An iPhone for the BlackBerry!


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An iPhone for the BlackBerry!

  1. 1. The latest version of the iPhone, the 4S, is currently the king of allsmartphones. It’s probably the most popular smartphone, not justbecause of the brand, but because of the features. It haseverything you need to make your life easier.You should definitely sell your BlackBerryfor the iPhone 4S becausemany companies are now adopting the iPhone for its employees.Aside from that, it’s hip, easy to use and just plain useful!If you’re still not convinced, then take a look at these features thatthe iPhone 4S has.
  2. 2. SiriYou’ve probably heard of Siri, thevirtual assistant only seen in theiPhone. It’s like an AI where it cantalk to you in a conversationalmanner.But that’s not what it’s really about.Siri is about helping you becomeefficient, making the phone a hands– free device. For example, insteadof just typing something, you cansay ‘Siri, please text my friend’ orsomething like that.Aside from that, you can tell Siri to put in reminders in the calendar for you. Siri willeven remind you when an appointment is nearing its date.Siri can even search for restaurants and other places of interest.
  3. 3. Powerful Camera One great feature of the iPhone 4Sis the 8.0 megapixel camera. What makes this phone great is that aside from the high number of megapixels, it has a custom made lens that allows more light to come in.As a result, your pictures will be very bright and look natural. That’s the reason whythe camera is getting a lot of praise.Also, you can record videos in 1080p HD. Videos definitely look vivid and smooththanks to the powerful hardware. You also get handy features such as videostabilization and editing features. Of course, if you want to take editing to the nextlevel, you can always buy more apps.
  4. 4. Useful SoftwareWhat makes the iPhone such a massive hit is the software.It’s very easy to use and understand. You can throwaway the instructions and just use your iPhoneimmediately!One cool feature of the software is iMessage, which issimilar to BlackBerry’s BBM app. You’ll be able to chatand text people with otheriOS devices for free as long asyou’re connected to a Wi-Fi spot.What makes it impressive is that you can send in videos and photos to make theconversation livelier. You can even send contacts and other files for easycommunication.Aside from that, you get a customizable Notification Center that’s not obtrusive.You can choose to display what kind of notifications you want to see. There’s evenbuilt in Twitter for you to use, if you’re an avid Twitter fan.
  5. 5. ConclusionAll in all, the iPhone 4S is an amazing phone that’s perfectly useful in a corporateenvironment, a place where BlackBerry thrives. There are some people willing to selllaptop or to trade their other electronics to have iPhone 4S.With an amazing user interface and smooth graphics, the iPhone 4S is definitely ahard phone to beat. Not to mention it’s made from quality parts from a companythat knows how to build stuff.Source:Technomatic