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1960s fashion


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1960s fashion

  1. 1. 1960s fashion
  2. 2. 1960 Fashion (Women) Unique Styles of the 60s • Hippy Fashion • Elegant Fashion • Twiggy Fashion
  3. 3. Hippy Fashion • The hippy fashion began in the 60s. This group rebelled against the war, promoted peace, love, and made a huge fashion statement. They where seen in tie-dyes, free-flowing skirts and beads. Their face or bodies were painted with peace symbols or other meaningful designs.
  4. 4. Elegant Fashion • The complete opposite style from the hippies was Jacqueline Kennedy. Often described as glamorous, this first lady was a major style influence of 60's fashion with her elegant dress. Kennedy's style was very classy and polished.
  5. 5. Twiggy Fashion • Model and actress Twiggy was one fashion icon who women admired in the 60s and many wanted to copy her look. She was named "The Face of 1966." Twiggy's signature look was drawn on eyelashes and a heavily made-up eye. Big, dramatic eyes and a pale face were the sought- after look in makeup in the 60s
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  7. 7. Material used • The material they used was cloth (such as polyester and PVC) started to become more popular as well.
  8. 8. 1960 Fashion (Men) • Men wore bell-bottomed jeans, tie- dyed shirts, workshirts, and headbands. Wearing sandals was also part of the hippie look for men. • This look was carried on for Men but they liked to use bright colours and also later in the late 60s they started to change the way they dressed.
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