Top Ten Customer Reasons to Switch from ERWin to ER/Studio


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Embarcadero® ER/Studio® offers many solid technical advantages and business reasons as to why it is a better choice for companies selecting a data modeling application. This document highlights the considerations of customers that have already made the switch from ERwin® to ER/Studio.

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Top Ten Customer Reasons to Switch from ERWin to ER/Studio

  1. 1. Viewpoint Top Ten Reasons Customers Select Embarcadero® ER/Studio® over ERwin® Data Modeler October 2009 Corporate Headquarters EMEA Headquarters Asia-Pacific Headquarters 100 California Street, 12th Floor York House L7. 313 La Trobe Street San Francisco, California 94111 18 York Road Melbourne VIC 3000 Maidenhead, Berkshire Australia SL6 1SF, United Kingdom
  2. 2. Why Customers Select ER/Studio over ERwin INTRODUCTION Embarcadero® ER/Studio® offers many solid technical advantages and business reasons as to TOP TEN REASONS why it is a better choice for companies selecting a data modeling application. This document CUSTOMERS CHOOSE highlights the considerations of customers that ER/STUDIO OVER ERWIN have already made the switch from ERwin® to ER/Studio. 1. Increased productivity 2. Better reliability 1. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY 3. Greater time saving automation ER/Studio dramatically increases user productivity through superior navigation of 4. Ease of use enterprise-scale data models. By minimizing the 5. Enhanced consistency effort and time spent on managing diagram 6. Lower Total cost of ownership “look and feel” and manually laying out diagram artifacts, resources can instead focus 7. Improved team effectiveness on solving complex business and application 8. Superior traceability of data design problems. Validation Wizards reduce the elements time required to ensure compliance between logical and physical designs standards. Using 9. Responsive technical support ER/Studio MetaWizard, modelers can interface 10. Flexible licensing options with a wide range of UML and data modeling applications (including ERwin), ETL platforms, BI platforms, and industry standard exchange formats eliminating the need to recreate metadata. “We estimated that besides the lower acquisition costs, the gain with using the ER/Studio in specification time was of 30%. In maintenance, we had a 20% reduction in data administration work.” – Amil Online (ComputerWorld) “An immediate benefit in productivity has been realized since using ER/Studio from Embarcadero, especially when leveraging domains that represent template data types. These domains can be created hierarchically so specific properties are inherited from the parent domains. These domains help to ensure that we accurately represent many similar data structures with ease as well as guarantee that we understand the data represented in every data model design we develop.” – DM Review “ER/Studio has saved me many, many hours of time. I can rely on it. There is no competition.” – American Heart Association “Embarcadero's tools have given me a quantum leap in productivity that helps me work faster, smarter, and without error in my finished products.” – Adam Phillip Churvis, President Productivity Enhancement, Inc. “The transition from ERwin to ER/Studio has made the team more productive, reducing time needed to complete tasks and raising the bar on consistency and usability of our models. We were up and running in no time as the conversion from ERwin took less than 10 minutes for the biggest model we have.” – Anon Embarcadero Technologies -1-
  3. 3. Why Customers Select ER/Studio over ERwin 2. BETTER RELIABILITY Frequent product updates and a focus on ease-of-use ensures that ER/Studio meets the demanding data modeling requirements and reliability standards of large enterprises. We frequently hear from our customers how they have lost valuable time and resources to bugs in ERwin and also how delighted they are with ER/Studio’s ability to handle large models without crashing – another ERwin issue that caused users to lose any unsaved work and severely limited the productivity of the data architect. “Embarcadero clearly offered the best data modeling solution to meet our requirements. ER/Studio matched our high-priority functional requirements including high-quality HTML, mapping functions, and good metadata repository capabilities. Embarcadero ER/Studio does exactly what it says on the tin, and stood up against our high expectations.” – Barclays “ER/Studio has been an invaluable tool for putting standards in place for designing and maintaining databases.” – Beaumont Hospital 3. GREATER TIME-SAVING AUTOMATION ER/Studio offers an automation interface to automate tedious, routine modeling tasks or customize ER/Studio to enforce modeling practices in an organization. ER/Studio's automated transformation feature streamlines the derivation of a physical design from a logical model. “I used ERwin and TOAD. What I liked about Embarcadero ER/Studio modeling software is the nice automatic layout formats. I also liked the jpg output capability. I ended up doing my own so I could have a top-down diagram using ”Embarcadero ER/Studio eases the diagonal lines instead of the 90^ type provided by the challenges for database developers tool. But it was fun to see the various auto-layout formats. dealing with the tremendous overload Your software was very useful. I was just evaluating it in the of data captured from business context of whipping up a diagram for a review last week. I processes and other sources, making showed it to the team whose work I was reviewing. They it one of the best database were impressed.” – Lisa Tansey, Northrop Grumman IT - development tools ever tested by the DG - EASI – DGTECH CRN Test Center.” – CRN “The built-in macros are one of our favorite aspects of the tool. They provide many time-saving extensions to the product, helping us quickly and efficiently complete routine tasks– adding definitions, running domain reports, managing the data dictionary, and exporting information to the MS Office products for further analysis.” – Anon 4. EASE OF USE A common challenge to data modelers is producing a readable diagram. ER/Studio provides the industry’s most effective options for automatic layout of diagrams. These options are particularly useful when reverse engineering from sources that do not contain diagram information, such as .sql DDL files and database catalogues. Embarcadero Technologies -2-
  4. 4. Why Customers Select ER/Studio over ERwin Users can choose from the following general layout types: • Circular • Orthogonal • Tree • Hierarchical • Symmetric Each of these layout types contains extensive options to ensure that the resulting diagram is readable and understandable. “To be honest, my first impression of ER/Studio was 'Oh, my god! I'll never get familiar enough with it for a review during a 14-day trial period. I was wrong. ER/Studio is very easy to use and offers many user- friendly features to help make your entry into the world of data modeling easier. – SQL-Server- 5. LOWER TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP (TCO) The cost of owning Embarcadero products is typically a fraction of that of its competitors. The ease of use of ER/Studio makes the learning curve a matter of days. Today, Embarcadero supports all the major database releases including Sybase, Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server. Having a staff of users unable to model “I cannot adequately emphasize the their data using the latest database technology quickly impact that ER/Studio will have on adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost the success of your enterprise. The downtime and time to market. cost of the product is barely a concern compared to the money it “Compared to the competition’s tool, we managed to reduce will save your company and the the cost of acquisition significantly using Embarcadero’s tool. modeling enhancements it will offer We achieved a reduction of approximately 40% with this your development team.” choice.” – Amil Online (ComputerWorld) – InfoWorld 6. ENHANCED CONSISTENCY Data modelers and data architects who manage metadata spend much of their time standardizing, documenting, reducing redundancy, and creating reusable components. This serves to increase developer productivity and reduce the amount of instances where ‘same’ data in disparate systems looks, feels, and behaves differently. ER/Studio lets users create reusable domains and datatypes in order to streamline the process of defining and enforcing consistent domain properties throughout data models. “Accurate, timely, and relevant data is at the heart of the marketing services we provide our customers. By standardizing on ER/Studio for enterprise model management, we are assured of the consistency we need. All systems, whether reverse engineered or built from scratch, are designed using ER/Studio. Its rich documentation and data lineage functionality allow us to track database schema changes and helps us meet Sarbanes Oxley requirements.” – Mark Peterson, Senior Database Analyst, Valassis “Our clients' databases reside on multiple platforms in both local and remote locations, which present a challenge when managing consistency and redundancy in data modeling activities. Our long term goal is to help build clear, well documented data models that will enforce standards, enable reuse, and improve the efficiency and quality of modeling projects for their organizations. ER/Studio makes that a reality. Embarcadero Technologies -3-
  5. 5. Why Customers Select ER/Studio over ERwin The new naming standards utility allows us to deploy multiple standards to our various database platforms.” – Christopher Robin, Database Administrator, Advanced System Design, Inc. “Embarcadero tools detected inconsistencies we didn't even know existed in our systems, saving us from problems down the road.” – U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray “Throughout our integrated models there are instances of the ‘same’ legacy data elements that can behave very differently and “different” data elements that behave similarly. ER/Studio is helping us distinguish among them by allowing us to define universal domains that are consistent across all of our models. By associating the reusable domains with the legacy columns as well as new columns, we have streamlined changes across models, ensuring consistency and ultimately the integrity of the data. This is key functionality that ERwin had not provided.” – Anon 7. IMPROVED TEAM EFFECTIVENESS ER/Studio Repository is designed to work the way modeling teams need to in order to deliver higher quality applications faster and more cost-effectively. As the scope of data modeling projects grow, so typically does the complexity and overhead needed for coordination and quality control of projects. “ER/Studio represents a significant value-add in how we see and leverage our data models by giving us much greater interplay between our business intelligence applications, metadata repositories, and other major ETL environments.” – John Prout, Senior Oracle DBA, Ambassadors “ER/Studio has given us a flexible, easy-to-use team centric environment, allowing the team to work seamlessly together to deliver higher quality database design. The repository enables the team to share information, keeping data and models updated and consistent. The check-in/check-out functionality allows us to successfully track changes made to objects, generate reports of the changes, and provide comments to communicate the evolution of the models across our team.” – Anon 8. SUPERIOR TRACEABILITY OF DATA ELEMENTS Both ER/Studio and ERwin offer dictionary systems which allow creation and access to reusable components such as data elements, rules, valid values, etc. The similarities end there. ER/Studio’s Data Dictionary system and Where Used interfaces ensure finite levels of object traceability. “With the onslaught of compliance regulations and the heightened need to understand and document data sources, the task of effectively tracing data lineages has never been more important. With its Visual Data Lineage functionality, ER/Studio simplifies the way we trace data movement among databases and flat files, which ultimately helps us better understand the data assets within our government customers' organizations. This benefits us across numerous domains - facilitating data consolidation, SOA migration, FISMA compliance, and DIACAP needs.” – Ron Lewis, Senior Security Analyst, CDO Technologies. “The scale and complexity of our environment makes object traceability hugely important. Understanding how and where data has been changed is critical for data lineage and governance requirements. ER/Studio provides several interfaces to view object dependencies, foreign key tracing, and “where used” information, ERwin had only provided a fraction of these capabilities. Although ERwin did allow us create and re-use components, ER/Studio takes this to the next level. The Binding Information Interfaces clearly illustrate where elements have been used letting us assess the impact of any changes. The “Where Used” feature ensures that we have complete clarity on how logical entities have been implemented and ‘denormalized’ in physical database designs.” – Anon Embarcadero Technologies -4-
  6. 6. Why Customers Select ER/Studio over ERwin 9. RESPONSIVE TECHNICAL SUPPORT Embarcadero’s focus has always centered on helping companies build, test, and optimize their critical data, database, and application infrastructures. Unlike CA, Embarcadero does not have a vast product line of over 1300 products to support and has a clear competitive advantage when deciding which products to support first. Customers are able to get issues resolved that very same day. Contacting CA for problems regarding ERwin can be a long and drawn out process. In “Despite what some people may the meantime, business data modeling suffers. think, data modeling is still the preferred method for creating “My experiences with our Danish solution provider show me that database schemas. Unfortunately, Embarcadero is more attentive to the needs of their customers modeling often gets pushed to the than other companies whose data products may not be as core to back burner in lieu of creating tables the business. I am sure that our full implementation of ER/Studio and relationships in the middle of will have an enormous impact on our ability to serve the needs of coding the application. For those our customers.” – 3F (United Federation of Danish Workers) who would push data modeling to the front burner if only they had a "Embarcadero's products are one of the best investments I've better tool, there's Embarcadero's made. I'd been asked to do a quick scan across the market space smooth and easy ER/Studio.” and find the best tools for data architecture, discovery, and – InfoWorld modeling. After evaluating a lot of tools, I decided on the Embarcadero suite. I originally invested because the tools are best of breed and integrate well with the other products I'm using such as System Architect. That said, I had no idea that the service after the sale was going to be as good as this. As good as the tools proved to be, I was even happier when I discovered the caliber of service from Embarcadero's folks--from jumpstart sessions to webinars to documentation; they are not interested in selling tools--they're interested in helping the customers get the job done. Everything about the tools and service is top notch." – Ron Lewis, Senior Analyst, CDO Technologies 10. FLEXIBLE LICENSING OPTIONS ER/Studio provides a variety of licensing options to best fit your company’s modeling needs. As opposed to many software products like ERwin that only offer workstation licensing, ER/Studio offers three flexible licensing options: • Workstation • Network Named User • Network Concurrent These flexible licensing options allow organizations to better manage and control their product licenses, while at the same time maximizing usage. The network-based licensing options provide a flexible, cost-effective solution for organizations with a larger number of users, who want greater control over software assets, or the ability to share a pool of licenses between users. “Implementing the ER/Studio product line has saved me time and money by reducing the process complexity. . . Embarcadero continues to demonstrate its commitment to customers, delivering a solid and rapidly evolving data-modeling solution.” – Grant Fitchey, Lead Database Administrator, One of the world's largest commercial and industrial insurance companies Embarcadero Technologies -5-
  7. 7. Why Customers Select ER/Studio over ERwin “By using ER/Studio, Idea Integration is able to better support the data management needs of its clients with increased visibility, consistency, and integration that address their database requirements via data lineage tracking and documentation with additional security management and capacity planning functionality. This solution provided a complete environment for helping build quality database design and clarifying complex data design problems through visually clear 'blueprints', for analyzing, creating, and maintaining database applications.” –Idea Integration “ER/Studio allowed us to quickly model, communicate and revise our data model and definitions. Without this tool we may not have attempted the project.” – Rebuilding Together “Embarcadero tools are uniquely positioned to enable companies to manage [the] data explosion.” – Tim Sloane, Sloane Consulting, in association with Valley View Ventures ABOUT ER/STUDIO Embarcadero® ER/Studio® is an industry-leading data modeling tool that enables companies discover, document, and re-use data assets. With round-trip database support, data architects have the power to easily reverse-engineer, analyze, and optimize existing databases. Truly separate but fully integrated logical and physical models meet the needs of both data architects and database developers to engineer sound databases. Comprehensive model management and collaboration capabilities simplify building and maintaining complex enterprise data models. Collaboration across teams is further enhanced with metadata interchange capabilities and XML schema support, empowering the extension of data standards and data governance into service oriented architecture (SOA)-based applications. For more information visit Embarcadero Technologies -6-
  8. 8. Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of award-winning tools for application developers and database professionals so they can design systems right, build them faster and run them better, regardless of their platform or programming language. Ninety of the Fortune 100 and an active community of more than three million users worldwide rely on Embarcadero products to increase productivity, reduce costs, simplify change management and compliance and accelerate innovation. The company’s flagship tools include: Embarcadero® Change Manager™, Embarcadero® RAD Studio, DBArtisan®, Delphi®, ER/Studio®, JBuilder® and Rapid SQL®. Founded in 1993, Embarcadero is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices located around the world. Embarcadero is online at