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000519 csfb e medasiaroadshowfinal9 hm

  1. 1. May 2000
  2. 2. E-MedAsia’s MissionTo provide the most comprehensive,trusted and relevant Pan-Asian website forthe healthcare community2
  3. 3. Investment HighlightsLarge and growing market opportunityStrong demand by Asian physicians for onlinemedical content and clinical management toolsSignificant first-mover advantage; opportunity tobecome the premier Pan-Asian e-health siteSuperior product with proven platformtechnologyAttractive business model with multiplerecurring revenue streamsVisionary, entrepreneurial management teamand advisory board3
  4. 4. Stan Lipin Chief Executive Officer, DirectorAndrew Mallard Vice President, Product Development,Chief Technology OfficerSimon Piff Vice President, Sales & MarketingFarida Lau Group Finance DirectorDr. Julie McShane Vice President, Medical ContentDr. Bernard Murphy Vice President, Corporate ProgramDevelopmentHoward Messer Interim CFODr. Mildred Christian Vice President, Business DevelopmentManagement TeamName Title4
  5. 5. Board of DirectorsDr. Ronald Hart Chairman, Trilux Internet Group (Present)Chairman Director, Telescan Wireless Services and Cyber Action (Present)Director, National Center for Toxicological Research (1980-1992)Robin Maule Vice Chairman, Mobilink (1994-1998)Vice Chairman, Executive Director, Hutchinson Telecommunications (1987-1994)Co-Founder Executive Director, AsiaSat (1987-1991)Director of Distribution, Asia Motorola (1972-1987)Hugh McClung International Wireless Communications (1995-1998)Vice Chairman BEC Ventures (1992-1994)Co-Founder Crocker Associates (1979-1986)Dr. Graham Player CEO, WebTCM Ltd.Director 20+ years of experience in Traditional Chinese MedicineFounder, multiple IT consulting companiesAshok Kothari GE Asia Pacific Capital Technology Fund (Present)Director Catalyst Capital (1987-Present)PPG Europe (1987-1988)WR Grace (1980-1987)Name Affiliations5
  6. 6. Corporate Medical Advisory BoardDr. Martin Lipkin Director of Clinical Research, Strong Cancer Prevention CenterProfessor of Medicine at the Cornell University Medical College and Graduate Schoolof Medical SciencesMember of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterResearch Career Program Awardee, National Institutes of HealthMedallion Recipient, National Cancer Center Research InstituteDr. Frank Young Deputy Surgeon GeneralDeputy Assistant Secretary for Health/Science and EnvironmentCommissioner of the US Food and Drugs AdministrationUS Representative Executive Board, World Health OrganizationMember Coordinating Sub Group, National Security CouncilDr. Melvin Spann Associate Director of the National Library of MedicineInformation Chemist at the Food and Drug AdministrationChairman of the Biomedical Information Resources Symposium, American ChemicalSocietyAdjunct Professor, Chemistry Department of the American UniversityName Affiliations6
  7. 7. The Asian healthcare market represents over a $400 billion market opportunity . . .Market Opportunity$400$800$1,200$0$200$400$600$800$1,000$1,200$1,400U.S. Europe AsiaTaiwan4%India6%China6%Hong Kong2%Japan64%Other13%South Korea5%Healthcare ExpendituresHealthcare Expenditures Asia Healthcare ExpendituresAsia Healthcare ExpendituresSource: EuromonitorAsian Healthcare StatisticsAsian Healthcare Statistics7
  8. 8. Market OpportunityE-Commerce($ millions)1998 $1,983 $45 $57 $61 $8 $42003 $44,900 $2,800 $4,900 $2,400 $3,800 $2,140. . . with improving infrastructure, Internet usage and e-commerce expected to grow exponentially from 1998through 2003PC Users(in millions)Internet Users(in millions)JapanSouthKoreaHongKong China IndiaTaiwan8
  9. 9. E-Health Evolution9ApplicationServiceProvider(ASP)ProviderPortal(PP)InternetContentProvider(ICP)Content ServicesApplicationsPortal EvolutionContent Sticky tools :Email,Calendar, etc.FunctionallygroupedPracticemanagement,Medicalrecords,B2B & B2Cservices
  10. 10. Product Positioning10MedicalProfessionalsBusinessInstitutionsCommunity Patients•Pharmas•Medical supplies•Insurance•Hospitals•Clinics•HMOs•Government•CharitiesAsiaHealthDeskTMClinicalDeskTM
  11. 11. The E-MedAsia Solution11
  12. 12. Continuing Medical Education CoursesEvidence Based Medicine and Treatment GuidelinesRepNet™– Notification system to alert professionals to new products andproduct updatesCustomer and Distribution ServicesAdditional Service Offerings– Medical equipment exchange auction site– Medical Mall for books, journals, supplies and pharmaceuticals– On-line medical records– Insurance exchangeClinicalDeskTM(contd.)– For medical professionals (“subscribers”) and pharmaceutical and medical productscompanies (“sponsors”)12
  13. 13. Content/Resources– Comprehensive physician endorsed clinical information ondiseases, conditions, drugs and procedures– Links to localized directories, event calendars and physicianweb sites– Personalized content including news, reminders andnewslettersServices– Health diaries (e.g., fitness, weight management, diabeticmonitor, health monitors, vaccinations)– Community bulletin boards/chat rooms– Online physician consultations– Confidential online medical records– Insurance enrollment– e-commerce for medical products, drugs and lifestyle products– Improving Doctor–Patient–Community relationshipsAsiaHealthDeskTM13
  14. 14. The Value PropositionBenefits to Subscribers (Medical Professionals):– Online integration of administrative, communication and informationservices– Premium content and services– Standardized, easy-to-use Web interface– Free basic service packageBenefits to Sponsors (Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Companies):– Increased access to physicians and consumers– Enhanced marketing effectiveness– Improved customer service and distribution– Cost savingsBenefits to Consumers:– Premium localized content– E-MedAsia online healthcare community– Convenience, reliability, confidentiality14
  15. 15. E-MedAsia’s Approach to the MarketSponsors(pharma/medical cos.)Subscribers(medicalprofessionals)ConsumersJapanTaiwanSouthKoreaHongKongChinaKey Strategic Relationships: Markets:White MoonMedicalHarvesterTradingn/aCenturyNetNatelcoTargets:Indiajoins.com15
  16. 16. Sponsor Marketing StrategyCustomized solutionsInternational, regional and local accountcoverage with access to key decision makers atthe highest levelsIn-country sales team & support servicesRegional capabilities16
  17. 17. Status of Sponsor MarketingJapan– Johnson & Johnson KK – proposal under development– In discussions with Pfizer Japan, CentocorTaiwan– Harvester Pharmaceuticals, largest in-country distributor;e-commerce partnership discussions underway– CCPC, largest in-country manufacturer; proposal under developmentKorea– In discussions with Johnson & JohnsonHong Kong– In discussions with Abbott, DuPont, Pfizer, Merck, Sharpe & DohmeChina– Shanghai Pharmaceuticals– In discussions with Johnson & JohnsonIndia– Sun Pharmaceuticals, Aristo Pharmaceuticals, Glaxo-Wellcome,Hoechst Marion Roussel, E Merck, Cipla17
  18. 18. Subscriber Marketing StrategyTarget the Specialist– Partnerships with associations– Direct mail, conferences, special eventsSupport– Online communities– Call center support– In-country support teams18
  19. 19. Launch ScheduleJapan – May 2000India – August 2000Hong Kong – September 2000China – October 2000Taiwan – October 2000South Korea – October 2000Rest of Asia – March 200119
  20. 20. Competition20ehealthcareAsia
  21. 21. ehealthcareAsiaEnglishContentAsianContentApplicationsCompetitive LandscapeCurrentIPO21
  22. 22. E-MedAsia’s AdvantageFirst-mover advantageDeveloped regionally– Sponsorship marketing– World class Medical Advisory BoardsCustomized locally– Local language capabilities– Strategic relationships– Medical advisors– Market experience– Editorial teamsTarget medical professionals and consumers(vertical community)22
  23. 23. By end of 2000– Launch in all initial target markets– Secure sponsors for all initial target markets– Total of 14,000 sponsored subscribersBy end of 2001– Continue to increase and diversify sponsor base– Increase subscriber base to 45,000– Launch new services including used equipmentauction market– Identify JV partners for new target marketsNear to Intermediate Term Milestones23
  24. 24. Revenue Model$7 $42$95$122$143$0$50$100$150$2002000 2001 2002 2003 2004e-CommerceSubscriber$7.6$48.1$109.3$142.3$174.4Revenue($ millions)Number of Physician SubscribersRelative Market PenetrationJapan 6,500 21,500 32,750 41,188 47,5162.7% 9.0% 13.6% 17.2% 19.8%South Korea 1,200 4,200 8,700 12,750 16,3951.7% 5.9% 12.3% 18.0% 23.1%Taiwan 600 2,300 4,850 6,125 7,4002.3% 8.8% 18.7% 23.6% 28.5%Hong Kong 640 1,340 1,865 2,259 2,5547.1% 14.9% 20.7% 25.1% 28.4%China 2,400 7,200 12,400 18,000 24,0000.1% 0.4% 0.6% 0.9% 1.2%India 3,000 8,400 13,800 19,200 24,6000.5% 1.4% 2.4% 3.3% 4.2%Total 14,340 44,940 74,365 99,521 122,46524
  25. 25. Financial HighlightsSummary Financials($ thousands)QUARTERLY ANNUAL1Q2000 2Q2000 3Q2000 4Q2000 2000 2001 2002Revenue - $251 $2,562 $4,755 $7,568 $48,089 $109,293Gross Profit - 92 1,563 2,397 4,052 27,502 65,800EBITDA (1,685) (2,755) (2,884) (2,031) (9,355) (4,118) 12,846Net Income (Loss) (1,505) (2,281) (2,304) (1,664) (9,278) (1,788) 5,686Total Employees 70 129 167 179 179 366 496020406080100120($millions)Revenue Gross Profit2000 2001 2002-15-10-5051015($millions)EBITDA Net Income (Loss)2000 2001 200225
  26. 26. Large and growing market opportunityStrong demand by Asian Physicians for online medicalcontent and clinical management toolsSignificant first-mover advantage; opportunity to becomethe premier Pan-Asian e-health siteSuperior product with proven platform technologyAttractive business model with multiple recurring revenuestreamsVisionary, entrepreneurial management team andadvisory boardSummary26