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Testing & validation services


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Embitel develops the Cross Platform Services, Cross Platform Software Development, Cross Platform Porting like Appearance, Developement, Applications & Internationalization of desktop application.

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Testing & validation services

  1. 1. Testing & Validation ServicesBackground:Embitel’s Testing Services provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that help you reduce the risk ofapplication or system failure and ensure your organization’s systems operate seamlessly and consistently,to meet the expectations of both business users and customers.Embitel has On-shore and offshore testing capabilities right from code reviews, Functional testing,regression testing and writing scripts to implementation of fully automated testing.The domains in which Embitel has expertise are: 1. Embedded Systems 2. Hardware and SoC Testing 3. Networking 4. Mobile testing - iPhone TestingWe have extensive experience in testing 1. Embedded H/w and Software applications 2. PC tool applications 3. Web applications 4. Source Code reviewsMitigating Business and Technical RiskWith 100% test coverage, risk is theoretically reduced to zero, but the cost increases exponentially.However, without testing, application risk increases tremendously. A single application failure at a crucialpoint is costly to rectify and can impact the wider business. Embitel testing team has extensive experiencewriting the test cases with a 100% functional coverage.Manual TestingManual software testing involves manual interaction with application, stipulating key ins and observingoutcomes. The easy to learn and work with manual testing plans is one among many of its merits.
  2. 2. We as software manual testing team have high experienced QA testers. We provide SQA services that workin areas of functionality, compatibility, and localization.Embitel manual testing services includes testing like Unit Testing, Ad-hoc Testing, GUI Testing, Positive andNegative Testing, Data Integrity Testing, Link testing, among other standard software tools.Automated TestingAutomated software testing is ideal in todays situation. It supervises to avoid the heavy maintenanceburden of manual software testing.1. A lot of time and cost value is hampered in manual testing services. Automated testing software is thecall of the hour. It is portable and repeatable.2. It is flexible in approach, minimizes maintenance time, making space for testing even the mostcomplex function in software application.Embitel uses both recorded macro and programmatic API as test frames. Our automated testing servicegives the much-needed confidence to any software. Embitel automated software services benefits ourclients, as it supports: faster development at a lower cost, huge intangible benefits, and cost savings.Structural Testing (White-box Testing)Embitel offers Structural Testing or White-box testing services. Our highly effective White-box testingservices cover the following: 1. Unit and Integration Testing (open source/commercial tools) o Automation of unit tests and daily-build testing 2. API testing 3. Development of frameworks for Unit/Integration/API testingV’ Model Based TestingOur Experience on Various Test Tools Tools PurposeSelenium, QTP Functional Testing for Web based applicationsJMeter For Performance testing for Web based TestingRational Test Real Time Unit, Integration & system testing on host/targetTessy/CTE Unit Testing on host/target
  3. 3. Dmalloc Memory leak detector for CRational Purify Memory Lock and Run time error checking for C, C++ VC++Bounds checker Memory Lock and Run time error checking for C, VC++Optimize IT for JAVA Performance Analysis & Memory leak TestingVisual Test Regression Testing Tool for GUILabview, Test Stand Test suite developmentINCA, Labcar, MDA, Winstim, WinRtm,Automotive Unit, Integration & system testing on target/simulatorCANalyser, ECUprogramming andcalibration toolsPerl, Tcl, Python Test scripting languagesTrace32, iONE, GDB, BDI DebuggersAutomotive Testing ServicesElectronic Control Unit (ECU) Validation and TestingEmbitel understands the criticality of ECU testing given the load that an ECU handles. Embitel leveragesexpertise in embedded software, vehicle communication protocols, Hardware-in-Loop (HiL) Testing andAutomotive domain knowledge to provide comprehensive ECU Testing and Validation services.We have developed software for ECUs, and performed comprehensive testing as well. Embitel’s offerings inthis space include:ECU Testing Offerings 1. Developing test strategies 2. Developing validation and verification plans and scripts for vehicle subsystems 3. Ensuring testability of software requirement with formal techniques 4. Automated & Manual Test execution and fault tracing 5. Defect reporting and verification 6. Validation of automotive software at various levels of testing starting from unit level until system testing 7. Static code checks & analysis using tools like RTRT, Polyspace, QAC & PC-Lint 8. Test suite automation using scripts and modelling tools like Labview Validation on vehicle simulators / labcars 9. Hardware in loop testing 10. Vehicle Diagnostics Services /Automotive Diagnostics Services /OBD Diagnostics ServicesContact Us : for a more detailed explanation and discussion on the scope of ourTesting & Validation Services for your organization.
  4. 4. Embitel Contact Address:Embitel Technologies (I) Pvt LtdUnit No:208 to 216, 2nd Floor, Delta Block,Sigma Soft Tech Park (SSTP),Varthur-Hobli , Whitefield Main Road,Bangalore, Karnataka - 560066IndiaPh: +91 80 41694200Website: