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24x7Social Inbound Marketing Services

  1. 1. 24x7Social Presents: Winning withInbound Marketing 24x7Social.com
  2. 2. The Value of Inbound MarketingCompanies that excel at utilizing In-Bound Marketing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost From Hubspot.com 24x7Social.com
  3. 3. Marketing That Your Prospects Will Love!Inbound marketing centered on your hub < Blogging: We create and deliver great content < Social Media: Engage prospects and convert < Calls-to-Action: Personal offers for each visitorYour Website < Landing pages: Capturing the Lead Your Hub < Lead Management: Centralize your marketing < Email Marketing: Nurturing until lead maturity < Marketing Automation: A better way to nurture your leads – if this, then that 24x7Social.com
  4. 4. Meeting Prospects Expectations< Your prospect wants to be familiar with you and your company< Must perceive that you and your company to be expert in your field< Must believe that your company understand their specific issues and can solve them< Likes and respects your company enough to want to buy from you 24x7Social.com
  5. 5. However, Many Prospects are SquanderedWhy? 50% of prospects are qualified but not yet ready to buy; only 25% of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales From Hubspot.com Most leads that are not ready to buy are often thrown away 24x7Social.com
  6. 6. Follow, Trust, Engage, Offer 24x7Social.com
  7. 7. The Traditional Model of Marketing Stimulus The Face-to-Face Ownership (Advertising Purchase Moment Direct Mail Cold Calling) In-store ExperienceOut-BoundMarketing 24x7Social.com 7
  8. 8. The New Model of Marketing Inbound Marketing Stimulus The Face-to- Ownership Nurturing Face (Advertising) Building Trust Adding Value Purchase Engagement Moment Interaction Offer 24x7Social.com 8
  9. 9. Comparing the Differences Outbound Marketing Inbound MarketingPushes Products on Customers Relies on earning interest vs buying itCommunication is one-way Interactive and two-wayCustomers are sought out via TV, Customer comes to you via SearchRadio, Print, banners, Cold calls Engine, Social Media, Referrals from advocatesLittle added value Value added at each stepLittle education or entertainment Seeks to entertain or educate 24x7Social.com
  10. 10. Outbound vs Inbound Pull vs.Push 24x7Social.com
  11. 11. Inbound Marketing Methodology< Get Found● ● Create ● Optimize ● Promote< Convert● ● Visitors to Leads (via Landing Pages & Blogs) ● Convert More Leads to Customers< Analyze & Repeat● 24x7Social.com
  12. 12. Getting Found1.Create Remarkable Content Blogs, web pages, videos, photos, webinars, white-papers - useful, interesting, thought- provoking & entertaining content2.Create Content Consistently Quantity helps – more to be found Creates a habit – great content is in demand 24x7Social.com
  13. 13. Optimize Your Remarkable ContentOn-Page SEO (keywords, titles)● ● 25% of how you rank in search enginesOff-Page SEO (the process of building links● and getting other sites on the Internet to link to you0 ● Off-page SEO makes up about 75% of how you rank in search engines. 24x7Social.com
  14. 14. Promote Your Remarkable ContentPromote via Social Media Great content gets shared Build on your relationships Give back – its the Golden RulePromote via Paid Search (PPC)Nurture Your Marketing Database (Email) You want them to “raise their hand”Leverage Traditional Channels Press releases etc. 24x7Social.com
  15. 15. Converting More Visitors Into Leads & CustomersWe create compelling "calls to action"Our Landing Pages Create offers that convert to leads • Develop lead intelligence • Nurture the lead Deliver the right content at the right timeFocus on the hottest leads!Convert more leads into customers 24x7Social.com
  16. 16. The Importance of Calls to Action< Calls-to-action can help you learn more about your leads’ interests. what they click on indicates what they want to learn more about< Provides valuable information to your sales team, and it also helps you understand which types of content to use in future nurturing efforts 24x7Social.com
  17. 17. We Use Lead Magnets to Build Value#1: Your Free Reports, White Papers and E- Books#2: Product Demonstrations (videos)#3: Product Samples#4: Social Media - building enthusiasm#5: Blogs that offer education and tips#6: Special events – live or online 24x7Social.com
  18. 18. What is Lead Nurturing?(Lead Nurture) is communicating consistent and meaningful touches with viable prospects regardless of their timing to buyFrom customers:“How you sell me is how you will serve me." 24x7Social.com
  19. 19. The Importance of Social MediaSocial media is a component of Inbound Marketing < We give people the chance to share your offer with their network. < We make sure your emails are optimized with social media following links/icons < We let people choose whether they want to follow you on Facebook – its a good sign if they do! 24x7Social.com
  20. 20. Nurturing thru Engagement Social Media, Adding Value, Education Email, Blog, or Social Landing Page Media Engagement Captivating Headline Headline Body Relevant Info Call to action (CTA) Call to action Send to Sales (CTA) 24x7Social.com
  21. 21. How a Campaign Is PlannedWe set up the game plan - < Goals Generate new leads? Re-awaken old leads? Increase lead quality? < Define your buyer types and segment < Define how we build value. Which magnets to use?? < Set up a time-line < Measure and improve 24x7Social.com
  22. 22. We Track Everything!< Click-thru-rate< Number of new leads< Which offers convert best< Conversion rates< Unsubscribe rate 24x7Social.com
  23. 23. Ready to get started?Lets create marketing that people will love! Contact us at: 24x7Social.com/contact 24x7Social.com