistory at university and then changed to Geography. READING COMPREHENSION TEST page 10 (exercises 2, 3, 4)-in groupsExercise 5 (Ss page 10-Listening comprehension)Some people are going to talk about the Royal Family. Match two opinions with each speaker ( classwork)D) GrammarExercise 1 (Ss page 11-reading c.)Exercise 4 (Ss page 11-listening c.)What do you do after school? Do you clean your house? Do you clean your room? Do you do the washing? Who cooks dinner at home? Does your mother drive you to school? Do you go to the supermarket with your father? Do you iron your clothes? Does your mother make breakfast for you?E) ReadingThe Povey family is exceptional. An ordinary family in the UK has 1 or 2 children-no more!)Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Ss page 12-13-Speaking) María Quintas 3
  4. 4. FRONTRUNNER ENGLISH ESO 1F) Everyday EnglishThese are Rachel, Mark and Susan. Look at them. Who are they? (students) Where are they? (at school) What do you think they are saying? (sth about going to the disco) Whats the meaning of introducing people? (present -someone- by name to another)Exercise 1, 2 (Ss page 14- listening c.)Exercise 3 (groups of 3)- practise reading the conversation- in 2 minutes, all of you are going to read the conversation with a goodpronunciation, intonation, in a loud and clear voice... (0.10+ /-)Exercise 7 - Think of a conversation similar to ex.1. Use your own information. Act out – perform- your conversation tothe class. Remember intonation, pronunciation and a loud and clear voice ( 2 groups of 3 only).Exercise 4 (oral questions)Pronunciation- How are you? / Nice to meet you / Where are you from? / Have you got any brothers or sisters? / How old are they?Exercise 5, 6 (Listening c.)G) WritingToday the lesson topic is family life and relationships. Do you ever write letters to some friends? Who to? How often?Do you write e-mails? How often? Who to?Here you have a letter from Robbie to Sam.Exercise 1, 2, 4, 5 (on the board), 6, 7 (Ss page 15- writing) WRITING TEST – instructions and guidelines** Homework: Wb Unit 1 - Challenge! (reto-desafío) page 11. PROGRESS TEST 1 María Quintas 4