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How a Business Executive Led the Implementation of Agile, Lean & CI/CD


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Presentation from Enterprise DevoOps Summit in San Francisco - October 2014

Set in the context of an Enterprise Data Warehouse, this session will tell the story of how a scaled agile adoption created the case for change and subsequent implementation of CI/CD. This tale from the trenches will provide insights into both the mistakes made along the way and the ideas that made all the difference, in completely transforming the delivery capability of the organisation.

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How a Business Executive Led the Implementation of Agile, Lean & CI/CD

  1. 1. How a Business Executive Led the Implementation of Agile, Lean & CI/CD Em Campbell-Pretty Partner, Context Matters @PrettyAgile
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  4. 4. Business Requirements Document Business Case Approval Requirements Definition Document System Requirements Specification Build & Test User Acceptance Test
  5. 5. Photo ( by Harold Walker CC BY-NC 2.0
  6. 6. Source: Agile Retrospectives – Derby & Larsen
  7. 7. Improved environment and test data provisioning Better access to source system SME’s Faster access to better data Better approach to/ recognition of technical debt Better continuous integration implementation
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  9. 9. Dev ≠ Prod
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  11. 11. 8 weeks 1 day
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  15. 15. Cycle time reduced from 1 year to less than 3 months 95% decrease in defects Cost to deliver down 70% Happy sponsors (NPS +50) Happy teams (NPS +56) RESULTS Frequency of deployment increased from quarterly to weekly
  16. 16. MEET THE TEAM
  17. 17. Here is where I need help now… Does anyone know how to implement CI/CD with PeopleSoft? Em Campbell-Pretty Partner, Context Matters @PrettyAgile