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Could an IT Scrinch ruin your holidays with data center downtime?


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Could an IT Scrinch ruin your holidays with data center downtime?

  1. 1. HowwilltheITScrinch makeyoumiserable? Once upon a time, in a virtualization infrastructure, there lived a Scrinch… There is a Scrinch in most IT systems. He lives in your virtualization infrastructure. And he has a mission. This nasty Scrinch wants to cause chaos and misery. From network right through to your endpoint devices. But wait, what’s this? A solution you say? VMware Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions might just save the day. The Scrinch wants you working by day and by night, Testing in case data slides out of sight. VMware will help you get home on time: Protected by us, your data’s just fine. 40TB The typical SMB today produces almost 40TB of fresh data each year1 of businesses are still concerned that their backup and disaster recovery operations will fail in the event of a serious incident1 Because The Scrinch loves irritability, He’ll try to wreck your apps’ availability. VMware will help keep availability high, So your users can let productivity fly. If the worst should occur and your data is lost, ‘The IT Scrinch’ doesn’t care how much time it will cost. VMware knows that time is money: We’ll recover your data in a super-quick hurry. Confusing complexity makes The Scrinch smile, With dozens of tools for virtualized files. Our simple solutions make everything clear, So virtualization management is nothing to fear. The cost per minute of unplanned data center downtime3 $7,900 Your free time is precious – but not to The Scrinch: Your evenings and weekends he’ll happily pinch. VMware makes maintenance less of a chore, With speedy, complete backup and restore. VMware looks after your data, it’s true. So ask yourself: what is the IT Scrinch plotting for you? Worried the IT Scrinch could be a bore? Find out how VMware can optimize backup and restore. Visit: Copyright© 2014 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. 1 SOURCE: The Acronis Global Disaster Recovery Index 2012 2 SOURCE: Management Insight Technologies, September 2012 3 SOURCE: Emerson Network Power and Ponemon Institute, December 3 2013 VMware vSphere® Data Protection™ Advanced and VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager™ can automate and optimize backup and recovery of this data, saving you time. VMware vSphere® High Availability automatically moves virtual machines when servers or operating systems fail and automatically restarts the workload when applications fail. VMware vCloud® Air™ Disaster Recovery is a recovery service solution to protect business critical workloads and ensure operational consistency with realizable cost and resource savings. VMware vSphere® vMotion® and VMware vSphere® Storage vMotion® enable you to perform system maintenance any time, with no disruption during live migrations of running VMs and files. VMware vSphere® Operations Management™ gives a single view of the health, resource utilization and capacity consumption of your entire virtual environment. 26% VMware solutions can deliver a 26% decrease in time spent on troubleshooting issues2 VMware solutions can deliver a 30% increase in hardware savings2 30% 32%