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02_07_2018 «Woolf: building the first blockchain university», by Miles Pattenden, Oxford University


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VIII eMadrid Workshops on «Cyberlearning»

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02_07_2018 «Woolf: building the first blockchain university», by Miles Pattenden, Oxford University

  1. 1. Building the first blockchain university Woolf Presentation by Miles Pattenden (University of Oxford-Madrid Institute for Advanced Study)
  2. 2. WHAT IS WOOLF? Woolf will be the first blockchain university. Woolf personalises education, lowers tuition fees, and increases salaries.
  3. 3. Dr Joshua Broggi Founder and Director University of Oxford Johann Lilly Technology Director Dr Jonathan Duquette Programme Director University of Oxford Martin Gallagher Programme Director University of Oxford
  4. 4. Senior advisors Academic advisors
  5. 5. OXFORD - A DYNAMIC BLOCKCHAIN ECOSYSTEM Centre for Technology & Global Affairs Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme Woolf
  7. 7. - Prof. Mike Sharples, Emeritus Professor of Educational Technology, Open University (Times Higher Education, 22/03/2018) ‘They’re trying out a new approach to higher education…it’s really time that higher education was disrupted in a positive way’
  8. 8. THE UNIVERSITY PROBLEM Section 1 Title Here1 Section 2 Title Here Section 3 Title Here Add more sections if needed Growing administration 2 Poor employers 3 Student debt
  9. 9. 1 GROWING ADMINISTRATION University administration is growing faster than faculty or students 1987-2012: American universities added 517,636 administrators while shifting academics into low-pay adjunct positions 2016-2017: More administrators than academics in UK universities 206,870 academics 212,840 non-academics (Source:
  10. 10. "But too often, the university set-up makes it hard to alter courses and keep up to speed." universities-creative-courses
  11. 11. POOR EMPLOYERS More than 50% of academic professionals in the US, UK, and beyond work on temporary contracts 2 Source:
  12. 12. STUDENT DEBT University education creates large private debts for students 3 Student debt average National student debt US $37,172 $1.4 trillion UK £50,800 £100 billion Large public budgets for governments
  13. 13. IS “ONLINE” A SOLUTION? Students in massive open online courses (MOOC) are more likely to withdraw or fail compared to students in traditional environments. Why? MOOCs are not a solution ➤ lack of personal support ➤ pre-filmed lectures ➤ box-ticking exercises
  14. 14. THE WOOLF SOLUTION Add more sections if needed A platform which uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to: RECONNECT academics and students AUTOMATE administration REDUCE student tuition fees PROVIDE better employment
  15. 15. WOOLF AUTOMATES ADMINISTRATION Blockchains with smart contracts automate administrative tasks: ➤ payments and transfer of credit ➤ record of academic achievement ➤ voting on projects and budgets Smart contracts secure and protect both teachers and students We are dramatically reducing administrative costs
  16. 16. WOOLF RECONNECTS ACADEMICS AND STUDENT ACADEMICS form colleges and advertise their expertise STUDENTS choose college and their tutors CHECK-IN to start a series of personalised one-to- one tutorials
  17. 17. WOOLF REDUCES STUDENT FEES Students pay less and study directly with university professors Woolf is competitively priced in every country Comparison of annual fees US India Woolf colleges $16,800 $7,200 Excellent universities & colleges Williams $53,000 Ashoka $10,700
  18. 18. WOOLF PROVIDES BETTER EMPLOYMENT Because it provides academics with: ➤ access to a global pool of students ➤ secure contracts for future planning ➤ turnkey solutions for organising teaching ➤ control over their own careers
  19. 19. A NETWORK OF SMART CONTRACTS ➤ Both student and teacher “check-in” to start a tutorial ➤ Simple, efficient, and quick ➤ Automatically replaces administrative tasks and reduces university costs CHECK-IN Refund Academic credit Payment Contractual agreement Quality control
  20. 20. Student’s view of the check-in app ➤ A simple user interface interacts with a complex network of smart contracts on the blockchain ➤ Replaces the jobs of administrators ➤ We are now working to improve the visuals and to scale up the prototype
  21. 21. WOOLF: THE TOKEN WOOLF is used in our network of smart contracts to replace university administration How does WOOLF gain value? ➤ The fundamental value of WOOLF is tuition stored in smart contracts ➤ More students → higher token value ➤ Volatility of the token will not affect the cost of tuition; salary stabilised at time of tuition purchase
  22. 22. VALUE TO USER Traditional university Online learning WOOLF Ease of use Heavy admin Heavy admin Automate admin Intuitive interface Location Fixed physical campus Online Both on-site and online Teaching Large classrooms Impersonal Personalised, secure and high-quality Costs Large overheads Medium overheads Small overheads
  23. 23. SCALING UP Woolf will be a global, non-profit and democratic organisation run by its members, on behalf of its members Early adopters include: ➤ the 50% of academics who are badly employed ➤ the 60m users of ➤ the most digitally engaged learners ➤ summer students Robust scaling up strategy with pathway to accreditation
  24. 24. MILESTONES Launch of Woolf Q1 2018 Early Q2 2018 Smart contract development & DApp testing Accreditation discussion with government Late Q2 2018 Q3 208 Funding & media coverage Accreditation received and platform launched Q4 2018 Global Launch 2019
  25. 25. Joshua Broggi Contact us Set up an appointment with our Founder and Director @JoshuaBroggi