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Reading and Writing Answer Key

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Extrawork answer key

  1. 1. ENGLISH ESO 1 COLEGIO COMPAÑÍA DE MARÍA CORUÑA ANSWER KEY READING COMPREHENSION TESTS Lucy and Barbara 1. John is Lucys brother / He is Lucys brother 2. They live in Wales 3. Yes, they have 4. Yes, they do 5. They like pop music 6. They go to the cinema 7. No, they arent 8. Yes, he has 9. They walk five kilometres every day 10. They cycle in the morning and they walk in the afternoon Stuart 1. He finishes at 8 oclock in the evening 2. Hes 25 years old 3. Yes, he has 4. It has got two tall trees
  2. 2. ENGLISH ESO 1 COLEGIO COMPAÑÍA DE MARÍA CORUÑA 5. He is a shop assistant 6. Yes, he does 7. He lives in a small town next to London 8. It has got one bathroom 9. Its blue and brown 10. He is Stuarts friend Rachel 1. Yes, she is 2. No, she hasnt 3. Yes, she does 4. Yes, she does 5. Yes, she is 6. Yes, she does 7. Yes, she did 8. No, she didnt 9. Yes, she did 10. She went to a famous disco
  3. 3. ENGLISH ESO 1 COLEGIO COMPAÑÍA DE MARÍA CORUÑA Artificial Intelligence 1. He created an incredible boy robot 2. Because he can love 3. He lived with some human parents 4. He was in hospital in a coma 5. Yes, he did 6. Yes, he was 7. No, he didnt 8. No, he didnt 9. Yes, they were 10. The main actor was Haley Joel Osment Christina Aguilera 1. She is an international superstar 2. She was born in New York 3. She started her professional career in 1992 4. Yes, she did 5. She was eight years old 6. She plans to act in films
  4. 4. ENGLISH ESO 1 COLEGIO COMPAÑÍA DE MARÍA CORUÑA 7. It was Christina Aguilera 8. She was twelve years old 9. Her father was from Ecuador and her mother was from Ireland 10. Yes, it was Mike and Andy 1. It was over on Christmas Day 2. They were on a plane and they had an accident 3. They had the accident in the Andes mountains in Chile 4. No, they didnt 5. It was very cold and windy. There was a lot of snow, too 6. No, they didnt 7. Yes, they did 8. They made a fire at night 9. They came to a road and they arrived in a small town 10. They wore sunglasses WRITING TESTS
  5. 5. ENGLISH ESO 1 COLEGIO COMPAÑÍA DE MARÍA CORUÑA • John and Susan John and Susan are students. They are twelve years old. They go to school five days a week. From Monday to Friday they get up at eight oclock in the morning. They have cornflakes and milkfor breakfast at quarter past eight. They go to school at half past eight. Then at half past twelve they have lunch in the canteen at school. They go back home at four oclock in the afternoon. They do their homework at five in the afternoon. They go to bed at nine oclock. • Julia Julia is a secretary. She is 26 years old. She works in an office five days a week. She gets up at 7.30 in the morning. Then she has orange juice and biscuits for breakfast. At quarter past eight she goes to work. She has lunch in a restaurant at half past one. She goes back home at half past six and at seven oclock in the evening she has dinner. Finally, at half past ten she goes to bed. • Steve Steve is a schoolboy. He is fourteen years old. Hes from Australia. He gets up at six oclock in the morning and at 7.30 he goes to school by bus. He has lunch at school at 12 oclock. He goes back home at four in the afternoon and at half past four he does his homework. At 6 oclock he has evening classes. He goes to bed at 9.30. • Andy Andy gets up early in the morning. Then he takes a shower. After that he gets dressed. Then he combs his hair. After that he has breakfast at 8.15. Then he goes to school at quarter to nine.
  6. 6. ENGLISH ESO 1 COLEGIO COMPAÑÍA DE MARÍA CORUÑA At 4 oclock he goes back home. He has dinner at 7 in the evening. He watches TVat 7.30. He goes to bed at nine oclock. • Elvis Presley Elvis Presley was a famous rock star. He was American. He was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s. His family was quite poor but they gave him a guitar. He had many hit songs, such as Hound dog and Love me tender. He was in the army in Germany. He acted in 33 films but many people preferred to listen to his music. He died on August, 16th, 1977. When he died, he was 42 years old. • George Blackburn George Blackburn was born in New York in 1960 and he died in a car accident in 1995. He was a very famous pop star in America. His first song was Love. In 1978 his family moved to London. He didnt like London. When he was nineteen years old he met an English girl, Barbara. They got married in 1982 in London. George and Barbara had two children. When he died, Barbara moved to New York.