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Hiring Strategies for Small Businesses


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One of the most overused phrases in businesses today is that “our people are our greatest asset." However when it comes to small businesses in particular, hiring is often the first area to suffer.

In this presentation from Paul Slezak co-founder for RecruitLoop ( and Early Growth Financial Services ( you'll learn:
- what really makes a proper job description
- how to craft an engaging job ad that attracts the right candidates
- the 5 interview questions you must ask
- how to use performance based interview questions
- and how to really distinguish between a candidate's skills and competencies

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Hiring Strategies for Small Businesses

  1. 1. Hiring Strategies for Small Businesses #SMBHiring
  2. 2. 2 “Startups face a huge burden in today’s economy, often having to choose between funneling resources toward creating their goods and services or managing the often complex accounting, tax and financial strategy planning necessary to run a successful business.” ~ David Ehrenberg, Founder and CEO Early Growth Financial Services
  3. 3. RecruitLoop is a global marketplace of independent recruiters and sourcers, working on-demand by the hour connecting employers of all sizes with experienced recruiters, who can help with any part of the hiring process – typically with 80% cost savings compared to traditional recruitment.
  4. 4. What’s in store… • How to attract talent • Job descriptions vs performance profiles • Skills vs competencies • Crafting the perfect job ad • Performance-based interviewing • Critical interview questions • Reference checks
  5. 5. Talent Attraction • What are you really looking for? • What exactly will your new team member be doing?
  6. 6. Job Descriptions vs Performance Profiles 3 • What does success mean? • Core objectives • You’re not just looking for skills, but for natural traits and competencies • Your performance profile is your tool to use throughout the hiring process, from interviewing through performance management
  7. 7. Separating Skills from Competencies • Skills can be taught • Competencies are traits that make someone right for your company • Especially important as your company grows…
  8. 8. Crafting The Perfect Job Ad • Attract the right candidates • Strong headline • Define perfect candidates in terms of traits • Link performance profile into job ad • Perks – what else makes your organization stand out • Use keywords effectively
  9. 9. Performance based interviewing AKA Behavioral based interviewing, targeted selection based interviewing •Results-focused recruitment •No hypothetical questions! •Questions must direct candidate straight back to past performance: past performance is best predictor of future performance •Re
  10. 10. S - Situation T - Task A - Action R - Result S.T.A.R.
  11. 11. The 5 most critical interview questions 1. Why are you sitting in front of me today? 2. What are you really looking for in your next position? 3. Who else is really involved in your decision making process? 4. What salary are you on now? And what are you looking for? 5. How will you manager react when you hand in your notice?
  12. 12. Why you MUST conduct 2 reference checks • Relate back to performance profile • Target questions around your specific job • Align with your interview guide • Ask about past situations Key question: Would you re-employ this candidate?
  13. 13. To find your “needle in a haystack,” use your performance profile to stitch together the pieces of your cohesive hiring strategy.
  14. 14. 14 Early Growth Financial Services 415-234-3437 Follow us @EarlyGrowthFS Paul Slezak 415-794-6052 @Paul_Slezak / @RecruitLoop