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Visit britainreportdoc.asp

  1. 1. Quality in TourismVisit ReportGuest Accommodation StandardCottage FarmChipping Campdenêêêê Guest Accommodation 80% Visit date: 17 Apr 2012 Visit type: Overnight QiT No: 620678Cottage Farm 1 620678-469814-1727
  2. 2. Cleanliness (3.2 - Common Standards Reference) Score Key Scores and Sectional Cleanliness - Public areas 4 Cleanliness - Dining room 5 Consistencies Cleanliness - Bedroom 5 Overall Cleanliness - Bathroom 5 95% 80% = 4 star; safe (70% to 84%)Bedrooms (3.6 - Common Standards Reference) Score Decoration 4 Cleanliness Furniture, fittings and furnishings 4 95% = 5 star; safe (90% to 100%) Flooring 4 Beds and bedding 4 Lighting, heating and ventilation 4 Bedrooms Bedroom accessories 4 Space, comfort and ease of use 4 80% = 4 star; safe (70% to 84%) 80%Bathrooms (3.7 - Common Standards Reference) Score Bathrooms Decoration 4 76% = 4 star; safe (70% to 84%) Fixtures and fittings 4 Flooring 4 Lighting, heating and ventilation 4 Hospitality Towels and toiletries 3 Space, comfort and ease of use 4 80% = 4 star; safe (75% to 89%) 76%Hospitality and Friendliness (3.3 - Common Standards Reference) Score Breakfast Booking and arrival hospitality 4 80% = 4 star; safe (70% to 84%) Dinner and general hospitality 4 Departure hospitality 4 Breakfast hospitality 4 80% In order to achieve a star rating theFood Quality (3.10 - Common Standards Reference) Score following elements of the Breakfast choice and presentation 4 assessment need to be satisfied. Breakfast food quality 4 1. All Minimum Entry Requirements 80% must be met. (See Minimum EntryService and Efficiency (3.4 - Common Standards Reference) Score Requirement page in this report for Booking and arrival service 4 detail) Dinner and general service 4 Departure service 4 2. The Star rating awarded will be Breakfast service 4 no higher than the rating achieved 80% in the Overall assessment.Dining Room or Restaurant (3.9 - Common Standards Reference) Score 3. Key Area Scores: Decoration 4 All sectional consistency areas Furniture, fittings and furnishings 4 must be equal to or higher than the Flooring 4 overall rating (No areas to be below Lighting, heating and ventilation 4 Table appointment 4 the overall) Space, comfort and ease of use 3 4. The Star rating will be capped if 76% Key Requirements are not met atAll Public Areas (3.8 - Common Standards Reference) Score each rating level. Stairs, corridors, landings and public WC 4 80% Where the Overall score or a KeyExterior (3.5 - Common Standards Reference) Score Area is marked as ‘High’ this Buildings 4 indicates that the score for this area Grounds, gardens and frontage 4 is close to achieving a higher level. Car parking 3 73% Where the Overall score or a Key Area is marked as ‘Safe’ this 80% indicates that the score for this area sits comfortably within this level. Where the Overall score or a Key Area is marked as ‘Low’ this indicates that the score in this area is at the lower end of the banding indicating quality improvements are advised to maintain the section at this level.N.B.Where a day visit has taken place to a serviced property, the scores shown in this report for food, hospitality and service are carriedforward from the previous overnight assessment.Cottage Farm 2 620678-469814-1727
  3. 3. Executive SummaryOverall ScoreCottage Farm achieves a Four Star Bed & Breakfast rating and sits comfortably within the ratingawarded at 80%. It offers comfortable accommodation with a charming host, in a pleasant ruralenvironment.I would like to wish Sandra McCappin wish every success with this new ventureRooms SeenRoom 1 occupied, both rooms seen accompanied by Sandra McCappin.Website FeedbackThe web site is easy to navigate and contains a very good selection of attractive photographs ofthe property and surrounding countryside. Thought could be given to having the AccessStatement available on the site. Perhaps some guest comments could be added in the future,along with the Star rating and logo that can now be addedCleanlinessStandards of cleanliness were excellent in the room occupied with shining mirrors, sparklingchrome and tiles. All visible areas were free of dust.The dining room was very clean, as were the entrance hall, stairs and landingBedroomsThe room occupied is spacious with comfortable seating. Clean, crisp decor with pictures to addinterest. Practical hard wearing carpeting presents well. The solid pine furniture is in keeping withthe decor. The bed is of a very good quality with the mattress offering comfort and support andcrisp linen and throws to finish. Noted that spare bedding is in bags to preserve their freshnessand protect against moth. Thermostatic radiators offer ease of use for guests. Task lighting iseffective but consideration could be given to placing an occasional lamp in the dressing table orby the hospitality tray. There is a good supply of tourist information, flat screen television andlocal magazines. Another way to upgrade the accessories would be to fill the flask with somechilled water prior to guests arrival with the idea of some home made biscuits being anotherthoughtful touch.BathroomsThe en suite bathrooms are very well presented with quality tiling. The tiled floor finishes off theoverall presentation. Task lighting is effective and the heated ladder towel rail and underfloorheating added comfort. The drencher shower and hand held shower worked effectively, soongetting to the desired temperature and remaining at a strong constant pressure. The towels are ofa good size and fluffy and some toiletries were thoughtfully provided but perhaps expand therange with some shampoo in future.Hospitality and guest experienceThe reservation was made at 18.10 on 13th April and the telephone promptly answered. Name,mobile number and credit card details were taken. Guest was informed that credit cards are notaccepted as a form of payment but directions were offered. Mrs McCappin finished theconversation by saying she was looking forward to meeting the guest again. Thought could begiven to taking an e-mail address to confirm bookingA very warm welcome was experienced on arrival with Mrs McCappin coming to meet the guestbefore the door bell was rung. After being shown to the room, there was the kind offer of tea andCottage Farm 3 620678-469814-1727
  4. 4. cake in the room or in the sitting room giving chance to build a rapport and offer suggestions ofthings to do in the area.On departure a receipt was prepared as payment was handed over, with a cheery farewell offeredbut thought could be given to attaching a business card or brochure to the receipt may encouragereturn and recommendation.BreakfastThe dining room is spacious for the number of guests catered for with a choice of tables if twodifferent sets of people are staying. The table was well appointed with tulips adding a cheerfultouch and high quality crockery and cutlery.Sandra McCappin offered a warm greeting and took the order, inviting guest to help themselvesto the cold buffet. All items were served at a comfortable pace, with frequent satisfaction checksmade.Starter sampled - (Orange juice, Sandras healthy Eton Mess - meringue, fresh fruit, low fatyoghurt and honey, cafetiere of coffee, toasted brown bread and marmalade) a selection ofcereals and granola was also available, along with a loaf for cutting and sliced white and brownbread for toasting. Could consider expanding the very good marmalade to include locallyproduced preserves.Main course sampled - (Fried egg, bacon, sausage, fresh tomato and flat mushroom) all items ofa very good quality, locally sourced. All well cooked and served on a hot plate.HighlightsThe property is in a pleasant rural location, with some stunning views from the house.There are plenty of walks in the surrounding area with numerous places to explore in the locality.The exterior is well maintained and there is sufficient room for parkingPotential for ImprovementThought could be given to having the Access Statement available on the site.Consideration could be given to expanding the range of toiletries with some shampoo in future.Thought could be given to taking an e-mail address to confirm booking.Cottage Farm 4 620678-469814-1727
  5. 5. Minimum Entry RequirementsStandard: Guest AccommodationDesignator: Guest AccommodationRating: Four StarSpecialities:For a rating to be awarded by VisitEngland a property must meet all:Minimum Entry RequirementsKey Requirements, as appropriate to the Star levelAny Additional RequirementsAt the time of our visit all of the Minimum Entry Requirements and Additional Requirements/KeyRequirements were provided.Cottage Farm 5 620678-469814-1727
  6. 6. Visit ReportYour VisitEngland quality assessment report, comprising scores, star rating and commentary reflects the experience of the Quality in Tourismassessor on the day of the visit.Appeals procedureIf for any reason you wish to appeal against the rating awarded, VisitEngland has an established appeals procedure, which Quality inTourism operates on its behalf. A fee is payable, which is refunded if the appeal is upheld. Applications should be made within 30 days ofreceipt of the report. For details please contact Quality in Tourism at or telephone 0845 300 6996. Details canalso be found at visitsVisits are generally carried out annually, but if you are aiming for a higher rating or accolade and prefer an earlier visit during the sameparticipation year, this can be arranged for an additional fee. Contact Quality in Tourism for details.Publishing of reportsThis report may, at your discretion, be displayed in its entirety in any printed material or via electronic media.Cottage Farm 6 620678-469814-1727