Organizing Your Research: Using Tags in Primo


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Organizing Your Research: Using Tags in Primo

  1. 1. Organizing Your Research Using Tags in Primo What are Tags? A tag is a keyword or term you use to describe a piece of information. If you tag several items with the same keyword or term, it makes it easier to find like information when doing your research. For example, if you tag five books using the term “feminist theology,” you can then select that tag from a list to find all the resources that have been tagged with that term. Tagging allows you to create your own small “database” of sources using words that make sense to you. Why use Tags? • Helps to organize information using keywords or terms that are relevant to your needs. • Helps to organize information that is hidden within the text. For example, a book may have a chapter on your topic but the record of the material does not make that clear. If you tag it with the topic (i.e. feminist theology) it will make it easier to find. • You can create reading lists of relevant sources for research, courses, and assignments which will allow you to access all the relevant material in the catalogue in one place. How to Create a Tag Using the Library Catalogue To create a list of tags, select the “Advanced Search” link. Sign into your “e-Shelf.” If you do not have an account, create an account (re: Creating a Library Catalogue e-Self handout) WWW.LIBRARY.UBC.CA
  2. 2. Once you have created an e-Shelf, you now have the ability to tag items in the catalogue. First perform a search, and then select a title that you would like to tag. To add a tag, select the “Assign/remove tags” link. A new window will with a box labelled “Add or delete tags for this item.” Enter your keyword or term (tag) that you want attached to the material. Once you have added your tag, the tag will appear in the record under “My tags for this item.” You can add as many tags as you want to material to make it as accessible as possible. Accessing the Tags List Now that you have tagged your material, you want to access it from the library catalogue. To access the tags list, which will include your tags and all users tags in one list, follow the directions below. To access the tags in the library catalogue, select the “Advanced Search” button. Select the “Tags” link at the top of the page. A list of tags, like the one below, will appear. When you select a tag in the list, all materials that have been tagged with that term will appear. WWW.LIBRARY.UBC.CA