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  1. 1. Graham Player P.h.D.( Health Sciences)Hugh McClungEmedtodayThe use of mobile medical apps onsmartphones and tablets is revolutionizing andreinventing the way patients are engaged
  2. 2. 1 Mobile Usage Facts & Trends2 Mobile Health Revolution3 What Health Consumers Want4 Emedtoday Solution
  3. 3. Mobile Facts & Trends More than 6 billion mobile users worldwide By 2014, mobile Internet usage is expected toexceed desktop Internet usage More than 60% of all “Local” searches are donefrom a mobile device An average of 81 minutes is spent each day onmobile app compared to 74 minutes on webaccess 90% of businesses do not have mobile websites
  4. 4. Social Networking Performing SearchesUsing Mobile Apps Listening to MusicSending and Reading EmailsWatching VideosBrowsing WebsitesChecking News and WeatherSending and Reading Text MessagesWhat Are People Doing on Their Mobile Devices?
  5. 5.  Smartphones and mobile app drive mhealth mhealth is giving consumers control over their health mhealth can bring consumers and hospitals together 90% of doctors feel mhealth app can improve patientoutcome 1.7 billion down load of mhealth apps by 2017 mhealth revenues to reach USD $ 27 billion by 2017 mhealth projected to reduce medical costs by 25% by2020Mobile Health Revolution
  6. 6.  59% say mobile health has given them solutions 49% say it will change the way they managetheir health 48% say it will change the way they managechronic conditions 46% say it will make their health care moreconvenient 48% say it will improve health care quality Poor health literacy costs USD$ 230 billion peryearwww.emarketer.comPatient Beliefs
  7. 7.  Smartphones 82% Tablets 69% Medical Specific devices 58% Mobile phones 37% PDA’s 27% Game consoles 24%Devices with Best mhealth Apps
  8. 8.  Number of US consumers who use internet forhealth: 170 million 69% do searches 57% search symptoms & causes 49% learn about medication 42% look for doctor 36% look up holistic medicine 76% of patients would choose mhealth overhuman contact Survey: 76% of Patients Would Choose OverInternet & Consumers
  9. 9.  Mobile friendly web site Now 13% Plan 46% Mobile doctor finder Now 5% Plan 50% Dedicated mobile site Now 3% Plan 41% Mobile application Now 3% Plan 33%Hospitals Now & Plan
  10. 10.  SMS message for health tips Now 3% Plan 33% Mobile RX refills Now 3% Plan 10% SMS appointment remainders Now 00% Plan 25% QR code marketing Now 00% Plan 13%Hospitals Now & Plan
  11. 11.  weight blood pressure gulucose pills cholesterol Gateway to personalized medicineHealth Trackers: Direct To Consumertesting
  12. 12.  Email 63% Direct mail 56% Web Site 50% Call Center 38% Social Media 26% Mobile apps 12 % SMS 8%Hospital Use Today
  13. 13.  Mobile app 76% Mobilizing existing web site 58% Mobile web services 53% SMS messaging 41% Mobile app publishing 23% Mobile advertising 24% Mobile app internal 23% Users of app: target audience Doctors Employees PatientsHospitals Use in Future
  14. 14.  Lack of knowledge 53% Lack of reach of audience 30% Lack of budget 25% Complexity of platform 17% Costs of implementation 17%Biggest Obstacle to mHealth
  15. 15.  It is about health consumers: their needs, expectations, experienceand engagement Going from “ we provide world class care” to Develop Online brand Engage customers Support customers Move outside traditional strategies Move to mobile channels In the future, everything that can be done digitally will be donedigitally Digital health lies in highly personalized medicine, delivered via thesmartphone. “Digital Ecosystem,” Yet only 13% of heath organizationshave developed a mobile appConsumerization of HealthCare
  16. 16.  Mobile e visits ePatients want to asks questions ePatients want to talk to a doctor Different Platforms ePatients live in a multi-mediaenvironment ePatients want to watch mobile videos Medical History ePatients want to access their medicalhistoryWhat ePatients Want
  17. 17.  Check for health conditions ePatients want to get trusted health information ePatients want to solve or prevent a health problemwith action solutions Regular updates ePatients want custom content ePatient education Want to learn from their doctors ePatients prefer a mobile app versus mobile web siteWhat ePatients Want
  18. 18.  Connect any where, any time on any device Ask a doctor a question Call a Doctor Hospital Services Weekly mobile video from a healthprofessional Push SMS Health tips Push SMSA Mobile App Solution for Hosptials:Emedtoay
  19. 19.  Fast News: Curated magazines Interesting Cool Trustworthy Solve or prevent a health problem Special event and promotions Push SMS Success Stories Survey Medical library Book libraryA Mobile Solution for Hosptials
  20. 20.  Curated mobile Videos Interesting Cool Trustworthy Organized by prevention, description and cure Health trackers you can use from your device Best consumer apps Best clinical apps Lower health care costs Consolidate your health information E- Detailing Patient and Doctor engagement platformsA Mobile Solution for Hosptials
  21. 21. Mobile Marketing is the most powerful mediaever invented…New York TimesA Branded mobile application for your healthsystemImprove patient Satisfaction and TrustIncrease hospital revenueMedical TourismBypass hospital IT infrastructure and budgets( use telecom LtE network)EmedToday Solution
  22. 22. A Convenient Care Clinics ( “CCC”) with acomplete telemedicine solution in a 40 squarefoot spaceCCC will house a HD video conference link to ahospital doctorA range of smart sensing devices will bedetermine patient status and problem sPatient records housed in the cloudLocated in high traffic areas near Drug Store sand in rural areasLow cost primary care centers for hospitals toextent brand and reach in urban and ruralareas( capital costs for a 100 CCC centers USD $1 to $ 1.5 million)EmedToday Future Solution