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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's) on ISO 26262 Functional Safety


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Get Answers to the most asked questions for ISO26262 compliant automotive Functional Safety consulting services. Check out the FAQs for Functional safety in automotive.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's) on ISO 26262 Functional Safety

  1. 1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on ISO 26262 Functional Safety
  2. 2. This is an honest and a humble attempt by our Automotive Business and Technology Leadership teams, to answer all your frequently asked questions. However, for more specific queries, please get in touch with our team for more detailed conversations and demos! Kuldeep Singh BUSINESSMANAGER Ratish Bhat BUSINESSMANAGER Get in touch with Our Team Talk to Our Automotive Leaders
  3. 3. FAQs | ISO 26262 Functional Safety Q1. What value can your team deliver for ISO 26262 based Functional Safety Consulting Services? Ans. Our journey of more than a decade in Automotive Industry has been full of learning and opportunities to develop a strong domain expertise. Leveraging these, our Functional Safety consultants partner with you to deliver the following value-added services: • Understanding Functional Safety framework in letter and spirit – involves working with cross-functional teams to build the foundation of Functional Safety culture • Safety planning exercise as a part of ISO26262 compliant safety lifecycle • End-to-end technical consulting and support in the development of a well- defined functional safety roadmap • Checklists, tools, templates and guidelines evaluation and identification. Q2. Can you highlight the services offered under the ISO 26262 compliant Functional Safety analysis? Ans. After the completion of the Functional Safety workshops, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of your hardware and software components. This exercise will be performed in partnership with your design and development teams. We will focus on achieving the following outcomes during this engagement: • Hazard & Risk Analysis for ASIL determination, under concept phase safety analysis • System level safety analysis • Safety planning activities • Hardware and Software safety analysis • Product and Process review by Functional Safety Consultants • In addition, we can also engage in delivering a Functional Safety Analysis based on the current stage of your functional safety journey.
  4. 4. FAQs | ISO 26262 Functional Safety Q3. Do you also offer functional safety training programs or workshops? Ans. Yes we do. Embitel has designed many ISO 26262 training programs to suit the requirements of organizations at different stages of their automotive functional safety journey. Based on your business requirements, you can collaborate with us for any of the following trainings schedules: • 1-day training: ISO 26262 Overview • 2-days training: Covering the specific concepts in ISO 26262 Safety Standard • 5-days training: Detailed ISO 26262 Functional Safety Training • Both online and onsite mode of functional safety training are available. Q4. Can you enlist the services offered under design & development of ISO 26262 compliant automotive systems? Ans. We follow a V-model SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) for ISO26262 compliant design and development. Our Functional Safety Project Managers and Embedded Software Developers will work with your teams to provide the following services: • Concept Development • System Requirement Analysis • Hardware and Software Safety Analysis & Architectural Design • Design Implementation • Testing (Unit testing, Integration Testing & Functional Testing (HIL, MIL, SIL)) • System Integration and Testing • Functional Safety Assessment and Validation • Ensuring Compliance for existing work products
  5. 5. FAQs | ISO 26262 Functional Safety Q5. Is it possible for you to provide onsite Functional Safety training and implementation? Ans. Yes, we have designed our Functional Safety service offering on an ‘Onsite-Offshore model’. Our automotive team will partner with you to perform requirement gathering and project analysis, onsite. Post the analysis, we can decide to go for the ISO 26262 based implementation service either onsite or offshore, depending on the project scope. In any instance, where sensitive work products are not supposed to go out of the customer premise, we will be happy to offer onsite Automotive Functional Safety services. Q6. Is there any mandate from ISO 26262 that requires the organizations to adhere to any Quality Assurance standards? Ans. Yes, ISO 26262 mandates that the organizations (automotive OEMs and suppliers) follow some Quality Assurance standards such as ISO/TS 16949 or ISO 9001 and CMMI. Q7. Please share some details on the roles and responsibilities of an organization to ensure Functional Safety Ans. As an automotive OEM or supplier, your responsibility towards ensuring functional safety entails: • Organization-Specific Safety Policies & Rules implementation • Training the employees to establish Safety Culture in the organization • Safety anomalies management • Competence management (Assigning roles based on competence) • Quality management • Tailoring and adaptation of the safety lifecycle independent of the project
  6. 6. FAQs | ISO 26262 Functional Safety Q8. We have an under development/ready for production automotive product. Can you help us ensure ISO 26262 compliance at this stage? Ans. Yes, we can help you ensure ISO 26262 compliance for existing or under development product-line as well. We do it by performing the GAP analysis at several levels- management, technical and process levels. GAP analysis helps us in understanding the safety gaps in the product and also identify the rectification measures to ensure functional safety compliance. In the end, the compliance report is generated. Q9. Can Embitel help us in the development of an ASIC level safety compliance project? Ans. Yes, Automotive Functional Safety (FuSa) Consultants from Embitel Technologies can provide all the assistance in the development of ASIC level safety compliance project. We will perform the ISO26262 recommended analysis of the SEooC product (Safety Element out of context) to ensure the safety compliance. Q10. Is there any similarity between ISO 26262 compliance and other standard Quality Assurance certification? Ans. Not exactly. ISO 26262 is essentially a recommendation to ensure functional safety in automotive software and hardware development. The main difference lies in the fact that ISO 26262 also provides the technical guidelines to meet the required safety integrity level for both hardware and software. (Please contact us to know more details and success stories on ISO 26262 Functional Safety)
  7. 7. FAQs | IoT solutions for Predictive Maintenance