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Grooming & Kennel Expo Pasadena | Angela Clark & Mike Hooper


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Angela Clark owner of American Grooming Academy in Temecula speaking at Grooming & Kennel Expo Pasadena. Topic: Competitive Recruitment Strategies
Guest Speaker: Mike Hooper from XCEL Creative in Murrieta

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Grooming & Kennel Expo Pasadena | Angela Clark & Mike Hooper

  1. 1. Competitive Recruiting Strategies Angela Clark American Grooming Academy
  2. 2. Introduction My Background     Over thirty years in the grooming industry Founder and Owner of American Grooming Academy Experience in the private industry as a business owner Major Pet Supply/Retail Grooming Business  Responsible for 9 Districts which included 132 grooming salons
  3. 3. Introduction Competitive Recruiting Strategies • • • • All grooming businesses struggle to find the “RIGHT” person. How do you find quality candidates in this market? A good plan is essential in developing a winning team. I will share strategies to find the star talent you need.
  4. 4. Introduction Today’s Topics • State of the Pet/Grooming Industry • Looking Within Your Business – 4 Step Action Plan • Attracting Key Candidates • Where to Find Key Candidates • Q&A
  5. 5. State of the Industry The Pet Industry       The Pet Industry has a strong track record of growth. Over 62% of the US households own a pet. There are over 160 million dogs and cats. Total US pet industry expenditure is over 52 billion dollars. APPA estimates grooming sales will exceed $4 billion in 2013. Estimated 30,000 grooming facilities. How does this impact grooming? American Pet Product Association,. 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey
  6. 6. State of the Industry Pet Groomers State of the Industry Report 2013       Demand for groomers continues as it has for decades. Pet Groomers posted over 10,000 help wanted ads/yr. Approximately 5,000 cat and dogs per grooming facility. Many professional grooming jobs are unfilled. 2011 hiring of groomers was up 12%. 2012 doubled - employers sought to hire groomers. American Pet Product Association,. 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey
  7. 7. State of the Industry Top Five States for Groomers 2011 2012 California 2,800 3,023 Florida 2,100 2,802 Texas 1,900 2,201 Pennsylvania 1,500 1,633 New York 1,300 1,489 Opportunities: Concentrated Grooming Jobs California 14,117 Florida 9,932 Texas 8,799 New York 6,484 Pennsylvania 6,165 American Pet Product Association,. 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey
  8. 8. State of the Industry My Big Box Retailer Theory!  Over the past 15 years the major pet industry pet retailers (Petco and Petsmart) have been opening upwards of 75 new stores each per year.  Each store opens with a grooming salon and requires a minimum of 5 grooming employees. Add it up!
  9. 9. Looking Within Your Business STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 Evaluate Your Team and Business Determine Staffing Need Define Processes and Roles Assess Yourself As a Leader Determine Grooming Sales & Goals Evaluate your Associates’ Strengths and Weaknesses Clear processes, roles, and responsibilities help determine the right person Leaders set the tone for the business YTD Grooming Sales and Budgeted YTD Grooming Sales Full or Part Time? Operations Manual Observe your own behavior. Are you a good leader? Daily/Weekly Sales Trend and Goal Are you adding a new Groomer position or replacing a Groomer? Job Descriptions What are your strengths as a leader? Current Daily Hours of Operation and Goal Are you adding a new Grooming Assistant or replacing one? Shares Plans and Goals What are your opportunities as a leader? Team Buy-In Get input from your team # of Customers Being Turned Away and When Flexibility – Don’t get locked into to seeing only one way to staff
  10. 10. Looking Within Your Business The seed of any business culture grow from the values, attitudes and behavior of the business leaders, that is YOU! The quickest way to begin assessing if you have the culture that is attractive to the “right” people is to first observe your own behavior.
  11. 11. Attracting Key Candidates Health Check! How will your business stand out and attract talent? What sets your business apart? How does your business look, feel, and operate? Presentation Daily Operation Social Media Why does this matter?
  12. 12. Attracting Key Candidates Project a Professional and Consistent Image
  13. 13. Attracting Key Candidates Compensation…Get Creative! Direct Compensation Alternatives Basic Pay: Cash wage paid to the employee. Paying a wage is a standard practice, the competitive advantage can only come by paying a higher amount. Incentive Pay: A bonus paid when specified performance objectives are met. May inspire employees to set and achieve a higher performance level and is an excellent motivator to accomplish goals.
  14. 14. Attracting Key Candidates Indirect Compensation Alternatives… Flexible working schedules Insurance (Health, Dental) PTO, Paid Time Off Continual Education, Seminars and Workshops In-house training Employee Discounts Sponsor Grooming Competition Entry Grooming Equipment Allowance What are other ways to improve compensation?
  15. 15. Attracting Key Candidates Sweeten the job offer for that PERFECT candidate! A sign-on bonus can be offered upon sign-on or for staying a certain length of time. Guarantee base pay can be set for a period of time. Employee Referral Bonus A referral rewards your employees a pre-set amount of money if they present candidates to open positions and stay through probationary period. What other ways can you sweeten the job offer?
  16. 16. Attracting Key Candidates Compensation Highlights: Compensation packages can be linked to business structure, employee recruitment, retention, motivation, performance, feedback and satisfaction. Compensation is typically among the first things potential employees consider when looking for employment. It is important, therefore, to give a lot of consideration to your business's compensation structure. After all, for employees, compensation is the equivalent not to how they are paid but, ultimately, to how they are valued.
  17. 17. Attracting Key Candidates The Power of Networking Where else can you network? Grooming Schools Professional Organizations Pet Sitters Dog and Cat Clubs Pet Community Events and Fundraisers Veterinarians Business Vendors Network Referral Program Human Societies Rescue Groups Job Fairs Dog Trainers
  18. 18. Attracting Key Candidates How will candidates apply? Email applications On-line applications Success Tips! Have a designated associate Be quick to respond and follow through Turn every event onto a recruiting event Walk In/ phone
  19. 19. Finding Key Candidates The Power of Social Media Social Media Job Search Sites Where else can you look? Business Website Message Boards Where do you find candidates? Groomer Chat Rooms Business Facebook LinkedIn Blogs Twitter
  20. 20. • Google Adwords • Google Maps • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  21. 21. Advertise Job Openings on Facebook
  22. 22. Facebook Advertising
  23. 23. Other Online Platforms Visit Booth 115 for Raffle Prizes and Questions! Be sure to take photos, and use #hashtag #Booth115!
  24. 24. “In hiring "the right people," the good-to-great companies placed greater weight on character attributes than on specific educational background, practical skills, specialized knowledge, or work experience.” Jim Collins
  25. 25. Questions?