Canada study visa interview questions


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Canada Study Visa Interview Questions

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Canada study visa interview questions

  1. 1. CANADA Study Visa Interview Questions
  2. 2. Embassy Interview Questions 1. What do you do? 2. Have you ever been to Canada before? 3. Why do you want to study in Canada? 4. Why did you select this particular College/ University? 5. Which course are you going for? 6. Why did you choose this course? 7. Why don't you do this course here in India?
  3. 3. Embassy Interview Questions 8. Which are the other universities you have applied to? 9. How are you going to fund your education? 10. Are you getting any school waiver? 11. Why do you think the university will offer scholarship to you? 12. Where did you do your under graduation from? 13. Tell me something about your past 14. Who is sponsoring your education?
  4. 4. Embassy Interview Questions 15. What does he do? 16. What savings does your family have? 17. What is your father's annual income? 18. How many brothers and sisters do you have? 19. Do you have any relative in Canada? 20. What are the course commencement & completion dates? 21. Where do you plan to stay in Canada? 22. What do you plan to do during your vacations
  5. 5. Embassy Interview Questions 23. What is your undergraduate CGPA? 24. Can you show me your degree? 25. Mention some professor's name? 26. What are your future plans? Do you intend to stay in Canada? 27. Do you plan to work there? 28. Do you have enough funds while you are there? 29. What is the location of your university? 30. What difference you can make by doing your course in Canada?
  6. 6. Need Training? More Information? Punjab, INDIA .