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Texas jordan l


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Published in: Travel, Sports
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Texas jordan l

  1. 1. What is Texas all about ? By: Jordan Lewis
  2. 2. Location in the united states for Texas. Hemisphere Region Borders
  3. 3. The state symbols for Texas. State flag State bird State flower State animal
  4. 4. What are the historical factsabout Texas? Became a state 1st historical event 2nd historical event 3rd historical event
  5. 5. Climates in Texas through theyearSummerSpringFallWinter
  6. 6. Get ready to know thepopulation of Texas!People
  7. 7. How long and far is it to Texas!
  8. 8. HOW ABOUT YOU AND I PLANA TRIP TO TEXAS1st city2nd city3rd city
  9. 9. Thank You