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Automotive Infotainment System vs Instrument Cluster


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We understand why this alternative is important for Electric Scooter OEMs' and further trace down the key difference between the features offered by Infotainment System v/s Instrument Cluster.

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Automotive Infotainment System vs Instrument Cluster

  1. 1. Embitel Technologies International presence: Automotive Infotainment v/s Digital Instrument Cluster
  2. 2. Embitel Technologies International presence: Data is crucial, particularly when you're driving. To guarantee an agreeable and safe ride, the driver must have an entrance to basic data, relating to the vehicle, in a way which is straightforward and doesn't superfluously occupy the driver. Since days of yore, Instrument Cluster has assumed a urgent job in satisfying the previously mentioned prerequisites. An Electronic Instrument Cluster makes accessible information like Speed, Fuel Gauge (Petrol/Diesel/Oil Levels), and Engine Temperature, Distance and certain admonitions and cautions. Cordiality the in-streets of In-vehicle Mobility, Connected Car and other Digital Technologies, our humble Electronic Instrument Cluster has developed into a Digital Instrument Cluster. This Digital Transformation has prepared for Digital Cockpit experience for the end-clients. In this blog, we will concentrate on one of the intriguing sections of this digitalization venture. We will illuminate the job of Digital Instrument Cluster as an ease option of an Infotainment System, for the cutting edge Electric Scooters or Electric Two-Wheelers. In this way, how about we take care of business with certain presentations!
  3. 3. Embitel Technologies International presence: Automotive Instrument Clusters comprise of various displays and indicators which enable a driver to operate the vehicle appropriately. Among the displays in such a cluster are: • Speedometer • Tachometer • Odometer • Fuel gauge • Oil pressure gauge • As along with different indicators for system malfunctions and warnings. What is an Electronic Instrument Cluster
  4. 4. Embitel Technologies International presence: Infotainment System v/s Instrument Cluster Features Supported Infotainment System Instrument Cluster Display screen specs 7 inches 5 inches Hardware Application processors(Snapdragon, NXP’s IMX8 Series, Renesas’ R-Car) Microcontrollers (STMicroelectronics, PIC microcontrollers) Audio Playback Supported Yes No Video Yes No Camera Yes No Smartphone sync Yes No Real-time Map/ route display Yes No Turn by Turn Navigation Yes Yes Alerts Yes Yes Support for FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air) update Yes Yes Advanced Graphics Yes No Trace and Track /Find my Bike Yes Yes
  5. 5. Embitel Technologies International presence: Currently, the OEMs’ of the Electric Scooters are opting for one of the following two approaches: 1. High-end infotainment solutions: Loaded with an intuitive GUI, Bluetooth Controlled Smartphone Integration & phone call management, audio/video Playback, real-time maps, Commercial vehicle-specific navigation system among other capabilities. Such systems require investment in software and hardware modules and hence have a higher per unit cost. 2. Instrument Clusters: On the other side, there are other set of OEMs’ whose focus is to enable display of crucial vehicle information on the dashboard while supporting cloud connectivity. Infotainment Solution v/s Digital Instrument Cluster: What is the take of Electric Scooter OEMs’?
  6. 6. Embitel Technologies International presence: Contact us today for Infotainment System! Mail us at