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Human Bioelectricity and the Electric Universe Model


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Electric Universe Conference, August 18 2017

Published in: Science

Human Bioelectricity and the Electric Universe Model

  1. 1. Human  Bioelectricity  and  the   Electric  Universe  Model Eileen  Day  McKusick       Electric  Universe  Conference                     August  18,  2017
  2. 2. Biofield  Tuning  is  a  Sound  Therapy  method  that  uses  tuning  forks • Developed  over  the  last  21  years  and  is  based  on  my  research  and   experimentation. • Interacts  with  the  human  biofield  referencing  the  Biofield  Anatomy   Hypothesis  and  Biofield  Anatomy  Map • Improves  the  signal  to  noise  ratio  of  the  body’s   electromagnetic/electronic  system • Produces  predictable,  consistent  outcomes:  many  thousands  of   sessions  conducted  by  both  myself  and  the  700+  students  I  have   trainedstudents who  have  been  trained  in  the  method
  3. 3. It  is  based  on  the  following  observations  : • Sound  changes  when  tuning  fork  is  held  in  different  areas  around   the  body  and  the  body’s  field • Changes  reflect  different  tones  – timbre-­‐ that  sound  like  music • Different  emotions  produce  different  sounding  signals • Fear,  Sadness,  Depression,  Anger,  Alarm,  Anxiety  are  all  evocative  of   how  music  is  used  to  influence  our  emotions • Appears  to  be  a  universal  language  of  vibration?  Animals  and  plants   produce  the  same  patterned  vibrations
  4. 4. More  observations • There  appears  to  be  a  diffuse  magnetic  field  that  surrounds   and  interpenetrates  the  body • It  appears  to  be  bounded  by  a  banded  area  of  greater   charge-­‐ a  kind  of  energetic  membrane  -­‐ about  6  feet  to  the   sides  and  2-­‐3  feet  to  to  and  bottom. • Memories  appear  to  be  stored  in  field,  magnetically   encoded  in  binary  patterning  in  standing  waves.  
  5. 5. Observations  Continued • Areas  of  resistance  and  turbulence  appear  to  relate  to   specific  memories • Resistance/noise  in  the  field  appears  to  equate  to   resistance/tension  in  the  body • Turbulent  oscillations  can  be  detected  – and  corrected  -­‐with   a  vibrating  tuning  fork  (used  like  sonar) • The  body  auto-­‐tunes  itself  when  it  hears  its  own  noise
  6. 6. And  more • Specific  pathologies  make  specific  sounds • Fatty  liver  vs  healthy  liver • Arthritic  joint  vs  healthy  joint • Racy  adrenal  vs  balanced  adrenal • Some  pathologies  can  be  adjusted,  others  not  so  much
  7. 7. More  observations • As  noise  and  resistance  in  the  field  gives  way,  the  body  relaxes  and   symptoms  resolve • Breath,  blood,  electricity  and  information  begin  to  flow  again  – spaciousness  opens  up • Most  people  say  they  feel  “lighter”  after  a  session  and  they  will  also   look  significantly  lighter  and  brighter  as  well • Giving  and  receiving  this  work  has  helped  me  to  eliminate  chronic   mid  back  pain,  adrenal  burnout,  digestive  misery,  mental  habits  of   frustration  and  impatience,  chronic  low  level  sadness,  as  well  as   given  me  enormous  amounts  of  energy
  8. 8. Biofield  Tuning  has  been  helpful  with: •Pain •Anxiety •Depression •Vertigo •Digestive  Disorders • PTSD • Addiction • Panic  disorders • Phobias • Adrenal  fatigue • And  much  more
  9. 9. It  can  also  be  conducted  from  a   distance  through  the  aether
  10. 10. Questions • What  is  this  apparent  “stuff”  that  I  can  move  around  with  a  tuning  fork? • Why  does  it  appear  to  have  charge,  and  resistance? • What  law  of  physics  governs  the  fact  that  I  can  use  a  tuning  fork  like  a   magnet? • Is  it  possible  that  I  have  discovered  a  territory  that  has  been  hidden  in  plain   sight  and  no  one  has  mapped  it  yet? • Does  this  pattern  of  apparent  memory  storage  in  our  own  ”personal  cloud”   really  exist  or  am  I  making  all  of  this  up? • Is  there  a  way  to  objectively  determine  if  my  observations  are  actually   “there”?
  11. 11. Did  you  know   there  is  a  4th state   of  matter  called   plasma?
  12. 12. The  Biofield  Anatomy  Hypothesis • The  Biofield  Anatomy  Hypothesis  states  that  what  we  call  mind  and  memory,  rather   than  existing  inside  of  the  body,  exists  as  a  diffuse  magnetic  toroid  that  surrounds  and   interpenetrates  the  body.   • This  bioplasmic bubble  is  bounded  by  a  double  layer  membrane  and  contains  standing   waves  that  are  binarily encoded  with  all  of  our  memories  and  experiences.   • The  field  is  both  stratified  or  compartmentalized  and  timelined. • Traumatic  or  stressful  experiences  or  time  periods  produce  areas  of  turbulence  and   resistance/charge  in  the  field.  
  13. 13. What  other  models  does  it  fit  in? • Electric  Universe  theory • 4th Phase  of  Water  -­‐ Gerald  Pollack • Morphic Fields  – Rupert  Sheldrake • Microtubule  Theory  – Stuart  Hameroff et  al • Human  Bioelectricity  -­‐ Jerry  Tennant,  Harold  Saxton  Burr,  Robert  O   Becker,  James  Oschman,  Anton  Mesmer,  and  more • Esoteric  literature:  Vedic  and  other  traditions • The  Aksashic Record • Shamanism
  14. 14. EU:  Squatter  Man
  15. 15. Double  Layer  Membranes
  16. 16. Bioplasma and  Plasma
  17. 17. EZ  zone  and  the  work  of  Gerald  Pollack And  information
  18. 18. Morphic/Morphogenetic   Fields  and  the  idea  that   fields  of  information  are   causative  and  generative  
  19. 19. They  may  inform   and  be  informed   by  the   microtubules  on   cell  membranes,   which  act  as   antennae Microtubules  and  Consciousness
  20. 20. Franz  Anton  Mesmer   (1734-­‐1815) • Mesmer  proposed  that   everything  in  the  universe,   including  the  human  body,   was  governed  by  a  magnetic   fluid  that  could  become   imbalanced,  causing  illness. • He  developed  a  system  of   using  metal  rods,  and  then  his   hands,  to  shift  the  flows  of   this  magnetic  fluid.
  21. 21. Harold  Saxton  Burr   (1889-­‐1973) • Was  E.  K.  Hunt  Professor  Emeritus,   Anatomy  at Yale  University  School  of   Medicine.  He  was  at  Yale  for  43  years. • Burr  is  most  well  known  for  his  claim   that  all  living  things  are  molded  and   controlled  by  electro-­‐dynamic  fields,   which  could  be  measured  and  mapped   with  standard  voltmeters.  He  named   them fields  of  life or  simply  the L-­‐field.   1973
  22. 22. Robert  O.  Becker  (1923-­‐2008) The  father  of electromedicineand   electrochemically  induced  cellularregeneration,   conducted  5  decades  of  electromedical research. His  work  showed  that  living organisms and   animals  show  a direct  current of electric   charge which  is  measurable  from  their  body   surface. He  was  also  very  concerned  about  how  non-­‐ natural  EM  fields  were  affecting  human  health.   1998
  23. 23. James  Oschman Has  conducted  and  compiled  significant   research  on  the  electrical  systems  of  the   body “When  we  leave  energy  out  of  our  bio-­‐medicine   we  miss  a  vast  amount  of  our  healing  potential. Energy  medicine  involves  energy  of  particular   frequencies  and  intensities,  and  wave  shapes   and  other  characteristics  that  stimulate  the   repair  and  regeneration  of  one  or  more  tissues.”
  24. 24. Claude  Swanson A  definitive  tome  on  the  science   behind  “subtle  energy”  with   exhaustive  research  and  citations What  is  the  “energy”  in  energy   medicine? “Subtle  Energy”    behaves  differently   than  electromagnetism
  25. 25. Jerry  Tennant
  26. 26. Vedic  Traditions
  27. 27. Shamanism
  28. 28. Cross-­‐ Disciplinary • Cosmology – Electrical  Humans  in  an  electrically  connected  universe.   “The  Cosmology  of  Connection” • Physics-­‐ Sound  is  magnetic.  Resonance  and  entrainment. • Math-­‐ Emotional  signals  are  mathematic  in  their  composition • Music-­‐ The  tonal  expressions  of  the  body  can  be  likened  to  music • Biology  – Nitric  oxide  is  released,  other  biological  processes  are   stimulated • Medicine-­‐ Can  help  with  a  wide  range  of  physical  issues • Psychology-­‐ A  new  way  of  understanding  the  mind.  Energenetics.
  29. 29. The  Rudimentary  Beginnings  of  a  New  Frontier
  30. 30. Some    Research
  31. 31. Biophoton research
  32. 32. • Research  partnership  with  CHI   Dr.  Shamini Jain  and  Dr.  Richard   Hammerschlag • Looking  for  “Interrater  Agreement” • So  far  we  have  conducted  a  two  phase  pre-­‐ pilot  study  to  convince  ourselves  “there  is  a   there  there”  before  we  do  a  larger  study • Currently  at  work  on  IRB  submission
  33. 33. Health  from  an  Electrical  Perspective Raise  your  voltage  by: • Sleeping  10-­‐6 • Earthing • Breathing  deeply • Consciously  receiving love   and  gratitude  and  attention • Hanging  out  with  electron   donors,  not  electron  stealers • Drinking  clean,  charged  water
  34. 34. • Eating  whole  foods • Avoiding  chemicals,  especially   chemical  scents • Allowing  your  emotions  to  pass   through  rather  than  suppressing   them • Speaking  your  truth,  laughing  often   and  crying  as  needed • Honoring  your  natural  inclinations • Choosing  AH  over  UGH
  35. 35. Facebook:  Eileen  Day  McKusick-­‐ Biofield   Tuning You  Tube: Slideshare: