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Embassy One – the operations helpdesk of Embassy Services 
is now more acce...
FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) potted plants have been 
installed in most MEBP blocks to e...
Embassy Services took over the direct maintenance of 
Embassy TechZone in November 201...
The entire Embassy Services Team went for its annual offsite 
in Septembe...
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Embassy Services 365° Newsletter - October '14


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Embassy Services newsletter released on 1st of October '14.

Published in: Services
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Embassy Services 365° Newsletter - October '14

  1. 1. AN EMBASSY SERVICES NEWSLETTER Vol 6 OCT 2014 Embassy One – the operations helpdesk of Embassy Services is now more accessible with the launch of the toll free number: 1800-419-8989 Registered users can call on all 7 days (between 7 am and 9 pm) and have their operations related issue registered by our helpdesk team. Embassy One is now being used by almost all our business park clients. We trust this value added service will be a useful tool to help in improving the overall experience of all our clients Page 3 Spotlight Page 4 Update Page 2 News Round-up 360 SERVICES. 365 DAYS CEO’s Message As primarily a service organization, we strive to deliver the best and that too with a smile. Given the people centric nature of the business, it is essential that we have within our system individuals who not only match our ambitions but also those who understand the importance of service. Over the last few months, with an emphasis on having a correct fit we have on boarded several individuals who fit our requirements across our portfolio. As we are growing as an organization, I am quite confident that we are getting the correct people to participate in this journey of delivering the best in class property management services. In this issue of 365o we are showcasing one of the shining jewels in our crown – Embassy TechZone, Pune – how we have leveraged the scenic setting of natural beauty of the mountains and the streams at the park to magnify client experience. We also talk about the several sustainability events your organization has participated in or facilitated such as a successful donation drive at Embassy TechVillage, installa-tion of waste segregation bins and Cubbon Park clean up drive. We are also glad to have Mr. Ram Chandnani share his views on the current scenario in the property management industry and what the future holds for us. I hope you enjoy this issue. Do share your feedback by replying on this mail itself. PRADEEP LALA, CEO Embassy Services Welcome to the sixth issue of the quarterly Embassy Services newsletter. I am thankful for your continued support to our organization and would like to renew our commitment to relationship focused approach to our operations. We will continue to provide you a seamless and flawless, round-the-clock management of your property through our deep expertise backed by holistic systems and robust processes. Over the last quarter, we have intensively and qualitatively reviewed the Embassy Services way of doing business with the objective of making ourselves a responsible and relevant organization to our clients. Through this issue, I would take the opportunity to showcase our new brand identity and renew our commitment to relationship focused approach to operations. Embassy One toll free number SME SERVICES FOR RESIDENTIAL AND OTHER COMMERCIAL As an organization, Embassy Services has also expanded not just in terms of size but in terms of quality as well. To support our property management across projects, we have built a strong team across domains. These include civil Engineering, housekeeping, landscaping, security, statutory compliances and engineering services. These teams are headed by qualified and experienced subject matter experts. We are happy to announce that we are extending the services of these experts to all our clients for support and reference.
  2. 2. FIBRE REINFORCED PLASTIC POTS FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) potted plants have been installed in most MEBP blocks to enhance the overall landscaping ambience of the park. With specific focus on lobby areas the employees get exposed to a green and pleasant atmosphere. NEWS ROUND-UP BEST ORNAMENTAL GARDEN PRIZE FOR EMBASSY MANYATA BUSINESS PARK For the fourth time in a row Embassy Services won the prestigious “Best Ornamental Garden” prize organized by the Mysore Horticulture Society – Lalbagh, Bangalore on the occasion of Independence Day Celebrations 2014 SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES The World Cup of Clean Ups Embassy Services’ team participated enthusiastically in The World Cup of Clean Ups at Cubbon Park, organized by Assetz, Pollinate Energy, Energon and Embassy Group. The objective was to clean up the largest and iconic park in the heart of our city and sapling plantation at Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain. Embassy Services also contributed towards the supply of manure generated from our in-house Vermicompost & OWC (Organic Waste Converter) manure which was used for the sapling plantation along with Cubbon Park’s existing trees and also for free distribution of sample packs to interested participants. DONATION DRIVE AT EMBASSY TECHVILLAGE, BANGALORE Embassy Services partnered with Once Again, a NGO working for the slums of Janakinagar Layout (the biggest slum development in Bangalore) to undertake a donation drive with a difference. The employees at Embassy TechVillage were asked to donate old goods from their homes for this cause which would be resold at nominal rates to slum dwellers and sale proceeds used for vocational training for the women, a crèche for their infants and as funds for the education of grown up children with the support of Once Again. The response from the employees was quite overwhelming with 450+ items received as contribution over 7 days. We would like to convey the heartful thanks of the beneficiaries to the employees of Embassy TechVillage. Green Initiative –Waste Segregation As part of the waste segregation at source practice being initiated, we have installed 11 Waste Segregation Trio Bins at some of our properties on a pilot basis. These bins are made of durable and light weight material for easy handling. These have been placed at relevant locations for the convenience of the property user and help us dispose waste in a more efficient manner by facilitating the waste to be segregated into paper/ plastic at the user level itself. These bins will be installed at other properties in the coming months as well.
  3. 3. SPOTLIGHT EMBASSY TECHZONE, PUNE Embassy Services took over the direct maintenance of Embassy TechZone in November 2013. There have been a slew of improvements in the park such as opening of the food court “Flo”, beautifying the landscape, strengthening our security team, installation of CCTV and creating a dedicated office space including an 18-seater board room. ETZ, by design, has a substantial advantage because of its location - with beautiful hills surrounding the land and natural streams flowing through the park. We have spared no effort to leverage the natural setting by enhancing and developing the landscape to ensure that the park users enjoy the scenic atmosphere. The lush green lawns along with well manicured sidewalks have been designed and maintained to facilitate a comfortable client interaction. The beauty of the park is enhanced during the monsoon season. The droplets of water, the grey clouds with silver linings, the glistening, well maintained roads and the cool wind simply makes Embassy TechZone a worker’s paradise. The combination of mountains in the backdrop and green-ery on the campus makes for a stimulating environment during various events such as football matches, flea markets and musical nights.
  4. 4. AQUARIUZ UPDATE EMBASSY SERVICES TEAM OFFSITE The entire Embassy Services Team went for its annual offsite in September to Goa. The 90 strong team landed in Goa for a fun-filled extended weekend on 19th September. The highlight of the trip was a 4 hour team building exercise conducted by professionals from Mumbai. The learning from the activities included importance of working together in cross functional groups and the value of client satisfac-tion. It was ensured that the weekend was not all work and GUEST COLUMN By Ram T Chandnani Deputy Managing Director CBRE South Asia Pvt. Ltd. The real estate market in India has observed a greater interest among developers and building occupiers towards outsourcing property manage-ment services to third party consultants with domain expertise. While the princi-pal reason for this growing trend among development firms involves time and cost saving concerns, other reasons includede-risking themselves and making use of efficiencies and best practices in the industry that property management consultants bring to the no play. There was an Embassy Majja Night organized – a fun award program celebrating the different quirks of our colleagues. The team also went sightseeing to the churches and beaches Goa is famous for. We are confident that this offsite will help the team bond better leading to increased productivity and improved coordination which will contrib-ute significantly to client satisfaction. Current Market Scenario and Changing Trends in Property Management table. In recent times, asset service providers are increasingly assuming more risk on behalf of their clients, who are spread across corporate real estate, healthcare, education, luxury housing and hospitality sectors, among others. The use of smart technology in building management is a key emerging trend. Utilizing automation for daily cleaning and other basic services is increasing among property services providers. Building security services, for instance, is an area that makes use of technology, such as CCTV equipment, electronic surveillance systems, alarms and other security monitoring systems.Efficient building management systems is yet another changing trend that involves controlling various facilities as per occupier requirements related to lighting, air conditioning, air chutes, as well as monitoring energy consumption of building occupants. Tenants have also been observed to place greater focus on health and safety aspects. Demands for fire drills and tenant education on safety norms have gone up. A shift towards Green buildings has also been gaining prominence in India.The idea of sustainable design and high performance buildings has been evolv-ing in tandem with environmental awareness and demand for energy conservation.