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Frequently Asked Questions on ISOBUS Stack | Embitel


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Do you have some specific queries about ISOBUS stack implementation? The ISOBUS software stack FAQs have all the answers you require

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Frequently Asked Questions on ISOBUS Stack | Embitel

  1. 1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on ISOBUS Stack
  2. 2. This is an honest and a humble attempt by our Automotive Business and Technology Leadership teams, to answer all your frequently asked questions. However, for more specific queries, please get in touch with our team for more detailed conversations and demos! Kuldeep Singh BUSINESSMANAGER Ratish Bhat BUSINESSMANAGER Get in touch with Our Team Talk to Our Automotive Leaders
  3. 3. FAQs | ISOBUS Stack Q1. Please share details regarding the software design and development services that your team can provide along with the ISOBUS software stack? Ans: Our pre-tested and ready-to-deploy ISOBUS stack solution comes along with the following suite of development and integration services as per the project requirements: • ISOBUS stack integration with your hardware platform • Stack integration with target application • Bootloader module development based on ISO 11783 for ECU re- programming • Low-level driver development for compatibility of stack with hardware platform. • Conformance testing services according to ISO 11783 Standard. Q2. Please specify hardware dependency, if any, of your ISOBUS software stack? Ans: Our ISOBUS software stack is completely hardware-agnostic. The hardware abstraction is achieved by the low-level device drivers that are part of the software stack package. Q3. Which specific automotive standard is your ISOBUS stack compliant to? Ans. The ISOBUS stack is complaint to ISO 11783 standard.
  4. 4. FAQs | ISOBUS Stack Q4. Are there any industry specific guidelines that your ISOBUS software code is compliant with? Ans: The source code of the ISOBUS stack is written in Embedded C, which conforms to the MISRA-C Standards. We use third-party tools like PCLint to ensure this compliance. At the organizational level, we follow all the guidelines and best practices for automotive software development as mandated by CMMI level 3. Q5. Do you have experience ISOBUS software stack integration projects for your customers? Ans: We have more than a decade long experience in providing successful ISOBUS stack integration for Automotive OEMs and Suppliers across the globe. We can share the specific case studies of ISOBUS stack integration, once our teams sign the Non-disclosure Agreement. Q6. Does your integration or conformance testing services follow any specific standard? Ans: Our automotive software development team offers complete conformance testing support in the production environment. The integration as well as conformance testing services are in compliance with ISO 11783 standard.
  5. 5. FAQs | ISOBUS Stack Q7. What is the licensing policy/business model that you follow with your ISOBUS stack? Ans. We offer one-time license fee model to our customers. The license includes the source code for the ISOBUS software stack as well as the IP rights. Such a model provides flexibility to the customers, as they can reuse the stack across multiple projects and products. The business model however, is flexible. If you wish to avail ISOBUS stack under any other model, we are open to the conversation over a drink of your choice. . Q8. Do you provide post-production maintenance and support services? Ans: Yes, our service level agreement will clearly define the post- production maintenance and support services details. The duration, scope of the support will be decided based on the business requirement of the project. (Please contact us to know more details and success stories on ISOBUS STACK)
  6. 6. FAQs | IoT solutions for Predictive Maintenance