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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Eman Musa Al-Refai EDU-401
  2. 2. These activities for student of intermediate  school. It is help students to learn the name of  animals. Also, let students know the spell of words.  First, I show student the picture of animal  and it’s name like in slide 3.Then, ask students about the animal that in  the picture and give them three options. These question like a test of how much knowledge students gain.
  3. 3. look and learn. ^_^
  4. 4. That animal is : Dog Mouse Cat
  5. 5. That animal is : Elephant Mouse Monkey
  6. 6. That animal is : Cat Elephant Monkey
  7. 7. That animal is : Dog Duck Cat
  8. 8. That animal is : Sheep Cat Duck