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Build a daemon with ASP.NET and Graph API


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My presentation at SharePoint Saturday Milan

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Build a daemon with ASP.NET and Graph API

  1. 1. 30th September 2017 Milan
  2. 2. Build a daemon with ASP.NET and Graph API Emanuele Bartolesi @kasuken
  3. 3. #SPSMilan
  4. 4. A Huge “Thank You!” To Our Sponsors … In cooperation with
  5. 5. Agenda • Graph API • Overview • Authentication • Build a Daemon • Demo • Q&A
  6. 6. GRAPH API Overview
  7. 7. Graph API - overview
  8. 8. Graph API - overview • You can use the Microsoft Graph API to interact with the data of millions of users in the Microsoft cloud • Use Microsoft Graph to build apps for organizations and consumers that connect to a wealth of resources, relationships, and intelligence, all through a single endpoint:
  9. 9. Graph API – what you can do with it? • Scan your calendar or a other calendar to find the best times for the next meeting • Understand the people who interact with your frequently • Search other users by email, business phones, etc. • And much more…
  10. 10. Graph API – the access token • The apps must acquire an access token • The token contains information about your permission
  11. 11. Graph API – Type of permissions • Delegated: used by apps that run with a user present • These permission is consented by user • Application: used by apps that run without user • These permission is consented by administrator
  12. 12. Graph API – Register your app • Register your app • Configure permissions for Microsoft Graph • Get administrator consent • Get an access token • Use the access token to call Microsoft Graph
  13. 13. DEMO
  14. 14.
  16. 16. 30th September 2017 Milan