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The king of pop

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Michael jackson

  1. 1. Margarita Fernández- Pacheco Toledano 2ºBach BC
  2. 2. 1- Who is Michael Jackson? 2- His career 3- Acussed by pederasty? 4- His sentimental life 5- Complexes with his body 6- His last years 7- Summary 8- Test
  3. 3.  Michael Jackson was an american singer of pop, an excellent dancer, and also with a special talent for the business.  Relate of also stars of the pop Janet Jackson and the singer LaToyah.
  4. 4.  He was for several years the principal singer of the Jackson Five
  5. 5.  His career in solitarily began in 1971 with Got To Be There  In 1972 he came to the Top 10 British and to the number one in his country with the single Ben
  6. 6.  The album On Off The Wall gave to the idol of the Pop five consecutive singles of success, with topics as Rock with you or Don’t stop sing
  7. 7.  These results are only the anticipation of what would come later in Michael’s career, since his following album, Thriller (1982), turned out to be the most sold album os the history of the music
  8. 8.  In 1987, he returned with a new album, Bad, of almost identical commercial succes that his previous disc.  Published in 1988 his autobiography
  9. 9.  In 1995, michael edited his double CD History, summary os his big successes more some unpublished songs  And in 2001 is announced the new work of autoproclaimed king of the Pop
  10. 10.  The child who in his day accused Michael Jackson of pederasty, affirms now that everything was a lie and that it was a question of an assembly organized by his father to extract money to the king of the pop.
  11. 11.  First he was married with Lisa Marie Presley.  Then, in 1996 Michael Jackson returned to marry with Debbie Rowe, a nurse whom it had known fifteen years behind, and with the one that had a son
  12. 12.  Michael did not like to be black and because of he did that they were eliminating of his body everything relating to this race; the menton was operated two times and the nose on four times
  13. 13.  The different problems michael had would mark his last years.  Neverland was closed  Jackson had to move to Bahréin
  14. 14.  His unexpected death of an assault the heart, a few weeks before the beginning of one tour, causea great commotion in the whole world.
  15. 15.  In conclusion, Michael Jackson lived a lots of things along his career, good and bad things. But he reached with merit to be the king of Pop forever.
  16. 16. 1) Who was the first wife of Michael Jackson? - Lisa Marie Presley - Elvis Presley - Debbie Rowe 2) Which album was the most sold of the history of music? - Te prometo el universo (Camela) - On Off The Wall (Michael Jackson) - Thriller (Michael Jackson) 3) How many times was the Michael’s nose operated? - Four - Two - Never 4) Who was the principal singer of the Jackson Five? - Michael Jackson - Latoyah - Janet Jackson