Evaluation Question 1 DONE


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Evaluation Question 1 DONE

  1. 1. • Extremely strong and eye catching images• Bright, strong, eye catching colours• Colour co-coordinated• Fairly busy front cover• Bold text• Often a picture of an artist/celebrity/band etc• Masthead• Taglines• Left third• Cover lines• Bar codes• Image bleed• Eye catching cover lines• Splashes
  2. 2. Magazines I first looked at on the internet. Front CoversContents Page and Double Page spread
  3. 3. Within my Music Magazine I have stuck to the guidelines criteria that mostmain music magazines use or stick by. On my front cover, and throughoutmy magazine I have used similar conventions to other music magazines.For example my Masthead is on the left side (left third) at the top, so thatwhen it is on a shelf it is the first thing you read. It is also clear and boldenough to read. Like all music magazines the logo would be noticed andremembered. I have also used the same colours on my front cover as Qmagazine. This is because the big red box stands out a lot with the whitewriting on top. However I had to make my box smaller because the title ofmy magazine is a word not just one letter.I have also used a central image, like Q magazine. It is important that thecentral image is the main story of my magazine The central image on thefront page also determines what the genre of what the magazine is goingto be, for example on my front cover the image is of a strong bold womanwho looks very serious about her R&B music. My central image is quiteclose up, which I found similar to typical music magazines. I decided tocopy how other magazines shot their image because it gave a strongermore mature look to my magazine. I came to the discovery during myresearch that most but not all pictures in music magazines were usuallytaken as a mid-shot or a long-shot. 􀂃
  4. 4. I also kept to a particular colour scheme like a standard music magazinewould, Particularly NME magazine and Q. These colour schemes both interested mebecause they looked mature and professional. Therefore I decided to use the Red, Whiteand Black theme on mine. The red was chosen because it was a bright and bold colourthat can stand out when used with black and white.http://georgelovell12.files.wordp http://garrard-ress.com/2011/12/cheryl_tweed media.blogspot.co.uk/2010/02/music- http://rebelrealworldeveryday.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/ay_q_magazine.jpg magazine-contents-page-plan.html nalysis-of-double-page-spread-florence.html
  5. 5. The front cover of Q magazine was the magazine When I started to plan out my magazine, I thoughtlayout I copied and used for my front page. Q it would be easier to copy another leadingmagazine follows the same kind of style magazines layout so that I have an idea of what itthroughout each issue of the magazine. The style would look like and what size I should make things.follows the same rule that the Masthead is always On my front cover I kept a big and bold mastheadin the top left hand corner of the cover. The because it looked sophisticated and mature. Themasthead is always the Q logo and is always red convention that I have challenged is the coverand white. There is a banner at the top of the lines on my magazine cover. For example in QCover stating that Q is ‘The UK’s Biggest Music magazine I thought they had to many cover linesMagazine’, From my own knowledge and so I moved mine to the left third so that it was notresearch I can say that this true, Q is the best covering the main image and so that the whitemagazine for music fans. This particular issue and red writing was clear on the blackof magazine has Cheryl Cole as the Primary background. When researching R&B and evenImage. This is telling me that there is going to be a Hip Hop music magazines I found that the coverbig article or interview with Cheryl Cole. There are lines looked quite packed and jumbled up,also various small cover lines which in my opinion although it showed the magazine contained a lotget the buyer/reader interested in this issue of Q. it proved to be quite confusing to read. So for myThe Primary image of Cheryl Cole would magazine I decided to change the positioning ofalso be a very good selling the cover lines and the amountpoint because Cheryl Cole I wrote to make it look moreis a very famous pop artist, mature and aestheticallyso many readers would be appealing, wanted it to lookinterested in what the article more mature so that it wasn’t is about. It is a very busy yet Like your typical R&B magazineunderstandable front page. this was unique.
  6. 6. Again when it came to the layout of my contents page I slightly copied Q’sContents page. The masthead for this magazines contents page is moreconventional but fits in very well with Q’s smart theme, which readers have come toexpect and will activly look out for. It then has a tidy column which contains the features listed further within the magazine, it has a small heading pointing out thatthis is the features section, a photograph of one of the feature artists, and thensmartly and orderly listed headings for other features of themagazine. Each headingis underlined, and has a short description of what it contains below allowing thereaders to find articles that appeal and interest them. At the bottom of the contentspage is a picture of music producer italso has several pictures coming out of it ofartists featured in other pieces inside the magazine. Each picture also includes alarge font page number in white on the image so that readers know exactly where to locate it. On my contents page I copied the layout of Q’s magazine to see if I liked it and I did. As the masthead I thought it was only important to put ‘Contents’ but ‘Tune’ to so that my target audience were constantly reminded of the brand name. The conventions I decided to look at were the headings and short story line and the number of images. I decided to reduce the number if listed headings because I felt as though there was already enough going on and enough to read on the contents page. By reducing the amount of headings I wrote about changed the amount of images I used. For my magazine it was important to put a similar main image on the contents page as well as the front cover so that people recognise their face for the inside story. I also included images of people the were other main story lines inside the magazine. I gave my contents page an issue number to make it look more professional
  7. 7. This is a double page spread designed my NME. The photograph issituated on the left hand side of the page. It is a big image that takesup almost half the page of the double-page spread. It prevents it fromlooking too busy with too much writing. The effect this has is that itdraws the reader in. Double page spread has a The title for the double-very simple layout which looks somewhat page spread is ‘you gotOld fashioned. It also has USA in very the love’. This is a verylarge writing to fill up the extra space in good idea because it isthe background. It is in a pale, light font. the name of one ofThe paleness of the font prevents it from Florences songs You gotstanding out too much. This isnt needed the love. This makes thebecause it already stands out due to the heading look stylish andsize of the text. The text is also in capital adds some glamour to theletters which makes it stand out even page. The font for the textmore. This heading implies that the text is a small sized font.has something to do about This allows the article tothe USA. effective look. fit onto the page. It is also black, which makes it look professional as it stands out against the white background. Also, the font is very clear. This makes it readable. It also makes the double-page spread look professional, because if it was in a fancy font the whole page would look overdone.
  8. 8. I loved NME layout with Florenceso I decided to create on just likeit using similar conventions and I did edit her picture to make her skin slightly darkerforms. I kept the background and the black deeper so that it stood out to createsimple and white this was so I this strong image. .could create a strong and mature I used a big bold text across the back that read U.K.main image. The image on the in the same red that I have used throughout theleft page is of Megan Homer who magazine.is the main artist in my I changed it from pink to redmagazine. because I felt as though it was important to keep the same colour theme, On top of the U.K. read ‘kiss the stars’ which is a lyric I had made up that relates to Megan Homers story lineThe double pagespread is laid out inthree columns as thisis the average amount of columns music magazines use, and Idecided to do just an interview and not an article. In front of theinterview I used a different font for the big ‘M’ this gave mydouble page spread a professional look as most magazineshave a big letter to start off with.