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Vizio’s first laptop


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Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
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Vizio’s first laptop

  1. 1. Vizio’s First LaptopWhen you think of Vizio, the first thing that comes to mind isHDTV’s. In fact, Vizio built their entire reputation making greatHDTV’s and other home theater products, but you wouldn’t expectthem to make laptops.Well, you’re mistaken, because they’ve recently unveiled the Thin+ Light, their first foray into the ultrabook world, and as a whole,the laptop world.While the name won’t win them any awards, it will win themlegions of new fans looking for a very engaging ultrabook that isluxurious and affordable.For this review, we’ll take a look at their 14 – inch Thin + Lightmodel with an Intel Core i7 processor.Will people actually selltheir laptops for cash and buy this thing?Source: Techbility
  2. 2. LooksJust like their sleek looking HDTV’s, their laptop sports a very flatand elegant look. In fact, it’s looking more like a futuristic devicethan any of the other manufacturers out there. The all – metalbuild makes the laptop very durable and feel premium too.The laptop weighs 3.4 pounds, making it very portable. It’s also0.67 inches thin, making it very easy to hold and bring around.Rounding out the dimensions, this laptop is 13.3 inches wide and9.2 inches long.Source: Techbility
  3. 3. DisplayTheir knowledge in making HDTV’s serves the Thin + Light verywell. It features a 14 – inch display with a wonderful screenresolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. This resolution is the same for allvariations of the 14 – inch model, which is really great.The screen resolution offers great balance between screen spaceand readability. Everything is in HD, but not to the point whereyou need a magnifying glass to read.All in all, Vizio makes a great screen worthy of their name.Source: Techbility
  4. 4. HardwareThe Thin + Light model adheres to the ultrabook conditions set byIntel, and you’ll find it makes for a great ultrabook experience.This laptop has a third generation Intel Core i7 processor, makingit very fast. Also, you get 4 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. Thisensures that loading times, saving files and doing general tasksare all very fast.Overall, the speed is amazing with this laptop. The only thingmissing in this laptop is a dedicated graphics card.Still, you’ll be able to play casual games without any problems.Just don’t expect to play Call of Duty with this laptop.Source: Techbility
  5. 5. Other FeaturesIn terms of ports, you only get a minimal selection. You get twoUSB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port and a headphone jack. That’s allyou have to work with. The reason for this is to keep the laptopthin and portable.To connect to the Internet, you’ll have to rely on Wi-Fi. You canpurchase a USB to Ethernet dongle though, to help you withbuggy Wi-Fi connections.Source: Techbility
  6. 6. ConclusionUnder heavy use, you get 5 hours of battery life, which isrespectable for this laptop. You can go through a whole afternoondoing nothing but watching YouTube videos, and you won’t haveto worry about the laptop dying on you.Overall, this laptop is a great first try for Vizio. It may haveexcluded some features, such as a backlit keyboard, but thislaptop is great than to buy used laptop.Source: Techbility