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Embeddable Databases for Mobile Apps: Stress-Free Solutions with InterBase


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When it comes to developing mobile applications, keeping data on your device is a must-have feature, but can still be risky. With embedded InterBase, you can deploy high-performance multi-device applications that maintain 256-bit encryption, have a small footprint and need little, if any, administration.

What can participants expect to learn: Using InterBase in your mobile apps is easier than you may expect. Learn to develop mobile applications using InterBase, and how to take advantage of some of the convenient features about InterBase like Change Views and 256-bit security.

Join Mary Kelly, InterBase Engineer & RAD Software Consultant, and Jim McKeeth, Chief Developer Advocate & Engineer, for this webinar replay.


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Embeddable Databases for Mobile Apps: Stress-Free Solutions with InterBase

  1. 1. Embedded Databases for Mobile Apps Stress-Free Solutions with InterBase Replay: April 18, 2018 Duration: 24 min + Q&A Twitter: #InterBase
  2. 2. Type your question in the GoToWebinar Control Panel “Questions” window. We’ll try to answer them at the end. This webinar is being recorded for future playback. You’ll get an email with the replay link. For quality purposes, all lines except the presenter are muted. Webinar Reminders: Tweet about this Webinar: #InterBase ?
  3. 3. Your Presenters Mary Kelly InterBase Engineer & RAD Software Consultant Twitter: @interbasetechie Jim McKeeth Chief Developer Advocate & Engineer Twitter: @jimmckeeth Podcast/blog:
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda: 1 2 3 4 Introduction to InterBase, IBToGo and IBLite Why Choose an Embedded Database? Mobile Applications with Embedded InterBase Mobile Syncing between Client and Server 5 All About Change Views 6 Live Questions and Answers
  5. 5. InterBase Overview Overview Documentation
  6. 6. What is InterBase? Small Footprint Cloud Certified Multi-Platform Change Views Lightweight Low Cost Zero Admin Encryptable InterBase is a highly scalable, powerful, embeddable and encryptable database that works on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android
  7. 7. In the Cloud Server Databases Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ... DesktopDatabases MSAccess,FileMakerPro, Paradox,... EmbeddedDatabases SQLite,AdvantageDB,.... InterBase Overview • Usage Scenarios • Desktop database • Server database • Embedded database • Cloud certified • Best in Class Features • Change views • Strong encryption and security • Ultra fast, self tuning, & small footprint • Journaling & incremental backups • Platforms • Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, & iOS
  8. 8. Embed, Deploy, Relax! InterBase installations are found everywhere; Trusted for solid, reliable use in mission-critical contexts such as patient management, railways, medical labs, multi-national POS, CRM, and emergency response systems. InterBase runs non-stop, round-the-clock. Lightweight, yet rock-solid. It’s the database solution chosen by NASA for the MARS Rover. So you might say that it’s out of this world!
  9. 9. InterBase contains award winning technologies, built with ISV business solutions and the IoT age in mind. ● Admin Free ● Change Views (SQL based change tracking) ● Transparent Data Encryption ● Journaling and Point in Time Recovery ● Disaster Recovery Feature Rich Database for Enterprise and IoT Internet of Things Awards Winner Most Innovative Use of Data
  10. 10. Cross Language Database Support ● Supports all major development paradigms - including Java, C, C++, .NET, Delphi, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby. ● Closely integrated with C++Builder, RAD Studio, and Delphi with embedded deploy. ● Visual Studio developers can work with InterBase through ADO.NET or ODBC.
  11. 11. InterBase Editions No DBA Needed! IBLite Free (runtime royalty free) Binary compatible with all platforms/editions Zero installation embedded Very small footprint 100 MB database size limit No encryption Directly upgradable to IB ToGo InterBase ToGo All the features of IBLite Strong at rest encryption Strong network encryption Unlimited database size 4 CPU Cores 8 Simultaneous connections Change Views InterBase Desktop Install on desktop Accessible by any local application Other IB ToGo features Full user security Multiple instances / installations 1 simultaneous user InterBase Server All InterBase Desktop Features Accessible from remote computers/clients Multiple simultaneous users 8 CPU Cores 4 Connections per user TCP listening server Journaling & Journal Archives
  12. 12. InterBase Customers Get Results!
  13. 13. Why Choose an Embeddable Database? Zero Installation EncryptionFull SQL Scalability Reliability Caching
  14. 14. Working with InterBase FireDAC & InterBase Connecting Using FAQ License & Deployment
  15. 15. License and Deployment Steps (For both IBLite & IBToGo) • Install Redistributables • via GetIt -> InterBase 2017 ToGo • Go to • Enter your serial key • Download license files • Place license files in IBRedistDir Folder • Tools -> Options • Environment Options -> Environment Options • Find IBRedistDir in System Var or User Overrides • e.g. C:UsersPublicDocumentsEmbarcaderoInterBaseredistInterBase2017 • Add to project via • Project -> Deployment • Featured Files • InterBase ToGo Full documentation on licensing and deployment
  16. 16. 3 2 1 5 Choose one license file 4 Add featured files Rename and save the license files downloaded from as shown
  17. 17. FireDAC Driver Configuration IBLite InterBase Server/ InterBase ToGo Connecting with FireDAC Documentation
  18. 18. Create Table Script SET SQL DIALECT 3; SET NAMES UTF8; /* table */ CREATE TABLE tasks ( id INT NOT NULL, created TIMESTAMP NOT NULL, completed TIMESTAMP, title VARCHAR(255) ); /* generator */ CREATE GENERATOR generate_task_id; SET GENERATOR generate_task_id to 0; /* trigger */ SET TERM ^; CREATE TRIGGER newtask FOR tasks BEFORE INSERT AS BEGIN = GEN_ID(generate_task_id, 1); NEW.created = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP; END^ SET TERM ;^
  19. 19. Change Views
  20. 20. What is Change Views? A “subscription based” model to “subscribe” to data and identify what data has changed in the database. Subscriptions can run both: • During a connection • Spanning connections and time Each subscriber can have multiple devices that are each subscribed
  21. 21. Traditional Data Briefcase
  22. 22. Using Change Views
  23. 23. 5 Benefits to Using Change Tracking ● Reduce costs and disk I/O by minimizing data syncs on mobile devices ● No impact on performance ● No external log tables ● Scalability of users ● Track the changes the way you want Briefcase models just got a boost, when change views syncs only the changes between local and server databases keeping data accurate and current!
  24. 24. How Does it Work? • Create a subscription to specific data that can allow you to identify at the column and field level what data has been changed • Multiple users can subscribe to the same subscription configuration • A subscription can be any mix of tables/columns • Each user can subscribe multiple devices with their own tracking IDs • CV reports back what others have changed, not your changes • You don’t need to stay connected since it runs across connections • Included with all IB licenses, not including the IBLite edition
  25. 25. Creating a Change View When in IBConsole, click on Subscriptions and Create Subscription adding in details or in ISQL add the following code changing your tables names: CREATE SUBSCRIPTION "SUB_MEDICINEUPDATES" ON "CATEGORY" FOR ROW (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE), "MEDICINE" FOR ROW (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE), "MEDICINE_CATEGORIES" FOR ROW (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) DESCRIPTION 'Track inserts, updates and deletes to medicine data'; Privileges for accessing tables GRANT SUBSCRIBE ON SUBSCRIPTION <subscription_name> TO <user_name> REVOKE SUBSCRIBE ON SUBSCRIPTION <subscription_name> TO <user_name> More information:
  26. 26. Final Thoughts Reduce network traffic and data costs associated with syncing Keep your data up-to-date Fast access to secure data, even when offline 1 2 3
  27. 27. • More information and Free Trial: • InterBase DocWiki: • ChangeViews: • Samples: • Change Views: • FireDAC & InterBase • Using: • Connecting: • FAQ: • License Installation & Deployment: • Replay: Resources
  28. 28. ANY QUESTIONS? SELECT Answers FROM InterBase WHERE Questions IS NOT NULL; More Information and Free Trial at: Replay: