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Webinar: Potencializando a Indústria 4.0 com tecnologias ST


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Objetivo: Apresentar aos desenvolvedores tecnologias inovadoras da ST que podem auxiliar nos projetos para a nova realidade da Indústria 4.0

Convidados :
Rogério Bueno - Engenheiro Eletrônico da STMicroelectronics
Cicero Pompeu - Gerente de Marketing de Microcontroladores da STMicroelectronics
Thiago Reis - Engenheiro de marketing da STMicroelectronics

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Webinar: Potencializando a Indústria 4.0 com tecnologias ST

  1. 1. Use of Advanced Sensors in Smart Industry Applications Product Marketing Team ST Brazil
  2. 2. • Industry 1.0: Mechanization, Steam Power • Industry 2.0: Mass Production, Assembly Line, Electrical Energy • Industry 3.0: Automation, Computers and Electronics • Industry 4.0: Cyber Physical Systems, IoT, Networks What is “smart industry”? 2
  3. 3. Big data & Cloud computing Local, mass customized production Producing more efficiently and in more environmentally friendly manner Evolved man-machine cooperation Safer working environments More efficient operation Less waste Collecting and using manufacturing and supply chain data better Responding to demand with more flexibly and with more customization With a better and safer human experience Smart Industry Scope and Goals 3
  4. 4. Predictive Maintenance Architecture
  5. 5. Architecture for predictive maintenance 5 Predictive algorithms • Analytical models limited to representing linear characteristics • Machine learning techniques based on classification methods Monitoring • Sensors to detect anomalies • Communication at factory level • Processing (e.g. FFT analysis in vibration monitoring) • Secure communication outside the factory • Remote monitoring from the Cloud Analytics Low power / Scalable / Secure / Real-time Sensing – Processing – Connectivity
  6. 6. Architecture for Predictive Maintenance 6
  7. 7. Discovery Kit IoT Node SensorTile.boxNFC Dynamic Tag Sensor Node SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node Complete ecosystem offering by ST 7 Lower barriers from prototyping to first product Connectivity solutions Analog components Sensors & actuators Power management Microcontrollers Secure solutions Motor control All building blocks for IoT devices Lower barriers for developers getting started Enable product & service commercialization Stackable boards & modular SW Form-factor boards Pre-integrated software for vertical applications Development ecosystem Partner Program and ST community Integration of Cloud Provider SDKs STM32 Nucleo Development & Expansion Boards
  8. 8. STM32 Overview
  9. 9. Launching in 2020 Launched in 2019 Ultra-low-power MCUs Mainstream MCUs Cortex®-M0 Cortex®-M0+ Cortex®-M3 Cortex®-M4 Cortex®-M7 High-performance MCUs Wireless MCUs Cortex®-M33 MPUs STM32 portfolio positioning Keep releasing your growing creativity  > 1600 Part Numbers More than 60,000 customers Note : Cortex-M0+ Radio Co-processor Multi Core MPU Dual Core Cortex®-A7 & Cortex®-M4 Dual Core MCU Cortex®-M7 & Cortex®-M4
  10. 10. STM32 Information and Sharing 10 Information MCU Selection Community + Local trainings / Technical Support + Local Sales forces / Distributors microcontrollers-microprocessors.html ST MCU Finder Get connected to STM32 world ! Social Media 21IC YouKu
  11. 11. • • STM32 step-by-step is a learning program, part of the STM32 Education initiative, designed for anyone interested in getting started on building projects with the STM32 microcontroller and its powerful ecosystem of development boards and software programming tools. • Whether you are an experienced embedded programmer or an enthusiastic beginner, learn in 5 tutorials from the basics of the STM32 ecosystem installation to advanced software development with sensors, UART messages and Bluetooth communication. • Start now and quickly become a professional STM32 developer! 11 Building projects with the STM32 MCUs and its Ecosystems
  12. 12. • STM32 online training courses in MOOC format to help you design with ST products, software and tools. • The MOOC platform enables you to • study from any place, even from your bed, • study at any time, midnight owls welcome! • study at your own pace from any internet connected device. • ST online courses are free of charge, your only investmentis the applicable STM32 Discovery kit from your local distributor and some USB cables. 12 STM32 MOOC Massive Open Online Courses
  13. 13. • Our teams of training experts provide free multiday courses for our microcontroller products. 13 STM32 Training Courses • Sessions provided by our Training Partners offer you several services and extended flexibility in terms of: • Coverage and available sessions • Language options • Combined sessions with RTOS, tools, communication protocols
  14. 14. • Browse our media library selection of videos on our STM32 platform. 14 STM32 Videos
  15. 15. ST MCU Finder All STM32 & STM8 in one place 15 it ! Tell your colleagues and customers Now available on Windows®, Linux® and macOS™ Select your MCU and instantly access to all resources from one place
  16. 16. Neural Networks on STM32 Simple, fast, optimized
  17. 17. Train NN Model 2 1 4 The key steps behind Neural Networks Neural Network (NN) Model Creation Operating Mode Clean, label data Build NN topology Capture data Convert NN into optimized code for MCU Process & analyze new data using trained NN 5 17 3
  18. 18. STM32CubeMX extension AI conversion tool Input your framework-dependent, pre-trained Neural Network into the STM32Cube.AI conversion tool Automatic and fast generation of an STM32-optimized library STM32Cube.AI offers interoperability with state-of-the-art Deep Learning design frameworks Train NN Model Convert NN into optimized code for MCU Process & analyze new data using trained NN 18 Any framework that can export models in ONNX open format can be imported And more
  19. 19. ST technologies and predictive maintenance
  20. 20. Imbalance Looseness Output shaft Gear Mesh t Monitoring of an industrial motor typical use case 20 Any parameters deviation is an indicator of potential failure • Displacement • Speed • Acceleration • Acoustic noise • Angular speed • Torque Mechanical vibration • Current • Voltage • Electrostatic discharge • Magnetic flux – internal • Magnetic flux – external Electromagnetic • Winding temperature • Bearing temperature Thermal
  21. 21. Sensors for predictive maintenance 21 Machine conditions Time Conditions start to change Power days Smoke minutes months Ultrasound weeks Noise Vibration The curve slope depends on the life-cycle of the equipment Failure Temperature
  22. 22. SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node
  23. 23. SensorTile Wireless INdustrial node STEVAL-STWINKT1 23 EquipmentMotors Environment Power Local Processing & Security • Ultra-low-power ARM® Cortex®‐M4 STM32L4R9 • Secure Element STSAFE-A110 Industrial-grade sensors for • Vibration analysis • Sound Emission up to 80 kHz • Environment monitoring  Sensing Connectivity Power Management • Li-Ion linear battery charger with load switches • Miniaturized synchronous step down converter with high-efficiency conversion Processing Embedded Wireless and Extension • BLE, WiFi (Inventek) • Modular expansion: LTE, LoRa, Industrial Ethernet
  24. 24. STEVAL-STWINKT1 Block diagram, ICs and features SPI3 ADC1 USART2 DFSDM1 I2C2 IMP34DT05-A Digital Microphone LPS22HH Pressure Sensor HTS221 Humidity and Temp. Sensor STTS751 Temperature Sensor IIS2MDC 3D Magnetometer STM32L4R9ZIJ6 Microcontroller Ultra-low-power Cortex-M4F@120MHz 32 kHz Crystal 16 MHz Crystal SPBTLE-1S BLE Application Processor Module STR485LV RS485 Interface SPI2 MP23ABS1 Analog Microphone TS922EIJT Low noise, low distortion Op Amp 20-pin STMOD+ connector 12-pin female sensors connector 12-pin male comm. connector 40-pin Flex connector STSAFE-110 Secure Element I2C2 SPI2, I2C4 USART3 IIS2DH 3D Accelerometer IIS3DWB Vibrometer ISM330DHCX 6-Axis IMU USBLC6-2P6 USB ESD protection EMIF06-MSD02N16 EMI filter and ESD protection STBC02 Li-Ion linerar battery charger ST1PS01EJR step-down switching regulator LDK130 Low Noise LDO DSI, CAN, .. SPI1, I2C3, USART3 SAI1, I2C2, DFSDM2 ESDALC6V1-1U2 Single Line ESD protection • Power supply: Li-Po battery or ext. 5V • Best-in-class Industrial Grade Sensors (i.e. ultrasound detection, to vibration analysis) • Smart Power to increase battery life • Multiple algorithms running on the STM32L4+ • Secure Connection and Authentication with STSAFE-110 (footprint) • BLE Connectivity • Connectivity and sensor expansions support • USB and SD-Card holder • STSW-STWINKT1 to support simple functions • FP-IND-PREDMNT1 to connect to AWS Cloud with Wi-Fi expansion kit 24
  26. 26. • Environmental data • Humidity and temperature data coming from HTS221 • Pressure coming from LPS22HH • Wide band Accelerometer FFT analysis • Data coming from IIS3DWB • Ultrasound emission analysis - FFT • Data coming from MP23ABS1 DSH-PREDMNT 26
  27. 27. Industrial MEMS
  28. 28. Mechanical Vibration / Sound analysis (1 ÷ 10KHz) MEMS for vibration analysis sensors and defects over bandwidth 28 kHz 2 >505 10 IIS3DWB MP23ABS1 Inertial IMP34DT05 Acoustic Ultrasound analysis Use cases ISM330DHCX IIS2DH Unbalance Looseness Misalignment Roller Bearings Gearing Cavitation Bearings Gear boxes Lubrication Fan bearings Venting occlusion Cooling failure
  30. 30. IIS3DWB ultra wide bandwidth, low noise 3-axes digital vibrometer 30 Pin2pin compatible with ISM330x/LSM6DSx devices LGA-14 2.5x3mm2 Parameter Value N. of axis 3-axis Full Scale [g] ±2/±4/±8/±16 Output i/f Digital: SPI Bandwidth (-3dB) [kHz] 5 ODR [kHz] 26.7 Noise Density [µg/√Hz] 90 (65 in single axis) Current Consumption [mA] 1.1 Features FIFO (3kbyte) Programmable HP Filter Interrupts Temp. Sensor Embedded Self Test Operating Temp [°C] -40 ; +105 Operating Voltage [V] 2.1 ÷ 3.6 Package [mm3] LGA 2.5x3x0.83 14Lead
  31. 31. IIS3DWB KPIs for condition monitoring 31 #1 Wide & Flat measurement bandwidth #2 Flat freq. response, Sharp out of band roll-off, No aliasing #3 Low noise levels #4 Stable thermal behavior over extended temperature range
  32. 32. • Frequency response: • Bandwidth • frequency response flatness in pass band • attenuation in stop band (to avoid frequency aliasing) • Noise density • Full Scale and number of axis • Operating temperature range • Power consumption (for wireless sensor nodes) • Interface (analog / digital) IIS3DWB frequency response 32 Freq. Resp ±5% +3dB -3dB Resonance Freq Example of a typical Frequency response of an Analog Accelerometer with the relevant features. Frequency response of ST’s IIS3DWB Digital Accelerometer, no external component needed for A2D conversion, nor for frequency response equalization Freq. Resp ±5% -3dB KPI for Accelerometer for Vibration Monitoring
  33. 33. • The output of the ADC converter is filtered with a digital low pass filter LPF1 to ensure the intended sensor’s frequency response: IIS3DWB filtering chain 33 Frequency response determined by CAD simulation – at the output of LPF1 Frequency response at the output of LPF1 #2 KPI Sharp out of band roll-off (>90 dB/dec) Attenuation >70 dB at frequencies higher than ODR 6.3kHz #1 KPI Wide & Flat measurement bandwidth 5kHz (6.3kHz simulated)
  34. 34. Noise density 34 #3 KPI IIS3DWB recalculated velocity resolution in mm/s, with respect to the sensor noise is typically ~0.05 mm/s, which is much better than requirement (1.4 - 2.8 mm/s RMS velocity limit) for medium sized motors, in rigid support in Zone B of ISO10816-3
  35. 35. Sensitivity drift vs temperature 35 #4 KPI IIS3DWB sensitivity drift over temperature range is negligible. Zero g offset drift over temperature is not important for a vibrometer (DC component is not interesting)
  36. 36. • Analog bottom port single ended microphone with 63dB SNR min and low distortion with AOP of 132dB • Low power and with ultra flat frequency response: roll off @ 15Hz MP23ABS1 36 High-accuracy, ultra-low-power, 3-axis digital output magnetometer 15Hz • Perfect companion of earbuds, active-noise canceling headsets or application based on noise cancelling algorithms
  37. 37. Key features • Operating temperature -40 °C to +125 °C • Temperature accuracy: typ. ± 0.25 °C /max: ± 0.5 °C (-10 °C to +60 °C) • Supply voltage: 1.5V to 3.6 V • Factory calibrated • One-shot mode for power saving (1.75 µA) • 2 x 2 x 0.50 mm 6-lead UDFN package with exposed pad down New product released: STTS22H 37 Evaluation • STEVAL-MKI200V1K (DIL24 board) +STEVAL-MKIGIBV1 adapter board • STEVAL-MKI109V3 motherboard • Unico GUI graphical user interface Applications • Wearable devices • Portable consumer devices • Smartphones • Home appliances • Asset and goods tracking + + Integrated Ultra-Low Power, High Accuracy Temperature Sensor
  38. 38. Intelligent Power Switches and Industrial Connectivity 38
  39. 39. IPS family for smart industry Intelligent Power Switches and Industrial Connectivity Devices Industrial Connectivity IPS Multiple Channels & Single Channel for SiL Galvanic Isolated IPS HighandLow-sideSwitches 39
  40. 40. IPS family Why Industrial IPS? Compact, Robust & Reliable …. External component count Versatile High Reliability & Safety EMC proof Diagnostics on chipSelf Diagnostic: Open Load in ON and OFF state, Under- Voltage; Thermal shut-down ... Minimized external components Galvanic Isolation … Capability to drive any type of loads: Capacitors, Big inductors, Resistors, Lamps…… Designed to be compliant with all the severe industrial IEC Norms in terms of electromagnetic compatibility: Surge, Burst, ESD contact/air (IEC 61000-4-5/4/2) Integrated Approach, fully protected: Over-load, Short Circuit, Over-Voltage, Over Temperature (junction/case) .. Energy Saving Very low conduction losses Low Rds(on) values of the Power Stage 40
  41. 41. IPS targeted applications Focus on Industrial Applications • Factory Automation / CNC / Robotics • Programmable Logic Controller • Programmable Automation Controller • Distributed I/O modules • Process Instrumentation • Industry Machines • Vending M. • Sewing M. (Textile) • Motor Drives • Servo Drives / Motor Break • Frequency Inverters • Additional I/Os for sensors & actuators • Agricultural Systems & Vehicles • Hydraulics/pneumatics control (due to 24V supply system) • Green Energy Applications • Windmills (auxiliary functions) • Building Automation • Lighting/ Alarms / Security systems Focus apps Other apps to address 41
  42. 42. Automation system architecture IOCPU Industrial Ethernet Industrial Internet of Things IO Connectivity 101011 101011 IO IO IO Distributed IO modules IO-Link Human Machine Interface RFIOIO Analog: 4-20mA, 0-10V ±10V… • Proximity, Temperature, pressure, flow, pH… Sensing Actuation • Valves, pumps, lamps, relays, contactors… Digital: HART, Binary 24V, IO-Link Industrial PC IPC Safety Relays, Circuit Breakers 42
  43. 43. Galvanic Isolated IPS 43
  44. 44. Galvanic isolation – where & why? 44 Protected environment Harsh environment • Where • At most PLC I/O modules • Between the backplane bus ASIC and I/O circuits (IPS, CLT) • Can be embedded in ASIC or I/O circuits Process interface ASIC Digital Outputs ST IPS Memory Backplane interface Power supply +24VDC Actuators Backplane communication EMC Disturbance PLC Digital Output Module CPU • Why • To guarantee separation of power supplies for different module peripheries • To avoid ground current loops • To protect CPU and other modules against EMC disturbances
  45. 45. ISO8200B/BQ 45 Driving up to 8 channels with galvanic isolation Low power dissipation Synchronous mode Extended temperature range RF communication Embedded galvanic isolation Compact QFN 9 x 11mm KEY APPLICATIONS Industrial automation: • Programmable logic control • Industrial PC peripheral input/output • Numerical control machines • Drivers for all types of loads Saving BOM and costs with more performance and reliability
  46. 46. ISO8200 B / AQ / BQ - octal HSD (110mΩ) Embedded Galvanic Isolation ISO8200B PowerSO-36 ISO8200AQ + BQ in tiny QFN 9 x 11 mm only! Power circuitsSignal circuits Glass isolation VCC CLAMP OUTPUT CLAMP VDD SDI /CS /CLK SDO PGOOD FAULT GNDDD VCC OUT1 GNDCC LOGIC POWER MANAGEMENT LOGIC UNDERVOLTAGE LOCKOUT CURRENT LIMITATION CASE TEMP DETECTION JUNCTION TEMP DETECTION 8x RPD OUT8 … OUT_EN Ideal for factory automation PLCs, CNCs, industrial robotics 46
  47. 47. IPS Multiple Channels & Single Channel for SiL 47
  48. 48. Intelligent Power Switching in Factory Automation Parameters of Intelligent Power Switch (IPS) driven by industrial standard IEC 61131-2* 60V supply overvoltage often required for SIL GND R ~ 48Ω L ~ 1.15H C ~ 30µF OUT +24V (-15%/+20%) Control Vcc, 5V or (3V3) RPD Driver Tjunction -40°C to +125°C Example of loads: Lamps, relays, contactors, selenoid valves… Fast switch-off of inductance with active clamp VCLAMP Serial/parallel interface & Diagnostics All outputs must go in OFF state @ GND disconnection Power MOSFETs fully protected (overload, short-circuit, EMC…) * Typical loads for 0.5A rated OUT (*) IEC 61131 is an IEC standard for Programmable Logic Controllers. Part 2: Equipment requirements and tests Electromagnetic immunity requirements: 48 Type of disturbance Related standard Target immunity Burst IEC 61000-4-4 ±4kV Surge IEC 61000-4-5 ±2kV ESD (contact/air) IEC 61000-4-2 8kV / 16kV RF IEC 61000-4-6 3V @ 80kHz to 150MHz
  49. 49. Intelligent Power Switches – Portfolio • For High and Low-side configurations, can drive any industrial load (R,L,C) Quad Channels OutputCurrent/Channel(A) IPS161H, IPS161HF* L6375, L6377 TDE1707, TDE1897, TDE1898 IPS160H, IPS160HF* IPS1025H*, IPS1025HF* VN540, VN751, L6370 VNI2140J VNQ860 L6374 IPS4260L (Low Side) VNI4140K L6376 VN330SP, VN340SP VNI4140K-32 VN340SP-33 VN808(CM), VNI8200XP ISO8200AQ, ISO8200B ISO8200BQ VN808(CM)-32 VNI8200XP-32 TDE1708, TDE3247 TDE1787, TDE1747 Single Channel Dual Channels Octal Channels IPS1025H-32* IPS2050H-32* IPS2050H* (*) In Development ≤ 60V Isolated 4 A 2 A 1 A 0.5 A <0.5 A
  50. 50. Industrial Connectivity 50
  51. 51. Factory Automation…yesterday 51 Typical Application Environment Various transfer principles Analog information transfer Low configuration options No diagnostics • Temperature, pressure, flow, proximity… IOCPU IO Sensing Actuation Industrial Ethernet 101011 • Valves, pumps, lamps, relays, contactors… 4-20mA 0-10V Fieldbus 4-20mA DIN mounting Limited modularity (system upgrade) Sensitivity to noise Difficult to modify/adapt the system Painful maintenance (long downtimes!) System attributes: SIO, ASi...
  52. 52. Factory automation tomorrow with IO-Link 52 IOCPU IO-Link IO-Link IoT Industrial Ethernet IO Fieldbus 101011 101011 101011 Unified access to sensors & actuators Digital information transfer Bidirectional communication Simplified & modular system structure Reliable communication Allows use of smart sensors & actuators! Easy monitoring & system diagnostics (minimized downtimes) System attributes: • Temperature, pressure, flow, proximity… Sensing Actuation • Valves, pumps, lamps, relays, contactors… Typical Application Environment
  53. 53. IO-LINK technology 53 Market data Source: Installed IO-Link Nodes in the field • Position (especially optical) • Pressure • Flow • Level • Temperature • Proximity Key Sensor Types implementing IO-Link is mostly spread in sensors Long-term TAM for IO-Link: to target 100M units / year for Devices + another 100M units for Masters (world-wide)
  54. 54. Powered by STMicroelectronics 54 Typical Application Environment L6360 I/Q L+ L- C/ QiSTM32 C/ Qo UART, I2C L6362A GND L+ I/Q OUTL STM32 OUTH GPIO ~ ~ ~ Sensor / Actuator - DeviceController - Master L+ L- C/Q Speed up to 230.4kBd Three-wire cable up to 20m • First standardized technology for digital communication with sensors and actuators: • IEC 61131-9 • 3-wire point-to-point digital communication compatible with the conventional binary sensors & actuators (Standard IO) including the cable material and connectors! IO-Link Stack: Available at partner company
  55. 55. L6360 & L6362A 55 IO-Link Evaluation Tools Product # Ports on Board IOUT (A) Documentation Evalboard order code L6360 Master 1 × L+, 1 × C/Q, 1 × DI 0.5 UM2421 kit P-NUCLEO-IOM01M1 1 × L+, 1 × C/Q, 1 × DI DB3632, UM2430 STEVAL-IOM001V1 1 × L+, 1 × C/Q, 1 × DI AN4075 STEVAL-IFP016V2 4 × L+, 4 × C/Q, 4 × DI AN5041, UM2232 STEVAL-IDP004V1 L6362A Device 1 × C/Q (HS+LS+DI) 0.3 UM2425 kit P-NUCLEO-IOD01A1 DB3634, UM2424 STEVAL-IOD003V1 AN4828 STEVAL-IFP017V3 AN5041, UM2232 STEVAL-IDP003V1 DB3663, UM2438 STEVAL-BFA001V1B STEVAL-IDP003V1 P-NUCLEO-IOD01A1 kit STEVAL-IFP017V3 STEVAL-BFA001V1B IO-Link Stack coming soon Stack included ! L6360: QFN 26L 3.5 x 5 L6362A: DFN 12L 3 x 3 IO-Link Stack coming soon Stack included Stack included
  57. 57. Assista On-Demand
  58. 58. © STMicroelectronics - All rights reserved. The STMicroelectronics corporate logo is a registered trademark of the STMicroelectronics group of companies. All other names are the property of their respective owners. Thank you