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  1. 1. A customized solution A customized solution for the consideration for the consideration of: of: Your Company
  2. 2. Our Purpose This proposal contains rates that are of The Purpose of EMA Group Inc and This Report Is to an illustrative nature. Some carriers Provide a Thorough and Objective View of the may underwrite your group on the basis Various Programs Available Because We of effective date, age gender and Recognize the Deep Responsibility That Is Ours industry. in Counseling Our Clients. These factors can make the illustrative rates change slightly. Exact rates are We Have Combined the Most Important Benefits and provided upon final enrollment. EMA Features of the Various Health Insurance Plans, Group Inc. is not responsible for and the Rates, So They Can Be Noticed Side by changes in rates due to these factors, Side for a Better, Clearer Understanding of Your change of effective date, change in Choices. plan designs, or typographical errors. A Complete Benefit Summary of Each Plan Can Great care has been taken in providing you with the most accurate Be Provided at Your Request. rate quote at the time of your request. Additional Information, Physician Lists, FAQ’s and More Can Be Found by Logging Onto Our Website at
  3. 3. Situation: Your Company would like to offer a comprehensive employee benefit program to attract and retain quality employees, while at the same time keeping control of the rising costs as best possible.
  4. 4. Solutions: • EMA Group recommends a dual option plan with the “”plans for a non-referral “PPO STYLE” benefit . With two options, your employees can take the option best suited for them you can have a “premium” plan and also a lower cost “base plan” that employees can accept or buy up from. • Supplemental insurance benefits from “”to implement the section 125 plan, cover increased physician, ER and hospital co-pays, and to maximize pre-taxation where applicable. We call this “Medical Bridging”. • “” for a true nationwide network and a significant dental benefit plan
  5. 5. Solutions: Allow us to make administration easier by providing: • Full flexible spending account with easy access to funds to increase pre-tax maximization, and employee satisfaction. • COBRA Administration by EMA Group & Ameriflex with “Mongoose” technology.
  6. 6. Medical Insurance Plans • HMO • PPO • POS • EPO • Open Access Plans • Prescription • Standalone & Riders • Indemnity NOTE: This material is the intellectual property of Edward MacConnell & The EMA Group Inc. And provided to you as a service for comparison purposes only. Any use of the proposals, strategies, concepts or materials without the expressed written consent of the author is prohibited.
  7. 7. Dental & Vision Plans • Dental HMO • Dental PPO • Dental Indemnity • Preventative Dental • Voluntary Dental Plans • Standalone & Riders NOTE: This material is the intellectual property of Edward MacConnell & The EMA Group Inc. And provided to you as a service for comparison purposes only. Any use of the proposals, strategies, concepts or materials without the expressed written consent of the author is prohibited.
  8. 8. Group Life, Disability, Long Term Care • Life Insurance • Accidental Death & Dismemberment • Income Protection • Short & Long Term Disability • Key Employee Coverage • Long Term Care • EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PLAN NOTE: This material is the intellectual property of Edward MacConnell & The EMA Group Inc. And provided to you as a service for comparison purposes only. Any use of the proposals, strategies, concepts or materials without the expressed written consent of the author is prohibited.
  9. 9. Important Medical Insurance Quoting Terms for Small Groups in PA. • Guaranteed Issue: No medical underwriting is involved, rates are not usually changeable, and the group’s rates are issued regardless of any medical conditions. • Standard Medical Underwriting: A handful of medical questions is asked on each employee application. Quoted rates may be underwritten to an unknown percentage. The limit is approximately 254%. • Full medical underwriting: In depth questions and physician verifications are required. Usually only done with Individual Health Insurance Plans.
  10. 10. Supplemental Benefits • Life Insurance • Pre-Paid Legal • Disability & Income Protection • Hospital Indemnity • Dental Plans • Cancer Policies • Pre Paid Legal Plans • AFLAC • Credit Union • Dry Cleaning What are supplemental benefits? Supplemental benefits are insurance and other programs offered to the employees of a business at the employees’ cost. These types of benefits are usually offered at a discounted rate to the employees and are paid for through payroll deduction.
  11. 11. Pre-Paid Legal Why Pre-Paid Legal Plans? Employees don’t merely shop employers, they shop benefits. A Pre-Paid Legal plan gives you a real competitive advantage for recruiting new employees and keeping them. Legal Plans Monthly Weekly Standard Family Plan Premium 15.95 Payroll 3.68 Expanded Family Plan 24.95 Deduction 5.75 New Jersey Family Plan 10.95 2.52 Commercial Drivers Legal 32.95 7.60 PlanOfficers Legal Plan Law 15.95 3.68 Teachers Plan 17.00 3.92 Home Based Business Rider 14.50 3.34 (AddedParents Plan Foster to Family Plan) 14.95 3.45 Business Owners Legal 75.00 17.31 Solution You are nearly three times more likely to be in court than you are to be hospitalized. National Center for State Courts and the American Hospital Association
  12. 12. Client Support Services These Services Are Available To Serve Our Clients Better: • Health Advocate • Payroll Service • Fringe Facts® Customized Employee Benefit Statements • Pre-employment Assessments • Human Resource Consulting • COBRA & HIPAA Support and Compliance • Employee Handbooks • Drug Testing • Staffing Assistance • Employee Assistance Plans
  13. 13. Other Information • Plan Charts/Grids/Details • Summary Plan Descriptions • Broker Authorizations • Insurance Carrier Information • Financial Ratings • COBRA, HIPAA, etc. • Internet Websites • Other Helpful Information
  14. 14. Why Do Companies Like Yours Choose EMA Group Inc? • Independent brokers serving the greater Philadelphia area since 1982. • Thorough, objective comparisons of all plans and carriers in the market. • Representing our clients, NOT their insurance carriers. • Access to all providers, and all types of benefit plans. • Thoughtful, responsive, courteous and experienced customer services. • Ease of access to our client representatives. • Dealing directly with employees frees our clients to concentrate in other areas. • We strive to offer the finest benefits available at the lowest cost. • All forms, applications, etc. available online 24hrs. 7 days per week • High level of employee communication. • Customized benefit pamphlet or benefit statements for employees. • Member SHRM, NAPES, PEBA, EBRI, IFEBP, HIAA, & more. • Innovative voluntary benefit plans including AFLAC, Debit Card Flex Plans, Pre-Paid Legal and more. • Strategies to stretch your benefit dollars in the most effective manner. • References available upon request.
  15. 15. How does your current broker compare? Value-Added For Your Benefit EMA NOW Services Insurance Market Access Access to all major insurance companies YES ? Customer Service Talk to a live voice, in-touch policy. If we miss a call, we will return your call on the YES ? same business day Experience Edward A MacConnell, LUTCF, President, has worked in the industry 20+ years, his YES ? great accomplishment is getting the best plan, best rate from the carriers for his clients. Edward T. MacConnell, CES, Vice President has 15 years of extensive personal experience in all facets of group insurance. Personal Attention EMA Group Associates will act on and resolve your question or problem the first YES ? time whenever possible. We will not shift the responsibility to someone else. Communication We assist in all phases of communication from employee meetings to payroll YES ? stuffers. We will also design articles for your company newsletter. 1 on 1 Support Unique in our industry, our enrollment specialists will assist your benefit-eligible YES ? employees upon request. We will explain the benefits, help in completing the application and forward forms to carriers. Saves HR personnel a lot of time! This service reduces confusion, leads to informed decisions, and increases employees' satisfaction with their company provided benefits Basic plan FREE! Mid-to-large size groups, comprehensive reports available. YES ? Summarize for your employees all the benefit costs you provide, individually show Employee Benefit Custom them their Total Compensation Package. Statements Pretax Plan Pretax Plan Free! Groups with 3 or more enrolled in supplemental benefits: Company save YES ? 7.65% FICA, employees 25%. Approximate savings can be illustrated. Voluntary Benefits Your employees have access to a comprehensive menu of voluntary benefits. YES ?
  16. 16. Changing Brokers • Let EMA Group show you the way, whether you are considering a change in your current group plan, a new plan or a new Benefits Consultant.
  17. 17. Changing Brokers • Comprehensive, timely annual review. • Full time service staff. • Online administration ( where available) • Complete COBRA compliance and COBRA administration • Access to full FSA administration at reduced fees.
  18. 18. Consumer Driven Health Plans • Health Savings Accounts • Health Reimbursement Arrangements • Medical Co-pay Reimbursement Plans • Self Insurance/ Partial Self Insurance