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IoT Gateway Development Services FAQs by Embitel


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This is an honest and a humble attempt by our IoT Business and Technology Leadership teams, to answer all your frequently asked questions on IoT Gateway Development Services. Learn more about our services @

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IoT Gateway Development Services FAQs by Embitel

  1. 1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on IoT Gateway Development Services
  2. 2. This is an honest and a humble attempt by our IoT Business and Technology Leadership teams, to answer all your frequently asked questions. However, for more specific queries, please get in touch with our team for more detailed conversations and demos! Aartik Fernandez BUSINESSMANAGER Vidya Sagar Head - IoT & IVI Get in touch with Our Team Talk to Our IoT Leaders
  3. 3. FAQs | IoT Gateway Development Services Q1. What are the key features of your IoT gateway device solution? Ans: Following are the key features of our industrial-grade IoT gateway solution: • Portable software code which is compatible with an array of hardware platforms and OS • In-built support for Over the Air (OTA) firmware and security updates. • Can be connected to a public or a hosted cloud server • Supports horizontal and vertical scalability for future business needs • Secured connectivity via TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) and TPM (Trusted Platform Module) modules •Compatibility with Industrial IoT network protocols such as ZigBee, EnOcean, IR, Modbus, Profinet • Support for faster and data-efficient communication protocols like Wi-Fi, Ethernet etc. Q2. How do you ensure that you deliver a highly secure IoT gateway solution for businesses? Ans: At the core of our IoT gateway security mechanism is the Secure booting process. A secure boot can protect your IoT gateway device against security and malware attacks . It ensures that your gateway device is booted only by authenticated software. Continued >>
  4. 4. FAQs | IoT Gateway Development Services Security of booting process can be ensured by : • Boot source verification: The boot source is authenticated using unique Secure Boot keys, everytime an IoT Gateway device is booted. • Boot content verification: The boot file is verified and tested for the accuracy of version while ensuring that only the authenticated software is getting booted. Other than the secure booting process, we also ensure security at the following levels- • Data communication ( from sensors to gateway as well as from gateway to cloud) • Network security • Hardware security Q3. Please provide more details regarding Data Security mechanism in your IoT gateway solutions? Ans: In our IoT gateway solutions, data security is supported by following the below mentioned best practices: i. Data Communication between Sensor Nodes and Gateway: We integrate industry-recognized sensor communication protocols including ZigBee, Z-Wave, 6LoWPAN, WiFi, LoRaWan– with our IoT Gateway solutions. These protocols come with in-built security features for secure and foolproof data communication. Additionally, each of the data packets exchanged between the sensors nodes and IoT gateway are also encrypted, based on your application requirements. Continued >>
  5. 5. FAQs | IoT Gateway Development Services ii. Data Communication with Cloud: Data communication between IoT gateway devices and the cloud servers are secured through - cryptographic key management, encryption , and security certifications such as TLS or SSL. Additionally, the IoT gateway devices communicate with the cloud server using a unique MAC ID, assigned while communicating with the server for the first time. A MAC ID is used by the cloud server to ensure that connection request is coming from an authorized IoT gateway device. Q4. How is hardware security ensured? Ans: At Embitel, we use Trusted Platform Module / TPM to assure hardware security of IoT gateway devices. A TPM uses integrated cryptographic keys to protect against data phishing attacks. We use TPM to leverage the following benefits: • Authentication of devices with the help of TPM’s unique RSA keys • Easy generation, storage, and management of cryptographic keys. Q5. Do you offer testing support for IoT gateway solutions? Ans: Yes. Prior to the field deployment, we perform standard testing of IoT gateway software. The testing process includes: Unit testing, Integration testing, Functional testing, and System testing. Continued >>
  6. 6. FAQs | IoT Gateway Development Services Additionally, depending on our customer’s application requirements, we also execute: Vibration tests, Stress tests, Heat Chamber testing. Get in touch with our IoT Consultants, who will assist you in creating a suitable test plan for your IoT gateway development project. Q6. What is the Load balancing strategy implemented in your IoT Gateway solutions? Ans: For load balancing, a “mesh network topology” consisting of numerous interconnected IoT Gateway devices is created. Such a cluster of IoT Gateway devices is positioned between a source node /IoT sensor and a destination node /cloud server. Whenever a failure happens at system/device level, the applications and device connections are transferred to the nearest active Gateway unit. Q7. Do you have a backup mechanism to ensure continuous availability of the IoT gateway without any downtime? Ans: Yes. We have a temporary data back-up plan to ensure device availability in case of a failure in the IoT network connection. Whenever a network connection is lost, the data is stored temporarily in a memory. As soon as the connection is re-established, this available data is sent to the server.
  7. 7. FAQs | IoT Gateway Development Services Q8. I wish to integrate my legacy industrial setup systems with your IoT Gateway solution – Can you help us? Ans: In the past 11+ years, we have supported our customers, from different industry domains and geographical locations, in retro-fitting & integration of their legacy industrial automation systems. Our innovative digital solutions have helped them save costs & enhance operational efficiency. Our team will create a suitable IoT roadmap after understanding your industrial automation set up, in detail. Post this, we will design efficient interface cards (between sensor device to gateway & gateway to cloud) to enable communication with your industrial assets for collecting relevant industrial data. Once, communication established, this data is sent to authenticated cloud servers through gateway devices for further processing.
  8. 8. FAQs | IoT solutions for Predictive Maintenance