Gcd 218 Sample Proposal


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Gcd 218 Sample Proposal

  1. 1. The Fleur de Lis 1 GCD 218 The Fleur De Lis Student Date
  2. 2. The Fleur de Lis 2 For my final project, I intend to discuss the symbol called “Fleur De Lis”. The Fleur De lis is a symbol that was originated from the twelfth century. It started with the French army. It became the symbol worn on their armor. It has spread to different parts of the world with different meanings. Along with the army, the Roman Catholics used the symbol for religious purposed. It was used by many kings in the past as well as other religious figures. The Fleur De Lis has become very popular in many countries as well as the United States of America. It is now known as a symbol of New Orleans and is worn all over the uniforms of the New Orleans Saints football team. The Fleur De Lis is placed on many items from the past as well as items made today. There are armors, scepters, coins, buildings and many other ancient artifacts that bear the Fleur De Lis. Today, all over New Orleans, the symbol is placed on clothing, jewelry, toys, football uniforms and many other items. As well as the use of the Fleur De Lis, I intend to explain the different meanings of the symbol as well as the shapes and colors of the symbol. The meanings range from strength of a mighty army that bears the symbol and royalty that comes from the French crown. The symbol is
  3. 3. The Fleur de Lis 3 sacred to the Catholic religion as purity of the Virgin Mary and the Trinity. The colors are various and range from black, gold, blue, red and many other colors. The colors and designs vary as to the use of the symbol. Whether it is on a royal crown, a shield of armor or a football uniform the symbol stands for the flower it represents. The Fleur De Lis is a replica of an iris or a lily. These flowers are what give the symbol the original meaning. The words Fleur De Lis stand for „flower of the lily”. These flowers have legends and history that makes the Fleur De Lis stand out as a strong symbol used in many ways. Flowers had great meaning back then and the lily is one that stood for several things that the French royal family and the Roman Catholics honored. Because the French and the Roman Catholic issues are a part of our history, I believe that understanding the meaning and uses of the Fleur Del Lis is interesting. The visuals of how it has been used on many different items are interesting as well. The interest in the several ways to see the Fleur De Lis will help to discuss all the elements such as what the symbol stands for, the
  4. 4. The Fleur de Lis 4 meaning of the symbol and the different items that the symbol is placed. While discussing these elements of the Fleur De Lis, my reader will get a good understanding of the symbol and its uses.
  5. 5. The Fleur de Lis 5 References Fleur De Lis Designs, 1995, The fleur De Lis “In Heraldry and History”, Retrieved from www.fleurdelis.com Flower retrieved from http://www.flickr.com/photos/nbklx17/3258722354/ Stained glass window retrieved from http://home.nycap.rr.com/rstmarys/images/fleurdelis.jpg