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Webinar Embarcados: BLE MESH


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Objetivo do Webinar
Apresentação da solução BlueNRG-MESH e do SDK que é composto pelo firmware embarcado para a plataforma BlueNRG e a library para Android e iOS.

Convidados - José Ricardo de Freitas
É engenheiro sênior da STMicroelectronics. É formado em Engenharia Elétrica pela Escola de Engenharia Mauá e MBA em Administração de Empresas pela Fundação Getulio Vargas. Ele é responsável pelo desenvolvimento e suporte em aplicações de Sensores e Conectividade na STMicroelectronics na América do Sul.

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Webinar Embarcados: BLE MESH

  1. 1. BlueNRG-MESH José Ricardo de Freitas Eng. De Aplicações Conectividade e Sensores.
  2. 2. Agenda #2 Bluetooth® Mesh Basics #3 BlueNRG-Mesh SDK Solution #4 Getting started with BlueNRG-Mesh 2 #1 Bluetooth Low Energy Portfolio
  3. 3. Agenda #2 Bluetooth® Mesh Basics #3 BlueNRG-Mesh SDK Solution #4 Getting started with BlueNRG-Mesh 2 #1 Bluetooth Low Energy Portfolio
  4. 4. BlueNRG chipset evolution 4 Bluetooth LE product roadmap 2015 2016 2017 2018 NEW Package QFN48 Data Length Extension (3x times faster OTA update) BT5.0 certified BlueNRG-248 BlueNRG-234BlueNRG-2 BT5.0 (*)BT4.1 BT4.2 BT5.0 (*) BlueNRG-1BlueNRG-MS BT5.0 2020 BlueNRG «next gen» In development BlueNRG-132 (QFN32) BlueNRG-134 (WLCSP34) BlueNRG-MSQTR (QFN32) BlueNRG-MSCSP (WLCSP34) BlueNRG-232 (QFN32) BlueNRG-248 (QFN48) BlueNRG-234 (WLCSP34) NEW BLE 5.0 radio (2Mbps/LR/AE) Link budget (dBm): 104dBm Embedded RF BALUN DESIGN ongoingBluetooth 4.2 +8 dBm output power < 1uA in sleep mode Fast wake-up optimization Up to 8x connection (*) Certified for BLE 5.0. It does not support other optional BLE 5.0 features like 2 Mbit/s, Long Range and Advertising Extensions. BT5.0 BlueNRG-232N BlueNRG-234N BlueNRG-232 (QFN32) BlueNRG-234 (WLCSP34) New BLE 5.0 Certified Network Coprocessor QFN32/WLCSP34
  5. 5. BlueNRG modules 5 2016 2017 2019 SPBTLE-1S BT4.2BT4.1 SPBTLE-RF0TR SPBTLE-RFTR Based on BlueNRG-1 5dBm PoutBased on BlueNRG-MS 4dBm Pout 13.5 x 11.5 x 2 mm 13.5 x 11.5 x 2 mm 13.5 x 11.5 x 2 mm BT5.0 2018 SoC PROCESSOR NETWORK PROCESSOR BLUENRG-M0A BLUENRG-M0L 13.5 x 11.5 x 2 mm Based on BlueNRG-MS 6dBm Pout BLUENRG-M2SP sampling Q2 ’19 in production Q4 ‘19 BLUENRG-M2SA sampling Q2 ’19 in production Q4 ‘19 Based on BlueNRG-2 6/7dBm Pout 13.5 x 11.5 x 2 mm 13.5 x 11.5 x 2 mm PCB antennaChip antenna Bluetooth LE product roadmap Legacy Modules NRND New Module Offering LEGACY MODULES NRND
  6. 6. 2.4GHz Wireless markets 6 Wearable, healthcare, smart appliances Toys, gaming, remote controllers Sensor networks, home appliances, industrial • Security • Interoperability • BT SIG Standard • Open radio • Low latency • High throughput • Mesh topology • Large scale • BT SIG Standard 2.4 GHz proprietary Bluetooth Mesh Sensor networks, home appliances, industrial • Mesh topology • Large scale • Open Standard Sensor networks, industrial, home automation • Mesh topology • Large scale • Zigbee Compliant
  7. 7. Bluetooth® Mesh Basics
  8. 8. • A standard network protocol to extend the communication range with a mesh network topology between several nodes over multiple hops when there is not direct reachability between two nodes. What is the Bluetooth® mesh? 8 TX RX • The Bluetooth® Mesh is standardized by the Bluetooth Core also known as Special Interest Group (SIG). July 18, 2017 - Bluetooth SIG Announces Mesh Networking Capability Brings proven, global interoperability and the mature, trusted ecosystem of Bluetooth technology to industrial-grade device networks
  9. 9. BLE MESH: backed up by industry leaders 9
  10. 10. Bluetooth Low Energy networking PAIRING one-to-one BROADCASTING one-to-many MESH Many-to-many MASTER SLAVE 1 MASTER with Up to 8 SLAVEs MASTER & SLAVE SLAVE MASTER DATA TRANSFER • Sports & fitness devices • Health and wellness devices • Peripherals and accessories LOCALIZED INFORMATION • Point of interest beacons • Item finding beacons • Way finding beacons LARGE DEVICE NETWORKS • Building automation • Wireless sensor networks • Asset tracking 10Signal range depends on RF output power Coverage extended by relaying messages over multiple hops
  11. 11. Bluetooth® Mesh Applications 11 • Lighting • Interface to major light IOs (ST supports DALI, PWM, etc.) • Smart Home and Building automation • Heater/Fan control • Temperature / Shutter control • PIR Sensors • Smart Industry • M2M control • Wireless sensor networks The Bluetooth SIG MESH extends the capabilities of Bluetooth Smart chips to answer more and more complex applications. The protocol has been developed with the Smart Lighting industry in mind. Source : Bluetooth® SIG Smart Home/Building Smart IndustrySmart Things
  12. 12. Bluetooth MESH vs BLE stack 12 BLE MESH MESH Model BLE Stack 2.4GHz Radio BlueNRG MESH Concept Application • Bluetooth Mesh runs on top of the BLE Stack • It is not linked to BLE 5.0 • It is backward compatible with BLE 4.x
  13. 13. Bluetooth® Mesh Topology Managed Flooding 13 The Bluetooth Mesh network mechanism is based on a managed flooding protocol • Message relay extends the communication range (Multi-hop data transmission) • No single point of failure • does not require any centralized operation nor coordination • dynamic self healing • Direct communication between contiguous nodes • Rules to restrict devices from re-relaying messages: • Messages contain a Sequence Number to optimize the network usage and protect against replay attacks • Reject messages already received • TTL (Time To Live) method: • Limit the number of times a message is relayed BLE connection NODE
  14. 14. Security, Attacks and Protection • The Mesh security uses a privacy mechanism called obfuscation through AES to encrypt the header information. • Messages are encrypted twice. Once with an Application or device key and the second time with a Network key. • Mesh security protects the network against third- party interference and monitoring: Replay/Eaves Dropping/Man-in-The-Middle attacks. • Nodes can be removed from the network securely, preventing trash-can attacks, by erasing the security keys stored in the flash memory. 14
  15. 15. • Device Key: Never transmitted over air • Unique key for each single device, only known by the Provisioner (i.e. Smartphone) and the device, used for provisioning, configuration and key management. • Network Key: Provided by Provisioner • Shared across all Nodes in the network, allows a node to decrypt message’s header and to relay messages throughout a network • Application Key: Provided by Provisioner • Different applications have a different “Application key” used to encrypt/decrypt messages payload (application data). Security in the Bluetooth mesh: keys 15
  16. 16. • Elements: • define the functionalities of a single node, i.e. a light fixture may have two lamps, each of them is a separate element independently controlled. Each element can support one or more models • Models: • represent specific Services and define a set of States and Messages supported by the element; (i.e. a lamp supports the Lighting model for On/Off Control or Dimming Mesh Node Element #1 Element #2 Element #3 Model #1 Model #1 Model #1 ID: 0x0001 states[] subscriptions[] applications[] ID: 0x0001 states[] subscriptions[] applications[] ID: 0x0001 states[] subscriptions[] applications[] Model #2 Model #2 ID: 0x0002 states[] subscriptions[] applications[] ID: 0x8002 states[] subscriptions[] applications[] Bluetooth® mesh for smarter devices how node features are exposed – two entities: elements and models 16 Using Elements and Models helps exchange messages between a BLE device and a Smart Application (Controller) for simple control and monitoring applications ControllerMultiple Roles Android, iOS (or embedded)
  17. 17. BlueNRG-MESH for Smarter devices Addresses 17 Kitchen • Unicast: • it represents a single element of a node (i.e. a lamp) • Group: • multicast address representing multiple elements in one or more nodes, i.e. a lighting fixture with multiple light bulbs associated to light switches, where several light bulbs can be associated and controlled by a one or more the one light switch • Virtual: • multicast address representing multiple elements on one or more nodes • A 128-bit Label UUID, which can have semantic meaning to users (e.g. the name of a room i.e. kitchen) Three types of addresses
  18. 18. Generic OnOff Client Generic OnOff Server The mesh messaging model Publish and Subscribe paradigm 18 • Publish: send a message to unicast /virtual /group address • A Client device (e.g. a switch) can publish messages (e.g. ON/OFF control) and a Server device (e.g. a light bulb) can subscribe and be notified of new command arrival. • Also, one Node can publish messages to a multicast address, and several nodes can subscribe to such specific address. Client Server GardenBedroomHallwayDining RoomKitchen Publish Subscribe
  19. 19. BlueNRG-MESH for Smarter devices Messages 19 • Acknowledged/Reliable messages: • require a response that serves two purposes: confirmation and returns data to the message sender. • typically the response is a “status” message defined by the model • no response implies the retransmission of the original message • Message timeout should be set to a minimum of 30 seconds • Not recommended to send an acknowledged message to the all-nodes address • Unacknowledged/Unreliable messages: • do not require response, typically used to convey a “status” • Status message is sent to the publish address of a model associated with the changed state The communication in the mesh is “message-oriented” Turn On ACK: ON one-sided message Client Server Client Server
  20. 20. Bluetooth® mesh network topology nodes types 20 PROXY NODE RELAY NODE FRIEND NODE RELAY NODE NODE NODE NODE FRIEND NODE LOW POWER NODE LOW POWER NODE To stay efficient, the BLE Mesh takes advantage of a managed flooding network mechanism. Compared to routed protocols, it is much more simpler to deploy. • Expose the interface for Smartphone/ Tablet to interact with a mesh network • Simple leaf node whom you don’t want to relay messages (Weak nodes or Resource constrained nodes) • Able to retransmit received messages • Enable multiple “hops” in the network • Battery operated devices • Primarily send but Rarely receive messages • No need 100% duty cycle: mostly sleep • Stores messages addressed to LPNs and delivers them whenever the LPN polls for “waiting messages” RELAY NODE PROXY NODE FRIEND NODE LOW POWER NODE NODE Provisioner RELAY NODE
  21. 21. BlueNRG-Mesh SDK Solution
  22. 22. • SDK • Firmware, Android and iOS app sources • • ST BLE Mesh app on Store • BlueNRG-mesh community forum • STSW-BNRG-MESH 22
  23. 23. BlueNRG-mesh latest news 23 STSW-BNRG-Mesh v1.09.000 FP-SNS-BLEMESH1 v1.2.0 (*) X-CUBE-BLEMESH1 v1.4.0 (*) Chip: BlueNRG-1 BlueNRG-2 Modules: BlueNRG-M2SA BlueNRG-M2SP Chip: BlueNRG-2N BlueNRG-MS Modules: BlueNRG-M0A BlueNRG-M0L  Multiple Network Keys  Embedded Provisioner  Concurrent Beaconing (Alpha)  AT-layer (Alpha)  Support BlueNRG Soc as Network Processor  Support DEVICES EVALUATION KITS DEVELOPMENT KITS HIGHLIGHTS STEVAL-IDB007V2 STEVAL-IDB008V2 STEVAL-IDB009V1 STEVAL-BCN002V1B STEVAL-IDB007V1M STEVAL-IDB008V1M STEVAL-BLUEPLUG1 STEVAL-BLUEPLUG2 X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 X-NUCLEO-IDB05A2 X-NUCLEO-BNRG2A1 (*) STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1 (*) Core Lib v1.12.000 Android Lib v1.11.000 iOS Lib v1.06.002 New Products (e/o Q1 2020) Legacy Devices (*) Coming soon BLESoCEcosystemSPItoBLEEcosystem
  24. 24. STSW-BNRG-Mesh v1.09.000 X-CUBE-BLEMESH1 v2.0.0 FP-SNS-BLEMESH1 v1.2.0 January 2020 • Multiple Network Keys • Embedded Provisioner • BT Mesh v1.0 Server Models Certification ready BlueNRG-Mesh software roadmap (*) Coming soon (**) Library package available upon request STSW-BNRG-Mesh v1.10.000 X-CUBE-BLEMESH1 v2.1.0 FP-SNS-BLEMESH1 v1.3.0 April 2020 • Concurrent Beaconing • BT Mesh v1.0 Server Model Certification • BT Mesh v1.0.1 Profile Certification Update STSW-BNRG-Mesh v1.11.000 X-CUBE-BLEMESH1 v2.2.0 FP-SNS-BLEMESH1 v1.4.0 August 2020 • SIG Mesh Profile 1.1 Certification ready • Direct Forwarding • Remote Provisioning • DFU-Mesh (a.k.a. FW Update over BLE Mesh) STSW-BNRG-Mesh v1.12.000 X-CUBE-BLEMESH1 v2.3.0 FP-SNS-BLEMESH1 v1.5.0 December 2020 • SIG Mesh Profile 1.1 Certification Available Platforms • STEVAL-IDB009V1 (BlueNRG-248) • STEVAL-IDB008V2 (BlueNRG-232) • STEVAL-IDB007V2 (BlueNRG-132) • STEVAL-IDB007V1M (SPBTLE-1S) (**) • STEVAL-IDB008V1M (BlueNRG-M2SA) (*) • STEVAL-BLUEMIC1 (SPBTLE-1S) (**) • STM32 Open Development Environment (X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 / 2, X-NUCLEO-BNRG2A1) • On NUCLEO-L152RE, NUCLEO-L476RG, NUCLEO-F303RE, NUCLEO-F401RE • BlueNRG-Plug (SPBTLE-1S / BlueNRG-M2SA) • BlueNRG-Tile (BlueNRG-232) • (SPBTLE-1S / BlueNRG-M2SA) 24
  25. 25. BlueNRG-Mesh brings smart-home to your fingertip Available across full BlueNRG portfolio – iOS and Android SDK Easily connecting appliances to iOS/Android, out-of-the-box • Bluetooth Mesh 1.0.1 certified Profile Library, Server Model, and Bluetooth LE stack • Two-layer security (128-bit AES-CCM and 256-bit ECDH protocol) • Low-power and Friendship supported • Provisioned node database transfer among smartphones via Email and Cloud application • Embedded and Mobile SDK to build both your Android and iOS Apps • Reduces development costs and accelerates time-to-market 25
  26. 26. 2.4GHz wireless portfolio 3 DS BLE CONNECTIVITY FEATURES BlueNRG-MS BLE4.1 Network processor QFN32, WLCSP34 ST: the most complete Bluetooth® Low Energy portfolio in the market! Single-Core Dual-Core ULTRA-LOW POWER BlueNRG-2N BLE5 Network processor QFN32, WLCSP34 BlueNRG-2 BLE5.0 Application processor Cortex-M0 32MHz, 256KB QFN32, QFN48, WLCSP34 BlueNRG-LP BLE5.0 Application processor Cortex-M0+ 64MHz, Flash: 256KB Flash RAM: up to 64KB up to 32 GPIOs QFN, WLCSP49 BlueNRG-1 BLE4.2 Application processor Cortex-M0 32MHz, 160KB QFN32, WLCSP34 STM32WBxx BLE5.0 Application processor 802.15.4, Zigbee, Thred, 2.4GHz prop. Dual core Cortex-M4, 64MHz / M0+, 32MHz Flash: 256K up to 1MB RAM: 48K up to 256K UQFN48, VQFN68, WLCSP47, WLCSP100, BGA129 (SAMPLING, MP e/o Q2’20) ADVANCED CONNECTIVTY - MULTI-PROTOCOL STM32WB BlueNRG
  27. 27. ST BLE mesh: provisioning of the nodes 27 Provisioning Address Configuration List of provisioned Nodes The Node can be added to a specific group of elements Before the provisioning the ones listed are called “devices” AppKey Select Select the default Application Key or Add a New one
  28. 28. ST BLE mesh: nodes list tab features 28 Element inside the node Models Supported: Generic, Lighting, Sensor, Vendor Models View Groups View Network ViewProvisioning View Proxy Node indicated with the name in bold Proxy, Relay and Friend roles are supported
  29. 29. STSW-BNRG-MESH software suite documentation (*) Differences due to available control and libraries to design the App Unified User Interface available since v1.05.000 How to enable low power operations, according to Bluetooth Mesh Profile v1.0 and Friendship concept UM2290 - BlueNRG Mesh Android API guide for Mesh over Bluetooth Low Energy UM2417 - BlueNRG Mesh iOS API guide for Mesh over Bluetooth Low Energy Start developing Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh applications on Android devices • Network creation • List un-provisioned nodes • Provision a new node • Send unicast/broadcast commands • Save/Restore network configuration • Register/Un-register callbacks UM2180 - Getting started with the ST BlueNRG-Mesh Android application (*) UM2361 - Getting started with the ST BlueNRG-Mesh iOS application (*) Provision, un-provision, and control nodes in Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh network UM2295 - Getting started with the ST BlueNRG-Mesh embedded firmware Start developing Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh applications on available platforms • Core functionality for secure provisioning and communication • Smart Light sample application AN5285 - STSW-BNRG-Mesh Friend and Low Power features 29
  30. 30. BlueNRG-Mesh SDKs – videos 30 Getting started with BlueNRG-Mesh Introduction to BlueNRG-MESH BlueNRG-MESH: Provisioning & Transfer
  31. 31. • Bluetooth SIG website: Bluetooth Mesh deep dive from the official • Bluetooth Mesh specification • Bluetooth Mesh overview • Bluetooth Mesh FAQ • BlueNRG-Mesh SDK available (firmware, mobile app for Android, iOS): • • BlueNRG-mesh community forum • • ST BLE Mesh Android application available on Google Play Store: • • ST BLE Mesh iOS application available on the Apple iTunes App Store: • BlueNRG-mesh additional resources 31
  32. 32. • A SIG certified BLE Mesh library running on ST’s BlueNRG SoC series • Multiple evaluation platforms: BlueNRG evalkit, Nucleo kit and BlueTile • Easy-to-use SDK, providing Firmware, Android and iOS app source code • Customers already shipping ST BlueNRG-2 with BlueNRG-Mesh in high volume! Takeaways 32
  33. 33. © STMicroelectronics - All rights reserved. The STMicroelectronics corporate logo is a registered trademark of the STMicroelectronics group of companies. All other names are the property of their respective owners. Thank you