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IDEA09 - Designing Social Interfaces: 5 steps, 5 principles, 5 anti-patterns


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In this presentation we share a family of social web design principles and interaction patterns to help user experience designers and strategists grapple with the social dimensions of their products and services. The family of patterns, principles, and practices provides a framework and starting point for the conceptual modeling of any interactive digital social experience.

We've observed and codified 96 patterns thus far, capturing user-experience best practices and emerging social web customs for practitioners. We won't present each pattern in detail, of course, but we will introduce the conceptual clusters of patterns [the 5 steps], and share fundamental principles [the 5 principles] and deceptively appealing anti-patterns [the 5 anti-patterns] in context through discussion of illustrative scenarios.

The presentation was followed by Social Mania - the game - an interactive game playing session.

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