Powerpoint presentation - Jefferson Falls


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Investigation at jefferson falls

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Powerpoint presentation - Jefferson Falls

  1. 1. We could put some general information in here about Jefferson Falls
  2. 2. Jack Booth Kate CastleSex: Male Sex: FemaleAge: 32 Age: 31Height: 6ft. Height: 5 ft. 8inWeight: 200 lbs. Weight: 160 lbs.· Has meager wealth tied up in · Has lived and worked in therental properties Jefferson Falls community her· Known for being a pillar of the whole lifeJefferson Falls community · Never married and no· Has lived and worked in the childrencommunity his whole life · Angela Booth’s best friend· Married 10 years to Angela · Currently works in HumanBooth, one adolescent child Resources at the local hospital· Aside from two drunk driving · Aside from speedingconvictions, no known criminal citations, spotless criminalhistory record· Secret gambling addiction · Has secretly been having anoften results in significant debt affair with Angela Booth
  3. 3.  Group Position – SIO(Senior Investigating Officer) Experience: This has been my second experience on a wiki project and I have to say is one in which I would love to be given the opportunity to undertake again. When we were first told about the wiki and that we were working with students from Florida University I was extremely excited as it is not everyday you get to participate in such projects. I have found the wiki both enjoyable and challenging at some points and I now believe that this has allowed me to further my knowledge on understanding the criminal justice system both in America and Scotland. Throughout the 6 weeks there has been numerous challenges given to the group and as a team I believe we worked extremely well which made for a more enjoyable experience all round. Role: I was nominated as SIO for the project which at first seemed a very daunting task however at the same time I was extremely privileged to be given such an important role. I was able to guide the group through the weeks as best I could and although at some points it proved to be difficult to deal with all the information we were given I managed to improve my skills and learn to time manage in order to make sure the group stayed on track. As role of SIO this has given me the stepping stones to further my team leadership skills after university and with doing a past graduate in law when I leave I feel this will be extremely beneficial. Overall the experience was one in which I will not forget and I believe was an ideal project for final year students as in many ways is a nice change from the norm of essay writing and also provides new challenges to undertake and gain new skills from as well.
  4. 4.  Group Position – PR(Public Relations) Experience: Role:
  5. 5.  Group Position – PR(Public Relations) Experience: Role:
  6. 6.  Group Position – IT(Investigation Team) Experience: Role:
  7. 7.  Group Position – IT(Investigations Team) Experience: Role:
  8. 8.  Group Position – ME(Medical Examiner) Experience: Role:
  9. 9.  Group Position – ME(Medical Examiner) Experience: Role:
  10. 10.  Group Position – IAD(Internal Affairs Division) Experience: Role:
  11. 11.  Group Position – IAD(Internal Affairs Division) Experience: Role:
  12. 12.  Group Position – FT(Forensics Team) Experience: Role:
  13. 13.  Group Position – FT(Forensics Team) Experience:
  14. 14.  Group Position – FT(Forensics Team) Experience: Role: