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«EntreComp into action: be inspired & making it happen» / by Rebecca Weicht, co-founder of Brussels-basesd non-profit Bantani Education


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19_01_2018 eMadrid seminar on «Entrepreneurship training based on competences»

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«EntreComp into action: be inspired & making it happen» / by Rebecca Weicht, co-founder of Brussels-basesd non-profit Bantani Education

  1. 1. eMadrid seminar Rebecca Weicht (@rebweicht / @BantaniEdu) January 2018
  2. 2. Bantani Education – our work 3 Policy Projects People Partnerships
  3. 3. 4 How to put EntreComp into action?
  4. 4. About EntreComp • Comprehensive framework based on progression • Adaptable • Entrepreneurship = the capacity to act upon opportunities and ideas to create value for others 5
  5. 5. 6
  6. 6. The value of using EntreComp 7 Influence policy Education & training Outside formal education With start-ups & entrepreneurs Recruiting & managing human resources
  7. 7. Tips to get started using EntreComp 8
  8. 8. Create shared understanding • Mobilise a user group • Engage • Inspire action • EntreComp as basis • Clear and consistent approach Top tip: • Use the visuals 9
  9. 9. Find the right level & competences • Define your audience • Understand if you need to explain EntreComp as a whole or what it means to ‘be entrepreneurial’ • Prioritise competences 10
  10. 10. Adapt, adapt, adapt • Create value: • Translate • Adapt • Provide support • Align Top tip: • EntreComp is NOT a fixed tool 11
  11. 11. EntreCom4all EntreCom4ALL - Open resources for ENTREpreneurship COMpetences FOR ALL Project: 2017-1-ES01-KA202-038383 Edmundo Tovar Technical University of Madrid
  12. 12. EntreCom4all
  13. 13. EntreCom4all Aims • The main aim of this application is to enhance the entrepreneurship competences, according to an European framework (ENTRECOMP framework) of youngsters through open and innovative practices. • The model here proposed intends overcome traditional barriers related to the explotation of Open Educational Resources (OER), as the discoverability of resources, interoperabilty among different open repositories 2.filtering the big volume of information present in social network in order to deliver them quality access to training for all.
  14. 14. EntreCom4all The EntreCom4ALL main objectives are: • development of an innovative method for evaluating individual users learning needs (from diverse learning communities) taking into account their own learning style. The platform will aim to present a variety of customised training paths to support the development of entrepreneurship skills • provide effective OERs (Online Educational Resources) available in different open repositories as well as resources found via online Social Networks (OSN) filtered by the partner’s languages.
  15. 15. Understand your starting point • Understand YOUR starting point 16
  16. 16. Design practical entrepreneurial experiences • Implement ideas & projects • Design experiences & career/start-up pathways • Develop organisations 18
  17. 17. Assess & appraise • Map & discover skills gaps • Reflect on learning • Demonstrate progress 19
  18. 18. Evidence impact • Recognise skills or competences • Demonstrate impact 20
  19. 19. Thank you! @EntreCompEngage @rebweicht