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The Flash Story


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The #Flash Story - Where to use Flash Technology via

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The Flash Story

  1. 1. The Flash Story Where to use Flash? Flash storage provides an order-of-magnitude-better performance than spinning disk drives, reducing latency and increasing throughput. A decision whether and how to use Flash is based on four factors: performance, cost, capacity, and protection. Flash is more expensive than conventional disk drives, but higher performance makes it an economical alternative for the right workloads and use cases. HYBRID ARRAY IN THE SERVER ALL – FLASH ARRAY The most economical way to deploy Flash is in hybrid or multitier storage arrays combining low-cost, highcapacity hard disk drives (HDDs) and high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) to deliver low storage cost per I/O. Hybrid arrays balance p e r f o r m a n ce a n d p r i ce because a little Flash goes a long way. Common use cases include online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing, and email applications. Ser ver-based Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) Flash provides an order-of-magnitude-better application performance over SSDs. For workloads with predictable I/O patterns and small data sets, server flash offers the highest throughput a n d l o w e s t la t e n c y f o r applications. Flash storage is an attractive method for boosting I/O performance in the data center. However, it has always come at a price, both in high costs and loss of capabilities like scalability,higavailability, and enterprise features. Academic Alliance