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CIO Summit | MILAN 2013 Infographic


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This infographic highlights topics that 25 CIOs from 12 countries discussed around Cloud, Big Data, and Trusted IT at the EMC CIO Summit | MILAN 2013.

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CIO Summit | MILAN 2013 Infographic

  1. 1. LEADERS EDGE Highlights from CIO Summit I MILAN I September 6-8, 2013 SNAPSHOT: CIO SUMMIT ATTENDEES 25 12 CIOs FROM COUNTRIES 3 U.S. 2 U.K. 1 DENMARK THE THIRD PLATFORM The Third Platform is described by IDC as the next-generation compute platform that is accessed from mobile devices, utilizes Big Data, social media and is cloud based. “…these shifts don’t happen every week or every month… they happen once every 10 or 20 years. ” Jeremy Burton, EVP Product Solutions & Marketing 3 6 1 1 FRANCE ALGERIA NETHERLANDS ITALY 1 TURKEY 4 GERMANY 1 1 1 POLAND FINLAND RUSSIA 3RD PLATFORM Mobile BILLIONS OF USERS Big Data Social CLOUD MILLIONS OF APPS 2ND PLATFORM LAN/Internet HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF USERS Client/Server DISTRIBUTED TENS OF THOUSANDS OF APPS 1ST PLATFORM Mainframe, Mini Computer MILLIONS OF USERS TERMINALS THOUSANDS OF APPS Source: IDC, 2012 Digitizing The Vatican Library: A Big Data Story “There is not a similar project around the world. The Vatican library has 82,000 manuscripts. Any manuscript will have 400 pages and any page will be around 150 megabytes….at the end of the project it will be near 45 petabytes. With innovation technology, with the digitization project, all the manuscripts will go on the Internet. The EMC technology will be very important for us, because we have two different famil(ies), Atmos and Isilon. We use them for fast storage, and storage for long-term conservation.” Mr. Luciano Ammenti CED Director, Vatican Library
  2. 2. THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE & BIG DATA 1% BY 2020, THE INTERNET WILL CONNECT 7.6B PEOPLE 200B THINGS & CASE STUDY: INFRASTRUCTURE FOCUS 100 DAYS IT TRANSFORMATION 80 DAYS 60 DAYS 24,000 EMPLOYEES $8.2B REVENUES 15% VIRTUAL 2004-08 2012+ 40 DAYS Big Data Analytics Mobile Applications APPLICATIONS FOCUS 60 1 DAY Transitioning to mobile, social, analytical enterprise PER DAY 2011 OPERATIONS FOCUS 40% 30% 30 40 20% 7 2004-08 50% 42% 25% 23% 20% 20% 21% 2 EXABYTES PER YEAR 40% 80 20 DAYS 60,000 EMPLOYEES $21.7B REVENUES 93% VIRTUAL CIO AS PRINCIPAL STRATEGIST 90 2 EXABYTES 2000 OF THE WORLD’S DATA IS ANALYZED (SENSORS, MACHINES, CARS, APPLIANCES…) EMC DATA VOLUMES: LESS THAN 2009-10 PERCENTAGE OF IT 1 10% 0% 2012+ TIME (DAYS) TO PROVISION SPEND ON NEW CAPABILITIES APPLICATION ENVIRONMENTS CIO AS THE CHIEF INNOVATOR CIOs well positioned to promote change How has the role of the CIO as a strategic leader changed over the past three years? Cloud Computing/Virtualization Well positioned to promote game-changing innovations Enterprise Social/Collaboration Expected to identify technology gaps, develop new strategies Online Learning Security Company Website, Social Media Business Process Infrastructure & Management Mobile Workforce Enablement Supply Chain Serves as senior tech strategist Participated in virtually every business decision IN 3 YRS Expected to discuss company’s strategic direction Only delivers IT services TODAY The Strategic CIO 2013:: Risks, Opportunities and Outcomes Economist Intelligence Unit, Insights from 156 Global and Enterprise CIOs
  3. 3. SOFTWARE-DEFINED DATA CENTER: BUSINESS IMPACT SDDC: ABSTRACT, POOL & AUTOMATE VIRTUALIZATION SOFTWARE Q: A: What were the two biggest obstacles in executing on this path to virtualization? SOFTWAREDEFINED DATA CENTER COMPUTE “Getting the team where they needed to be and aligning the right resources in the right place at the right time.” COO & CTO, IT Organization SERVER Paul Chapman, VP, IT Global Infrastructure & Cloud Operations, VMware 84% of attendees feel they have insufficient talent to navigate the virtualization of compute, storage, and networking over the next several years. SOFTWAREDEFINED DATA CENTER SECURITY STORAGE NETWORK SECURITY PHYSICAL HARDWARE “Today well over 50% of enterprise workloads are running on virtual machines. More importantly, the vast majority of IT people agree that their costs went down, their agility went up, and they had actually more flexibility and resiliency in the architecture.” John Roese, CTO, EMC REVOLUTIONIZING MIDRANGE STORAGE PANEL “From this moment forward, you'll think about storage and certainly the midrange of storage, very, very differently.” “Yesterday I had a solution that could scale up to 100 VMs. After this VNX launch, suddenly those same solutions scale up to almost 300– as tested and validated in the lab.” Richard Napolitano, President, USD, EMC “Two Key EMC Innovations: First, FAST, Fully Automated Storage Tiering, moves the hottest data further and further up in the storage hierarchy to achieve your SLAs automatically. Second, unlocking the potential of virtualization, flash, and multicore together synergistically produces more work at lower cost. “EMC MCx Technology in VNX: We’ve taken the SOFTWAREDEFINED DATA CENTER NETWORK ABSTRACT & LEVERAGE INTELLIGENCE “Speed and agility, they’re the focus. We’re turning on a lot more new capability and functionality faster than we ever were before. Automation frees up significant labor capacity.” DATA SURVEY: SOFTWAREDEFINED DATA CENTER STORAGE multicore processing that makes VMs fly and applied it to the storage side which allows us to radically scale our IO performance at much lower cost. How much lower? Probably a tenth less.” Richard Napolitano Gil Shneorson, VP & GM, VSPEX, EMC “From our point of view, we think the block, the duplication, and the new MCx approach to the VNX is amazing.” CTO, EMEA Retailer 80 % ARE DEPLOYING FLASH IN THEIR STORAGE SYSTEMS
  4. 4. BACKUP “I am living proof that the lack of a good data protection strategy causes insomnia and hair loss. Our backup rates now are right at 99%. Now my hair hasn’t started growing back, but I sleep better…” TO THE FUTURE “Mobile applications will create a burst of traffic and a burst of volume to be backed up and archived – backup for daily operations, archiving for strict regulations around the telecom operators.” CTO, Telecom Organization SVP of IT, Financial Services OUR DIFFERENTIATION Efficiency ...FOR YOU Agility Control Choice 2013 ITALIAN 64TH SEASON OF THE FORMULA 1 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ® GRAND PRIX HISTORY OF LOTUS F1 TEAM 1981 1986 2000 2011 The team started as Toleman Motorsport, based in Witney, Oxfordshire, England. The team was renamed to Benetton Formula. The team was then renamed to Renault F1 Team. Genii Capital bought the team and it was renamed, first to Lotus Renault GP, then to “Lotus F1 Team.” 2013 ITALIAN GRAND PRIX TOP 3 DRIVERS: QUICK FACTS: CIRCUIT 2013 LOTUS F1 TEAM CAR POS. # DRIVER CAR LAPS GAP BUILT IN 1922, ONE OF THE FASTEST AND OLDEST CIRCUITS IN THE WORLD, 5.793 KILOMETERS. 1 1 3 Red BullRenault Ferrari 53 2 CALLED THE E21- LAUNCHED ON 28 JAN. 3 2 Sebastian Vettel Fernando Alonso Mark Webber AUTODROMO NAZIONALE MONZA - AT THEIR ENSTONE, OXFORDSHIRE HEADQUARTERS. THE CAR HAS A BLACK, GOLD, AND RED LIVERY Red BullRenault DIFFERENCE 53 5.467 5.467 53 6.35 0.883 LOTUS F1 TEAM RESULTS: POS. # CAR LAPS GAP DIFFERENCE 8 8 LotusRenault LotusRenault 33.13 0.801 7 Romain Grosjean Kimi Raikkonen 53 11 For more information, visit DRIVER 53 38.695 0.368 EMC2, EMC, MCx, VNX, and the EMC logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of EMC Corporation in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners. © Copyright 2013 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 10/13 Infographic