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Emakina Academy #12 : General Conclusions


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Emakina Academy #12 : general conclusions by Thomas De Vos (Emakina/Mobile)

Published in: Technology, Business
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Emakina Academy #12 : General Conclusions

  1. 1. General Conclusions: Mobile Means More… Thomas De Vos New Media Expert The Reference / Emakina
  2. 2. General Conclusions – Mobile Means More… Here’s what we can do for you •  Delivering mobile services (B2C - B2B) •  Building mobile websites and/or iPhone applications based on current data (website or XML) •  Creating exciting mobile content appealing to your target audience •  Filling in the need to publish and reuse content in several channels with a minimum of effort •  Publish to all mobile devices (not only high end devices) in the most optimized way
  3. 3. General Conclusions – Mobile Means More… Why using our expertise? 1. We are creating high quality mobile internet websites TODAY and we have a state of the art mobile optimizing platform 2. We can address ALL mobile internet devices and will use the device capabilities 3. We are using our web expertise for mobile. Our technical and functionalists are mobile ready 4. We are a one stop shop providing everything you need for mobile 5. We measure all mobile traffic and help you in taking strategic decisions
  4. 4. General Conclusions – Mobile Means More… Mobile means more… •  … brand awareness and marketing visibility •  … traffic to your services •  … distinction towards your competitors •  … innovative image for your company •  … extra services to your clients •  … always connected - global presence •  … new business cases and more conversion •  … a new entry point in your multi-channel approach •  … a lot more exciting things
  5. 5. Try it yourself! Mobile websites SMS to 3425 “nieuws” (0,15€/sms) SMS to 3425 “sport” (0,15€/sms) Java application SMS to 8321 “truvo mobile”
  6. 6. Thank you! Any question? 6