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Frequently Asked Questions on OBD II Stack | On Board Diagnostic


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On Board Diagnostic: OBD2 software stack solutions developed by our automotive software developers,is a set of embedded software services implemented in compliance with ISO 15031 standard.

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Frequently Asked Questions on OBD II Stack | On Board Diagnostic

  1. 1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on OBD II Stack
  2. 2. This is an honest and a humble attempt by our Automotive Business and Technology Leadership teams, to answer all your frequently asked questions. However, for more specific queries, please get in touch with our team for more detailed conversations and demos! Kuldeep Singh BUSINESSMANAGER Ratish Bhat BUSINESSMANAGER Get in touch with Our Team Talk to Our Automotive Leaders
  3. 3. FAQs | OBD II Stack Q1. What are the different device drivers and software services/functions that are part of your OBD2 software stack? Ans: Our standard software package of the OBD II stack includes the following OBD modules and drivers: 1. OBD services compliant to ISO 15031 standard 2. OBD over CAN module (CAN TP Layer) compliant to ISO 15765 standard 3. ISO 9141-2 complaint UART drivers to support OBD over ISO9141-2 4. VPW/PWM drivers to support OBD over J1850 5. ISO 14230 complaint UART/K-Line drivers to support OBD over K- Line Q2. Do you offer OBD2 stack integration services along with software stack package? Ans: Yes, Support for OBD2 Integration services is a part of the standard Service Level Agreement (SLA). We partner with your team for the integration of the stack to the hardware. End-to-end support, for customization of the stack as per the business needs, will also be provided by the automotive team of Embitel.
  4. 4. FAQs | OBD II Stack Q3. Do you also provide testing services for the OBD II stack? Ans: Yes. Verification and validation services are provided for the stack. Post the integration of the stack with the target application, we will perform end-of-line testing. Q4. Is your OBD2 software solution designed as a master or a slave? Ans: Our automotive software developers have designed the OBD2 stack to be implemented both as a master and a slave. The implementation will depend entirely on the project or application requirement. In the automotive ECU, it will be implemented as a master and in an external testing/scanning tool, it will be serves as a slave unit. Q5. What about your OBD2 stack dependency on any underlying hardware platform? Ans: We offer our OBD2 stack as a hardware agnostic solution. The OBD services have been designed based on ISO 15031 and OBD CAN Module has been designed with compliance to ISO 15765, making the stack a hardware platform independent solution.
  5. 5. FAQs | OBD II Stack Q6. What are the standards that the source code of your stack conforms to? Ans: The source code of the OBD2 software has been developed using Embedded C. The code is fully compliant to automotive software standards as laid down by MISRA-C. The code is also tested using various third party tool like PCLint tool. On top of that, we also follow CMMI Level 3 mandated project management and software development best practices. Q7. Have you integrated OBD2 stack solution for other customers for either end-of-line testing or production programs? Ans: We have been partnering with global automotive OEMs and suppliers for over a decade for multiple OBD stack integration (other stacks as well) and customization projects. Our Automotive team has successfully performed many end-of-line testing and OBD2 implementation for vehicle production programs and tooling/scanning applications. Q8. Can you share some details on the post-integration support and maintenance services? Ans: There is a specific period of time for which we offer post- production support to our customers. The contract prepared based on the interactions with the customers’ team will include all the details of SLA, months of support and warranty period.
  6. 6. FAQs | OBD II Stack Q9. Tell us about your licensing model and whether this model can be reframed or customized? Ans: We offer OBD2 stack on a one-time licensing model. The customer owns the IP rights as well as the source code. This implies that that the OBD2 stack can be re-used for any number of projects and product lines. (Please contact us to know more details and success stories on OBD II Stack)
  7. 7. FAQs | IoT solutions for Predictive Maintenance