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Start Using UX as a Strategic Weapon

  1. Start Using UX as a Weapon christian crumlish & erin malone aol tangible ux
  2. what’s ux?
  3. design user-centered learnability aesthetics usability innovation design thinking ui visde interaction research copy creative architecture what’s ux? data brand content strategy editorial information marketing visualization customer touchpoints relevance ideation
  4. i hear you want to be: the apple of cloud solutions the mint of healthcare the foursquare of car sales your example here
  5. so what’s it going to take?
  6. vision
  7. culture
  8. all touchpoints
  9. sounds great in theory...?
  10. flow TWITTER
  11. simplify DROPBOX
  12. rethink HIPMUNK
  13. delight ETSY
  14. that’s nice, but
  15. i have data
  16. Data eventually becomes a crutch for every decision, paralyzing the i have data company and preventing it from making any daring design decisions. ~ Doug Bowman Fast Company, Mar. 2009
  17. but
  18. we’re a startup
  19. Addictive user experience (Design) and scalable distribution methods (Marketing) are the most critical components of success we’re a startup in consumer internet startups, not pure engineering talent. ~ Dave McClure Business Week, Jan. 2010
  20. but
  21. change is hard
  22. What Apple has in Steve Jobs is what every organization looking to embrace design as a genuine differentiating factor needs: a business expert who is able to act as a whole hearted champion of the value of design. ~ Helen Walters, Former editor of innovation & design @ Bloomberg BusinessWeek March 2011
  23. 200%
  24. fin christian crumlish & erin malone @mediajunkie @emalone