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Online Marketing


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August's Connect @ Lunch centered on Online Marketing for Business.

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Online Marketing

  1. 1. Online Marketing
  2. 2. 78% of internet usersconduct product researchonline.Consider Google yourBusiness Card.
  3. 3. 40% of smartphoneowners compare prices ontheir mobile device whileshopping.Is your website mobilefriendly?
  4. 4. 75% of marketers plannedto increase their socialmedia marketing in 2012.The number of marketerswho say Facebook is“critical” or “important” totheir business has increasedby 83% in 2 years.
  5. 5. 88% said increasedexposure is the #1 benefit ofsocial media marketing.
  6. 6. In 2012, it is estimated thatsmall to medium sizedbusinesses will spend$2 billion in the USalone on online marketing.
  7. 7. 17.4% - Email Marketing15.1% - Search Engine Marketing13.7% - Social Media Marketing12.0% - Business Directory Listing
  8. 8. In15% of conversationsabout products & 23% ofconversations aboutservices, people refer tosomething they saw online.
  9. 9. 5 Steps1. Create Buzzworthy Content2. Timing is everything3. Make it Easy to Find4. Target Influencers5. Think of Your Brand Advocates
  10. 10. Manage Online Reputation-Create Relevant & Valuable Content-Set up Google Alert-Respond to the Conversations