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2011 06 01 (uned) emadrid fcardinali exactls mobile learning myth or realityr theory trends and cases


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2011 06 01
mobile learning myth or realityr theory trends and cases

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2011 06 01 (uned) emadrid fcardinali exactls mobile learning myth or realityr theory trends and cases

  1. 1. eXact learning solutions © 2011 <br />Mobile Learning: Myth or Reality?Theory & Case Study<br />Fabrizio Cardinali<br />SVP Global Business Development<br /> eXact learning solutions S.P.A.<br />CEO, eXact learning solutions North America<br />Chair, European Learning Industry Group<br />Board of Directors, IMS Global Learning Consortium<br />Scormcowriter & reviewer, ADL<br />Global Advisor, Open Knowledge Initiative MIT<br />
  2. 2. Mrs Vivianne Reading <br />2000-2005: PRODI Commission – Education & Culture Commissioner<br />2006- 2010: BARROSO Commission – Media & Information Society Commissioner<br />2010-2015: BARROSO Commission – Legal Affairs Commissioner<br /> I2010 Work Program ( Prague Declaration)<br />Ias Interoperability<br />(Integrating all European IT Systems for an Open European Information space)<br />Ias Individualization<br />(Including all European Citizens, Employees and Students with no one left behind)<br />Ias Innovation<br />(Investing in wiser and wider RD Programs to stimulate European Creativity and Invention)<br />Mission ?<br />Enabling Europe’s Knowledge Economy to Survive Global Crisis and Competition<br />Helping Europe to invent “The next big thing..” in <br />TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning)<br />Mission<br />Making Europe THE Leading Knowledge Society by 2005<br /> eEurope 2005 workprogram (The Lisbon Agenda) <br />?<br />
  3. 3. TALENT<br />Development<br />Leisure & Gaming <br />Entertainment<br />PERFORMANCE<br />Support<br />Labor<br />Recruitment<br />Learning Communities<br />15 Years of Technology Enhanced Learning<br />eLearning2.0 (2005-2010)<br />Informal <br />Self generated Grass Root <br />Content Production & Exchange<br />eLearning 3.0 (2010-2015)<br />Personal <br />Distributed cloud based web for<br /> Rapid & Massive learner profiling and learning individualisation<br />eLearning 1.0 (2000-2005)<br />Formal<br />Online Porting of<br />“traditional” learning Pedagogy & Contents<br />Learning Content Production, Management & Distribution<br />VERY LOW<br />Average Satisfaction per User<br />ASPU<br />2000<br /><ul><li>Uni Columbia formed Fathom & teamed with XanEdu.
  4. 4. Uni of Penn Wharton School teamed with Caliber, a spin-off from Sylvan Learning.
  5. 5. Uni Cornell spun off eCornell with $12 million internal investment
  6. 6. UNext created CardeanUniversity with Columbia, London School of Economics, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, and Chicago Universities.
  7. 7. Temple University formed “Virtual Temple”
  8. 8. Pensare teamed up with Duke University.
  9. 9. Click2Learn teamed with NYU Online.
  10. 10. North Carolina, Harvard, and USC went to University Access for help in getting online.
  11. 11. Harcourt Higher Education was launched as a college in 2000 and confidently predicted “50,000 to 100,000 enrollments within five years.”
  12. 12. Uk Government was investing several £ Millions for the UK Answer through UkeU, UFI, NHSu,…</li></ul>Formal Learning<br />Informal Learning<br />2000-2002<br /><ul><li>Pensare is gone.
  13. 13. Fathom needed ~$30 million in internal financing Faculty became restive, closed in early 2003
  14. 14. Cardean laid off over half work force –”restructures”.
  15. 15. Temple University closed virtual Temple.
  16. 16. NYU folded NYUOnline back into the campus.
  17. 17. Harcourt gone after enrolling 32 students in 2001.
  18. 18. eCornell open BUT with reduced expectations.
  19. 19. Britain’s Open U. closes US branch -$20 M later.
  20. 20. Caliber goes bankrupt- acquired by iLearning(Sylvan).
  21. 21. University Access -> Quisic withdraws from H.Ed.
  22. 22. Uk Government closes down UkeUand NHSU</li></ul> Web 2.0 Viral & Social Content Distribution<br />Performance & Talent <br />Management<br />New Generation<br />Educational Publishing<br />Technical and Business Models<br />(Marchitectures)<br />1° Generation eLearning<br /> “Unsatisfied User” Issue<br />Skills & Competency<br />management<br />New Generation<br />Educational Content<br />Repositories<br />Distributed, Open & Interoperable Cloud Services & Content Repositories<br />Personal<br />Portfolio & Indentity <br />Management<br />Mobile & <br />Location Based<br />Content Distribution<br />Labor & Recruitement<br />Management<br />Personal Development<br />Plans<br />Copyright 2010 Giunti Labs – No Reproduction without written agreement<br />
  23. 23. 15 Years eLearning Platforms & Architectures<br />….Interchanging <br />Standard Contents<br />…To Open Standard Data bindings<br />From Offline CBT to Web based closed and proprietary solutions<br />eLearning Service OrientedArchitectures <br />(SOAs)<br /> High Portability<br />High Productivity<br />High Flexibility<br />School Management<br />School Management<br />Learning<br />Knowledge<br />Testing<br />Management<br />Content<br />Management<br />Testing<br />Management<br />Content Management<br /> Standard<br /> Content<br />Learning <br />Management System <br />Virtual <br />Classroom <br />Learning <br />Management System <br />Virtual <br />Classroom <br />CRM<br />CRM<br />HR management<br />HR management<br />ERP<br />ERP<br />Publishing<br />Application B<br />Application A<br />Effort<br />Extended Learning Services<br />ePMS (Portfolios)<br />SCM (Skills & Competency Management )<br /> IM (identity Management)<br />Mobile learning<br />TV Learning<br />Virtual Worlds...<br />Complexity<br />Ubiquitous, Wireless, Broadband and Mobile<br />Cloud based Services<br />For <br />Learning Experience Personalization<br />Personal Ambient Learning Services (PALs)<br />The Holy Grail of Learning Technologies<br />..creating innovative Digital Cloud Marketplaces and “Markitectures” for learning contents personalization<br />..relying on Distributed & Interoperable<br />Business Stakeholders...<br />eLearning <br />Platforms <br />BEFORE SOA<br />Digital Knowledge Repository Services<br />Learning Content <br />Management Services<br />Digital Content Marketplace<br />….and After<br />Distributed Cloud Services <br />Implementation<br />First Generation eLearning<br />Vendor “Lock In” Syndrome<br />Web 2 Portals<br />Learning Management<br />Systems<br />
  24. 24. Book <br />Distribution Delay<br />(Channel/media)<br />1 month<br />New<br />Business Models<br />(eg Download and Play Edutainment)<br />Newsletter<br />1000000-<br />Journals<br />1 week<br />Newspaper<br />100000-<br />1 day<br />10000-<br />1 hour<br />Personal Learning Communities<br />(Mobile, Ubiquitous and Always on)<br />1000-<br />100-<br />1 minute<br />Motivate – Engage – Remediate<br />Each one<br />10-<br />1-<br /> Target<br />Audience<br />1 10 100 1000 10000 100000 1000000<br />Modified Slide from Tomita , Japan (1980))<br />Narrowcasting<br />…..Many Messages for few people (Mass Individualisation)<br />15 Years of eContent Publishing & Distribution<br />The Web2 Revolution (s)<br />Viral Distribution<br />Youtube<br />Flickr<br />Amazon eBook<br />…<br />Social Distribution<br />FaceBook<br />My Space<br />Second Life<br />Linkedin<br />…<br />Traditional Content Distribution Channels<br /><ul><li>Differed
  25. 25. Real Time
  26. 26. Mass Distribution</li></ul> (Broad Casting)<br />Film<br />Letter<br />The Personal Media<br />Revolution<br />(Ubiquitous /Mobile / BB Internet)<br />Market Gap for <br />Content Personalization<br /><ul><li>Viral Distribution</li></ul>(Viral Casting )<br /><ul><li>Social Distribution</li></ul>(Social Casting)<br />Radio<br />Telephone/<br />Human talk<br />Television<br />Interactive Narrowcasting<br />Towards <br />Socratic Publishing?<br />(Delivering<br />Personal Learning Materials<br />Where Users Are, Where and When Users need them )<br />Broadcasting<br />One Message for Many People (Individual Massification)…<br />And What about Educational Publishing?<br />5<br />
  27. 27. 15 Years of Learning Pedagogy & Formats<br />Learner<br />Satisfaction<br />Motivate – Engage – Remediate<br />Each one<br />Meaningful Learning<br />Scientific Research<br />New Music or Architecture<br />Well Designed Audio Visual<br />Instructions<br />Clarification of Relationships<br />Between Concepts<br />Mobile Learning<br />Most Reasearch and<br /> Intellectual Production<br />School Laboratory <br />Work<br />Lectures or Most Text Books<br />Representations<br />Game Based Learning<br />Social Learning<br />Viral Learning<br />Moltiplication <br />Tables<br />Applying Formulas to <br />Solve Problems<br />Trial & Error <br />Puzzle Solutions<br /> Learner Freedom<br />Associative<br />Exploratory Learning<br />(eg social learning, peer n reiew)<br />ROTE Learning<br />Location Based Learning<br />....<br />Constructive Personal Learning<br />(Self Development, Talent Expression, <br />The Joy of Learning,…)<br />Behavioral <br />Prescriptive Learning <br />(eg Regulatory, Compliancy,…)<br />Electricity<br />Killer Technology for Industrial Society <br />Electricity<br />Killer Technology for Industrial Society<br />Personal Ambient Learning<br />( Personalized, Contextualised, Localised, Rich & Un Formal)<br />The Joy of Learning !<br />Broadband, Mobile & Ubiquitous Internet<br />eLearning 2.0<br />(Grass Root Formats)<br />Personal Ambient Learning<br />(Media, Skills, Location & Context Aware)<br />Killer Technology for Knowledge Society <br />UNSATISFIED<br />USER<br />Syndrome<br />(OK for mandatory, ie compliancy & regulatory training<br />Only…)<br />eLearning 1.0<br />(Poor Media, Prescriptive WBT <br />TUTORIALS)<br />Modified slide from “Learning how to learn”,<br />Joseph D. Novak, D. Bob Gowin<br />
  28. 28. The Job of Books<br />Re-inventing...<br />The Book of Jobs<br />“Last time there was so much excitement about <br />a tablet it had some commandments written on it.”<br />-The Wall Street Journal<br />In the US ,..<br /><ul><li>During 2005 more than 1.5 Billion paper books have been posted of which ….</li></ul>(Source: AAP) <br /><ul><li>…..1 Billion returned in 2006, equal to 465 Million US$ expenses </li></ul>(Source Environmental Trends and Climate Impacts)<br /><ul><li>Annual Student expenditures on books can easily range from 700$ to 1000$ and mid and low income students can’t afford the cost of textbooks
  29. 29. Used Textbooks comprise only 25-30% of all those in the market
  30. 30. Faculty Gudilines emerge seeking to prohibit faculty from assigning a textbook if they do not plan to use at least 50 percent of its content in the course.
  31. 31. Over the last three years, 34 states have proposed a total of more than 100 bills related to textbook costs</li></li></ul><li>Act fast!: Bridge the (Missile) Gap...<br />The Learning Sputnik has been launched..<br />( publishers might not come where you expect them from...!)<br />Building Next Generation digital learning content marketplaces<br />
  32. 32. eXact learning solutions RD<br />Europe’s leading private TEL Lab<br />Which Future for Digital learning Contents?<br />2010-2015: Towards Personal Ambient Learning: <br />2000-2010: Giunti Research wins assignment of 15 very large EU RD Projects on Future Standards, Architectures and Formats for Digital Learning Content Management and develops Learn eXact LCMS<br /><ul><li>Media Based Personalisation
  33. 33. Skills & Competency Based Pesonalization
  34. 34. New Distribution Architecturesand Business Models for Digital Educational Content Markeplaces</li></li></ul><li>The Book of Jobs<br />Why Personal Ambient Learning Now?<br />
  35. 35. With many pros...<br />
  36. 36. ..And some cons... <br />..favouring a new market dawn... <br />
  37. 37. Towards Ipad Learning<br /> Adding an Ipad to Your Existing learning content architecture<br />Ipad<br />Android<br /> Blackberry<br />Windows Mobile<br />Authorisation & Authentication<br />Collaboration & Social Networking<br />Content Search, Download & Play<br />Interface<br />Interface<br />Interface<br />Server Side(eXact Mobile Server)<br />SCORM<br />Content <br />Tracking<br />Streaming, PodCasting<br />Interface<br />Interface<br />Interface<br />SCORM Content<br />Sequencing<br />Interface<br />Location<br />Based <br />Learning<br />Other<br />Optional<br />SOA<br />Services<br />SOA<br /> Services<br />Client SideExtesnion<br />GLOVE<br />Iphone<br />
  38. 38. IPAD & Android native app<br />
  39. 39. Mobile Learning Scenario 1Just in Time Medical Education<br />Phase 1: Medical experts produce Mobile Learning Pills™ for Immediate Care of Newborn..<br />Phase 2: Emergency Health managers Publish Learning Pills where needed, JIT….<br />Steps of Immediate Care<br />Project<br />Millennium Village<br />Mayange <br />Phase 3: … New Mothers receive personalised JIT Learning and…<br />A World Telcom Infrastructure provider.. wants to provide an innovative means for Just in Time Training (Instant Training) for health management to development countries using the main means of massive comunication: the cell phone. And using the set up also to collect field based udpated info… <br />Phase 4: ….Feedback Demographic info whilst highly motivated..<br />
  40. 40. Mobile Learning Scenario 2<br />Location Based Sales Support<br />Installed LearnPills<br />Step 1: The Training dept. rapidly creates Learning Pills & Testing Pills™ for Blackberries ™ using a standard rapid Authoring tool (DEVICE & CHANNEL BASED PERSONALIZATION)<br />Step 2: …Geo locates Learning Pills and Tests using mashup of Microsft Virtual Earth in its Authoring environment (LOCATION BASED PERSONALIZATION)<br />Step 4: PROFILED Employees receive Personal Learning Pills to download and play on their Blackberries ™ related to their location of work<br />The Marketing department of a Innovative Telco Company has to launch a new Product on the market upskilling all his workforce in 1 month whilst staying on the field and on the move…<br />Step 3:Publishes Learning Pills onto the Corporate Mobile Server interfaced to the standard learning infrastructure (Corporate LMS …)<br />Step 5: The mobile device sends back performance tracking (SCORM) to Corporate’s LMS/LCMS/EPMS <br />
  41. 41. And What’s Next?<br />Glimpses from the Future...<br />eXact learning Research<br />Bridging Your Content Strategy <br />Towards the Future.<br />Whatever It May Be.<br />
  42. 42. Future Scenarios<br /> Industrial Training & Performance Support<br />Location Based, Wearable, Enterprise Workspace Embedded<br />Phase 3: Users access Information where needed on available devices…<br />Also with WearableTraining <br />Phase 1:Instructional Designers retrieve reference and training materials from multiple sources<br />Phase 4: Standard Tracked Information is returned to Corporate LMS <br />S1000D<br />SVG<br />The Technical department of a Innovative Avionics Company has to provide Maintainance support on deck on a airplane now equipped with WIFI net access…<br />VRML/XRD<br />Phase 2: Standard eLearning Content gets located and Cached on deck using Satellite, Caching Engines and WIFI positioning technology <br />
  43. 43. Future Scenarios: Art Education – teachers <br />Location Based Mobile Learning<br />Phase 1: Art Educators Harvest raw assets performing OSIDs queries to federated Repositories using Query by Metadata and/or Query by Sample<br />Museum<br />Repository 1<br />Museum<br />Repository 2<br />Museum<br />RepositoryN<br />Query by Sample<br />OSIDS Pluging for..<br />Z39.50 ZING SRW<br />OAI MHP<br />Flickr YouTube<br />Google Yahoo Wikipedia<br />Query by Metadata<br />Phase 3: ...Expose LINKS to Blended Learning Experiences from within standard VLEs or WEB 2 Portals <br />Phase 2:Art Educators Author Multi Channel Contents , store them in federated DRs and GEO locate them in Real & Virtual Worlds<br />LINK to Repository<br />With Player<br />Digital Repository<br />Federation<br />
  44. 44. Future Scenarios – Art Education - Students<br />Location Based Mobile Learning<br />Text Books<br />NEW Generation Content Production, <br />Management & Repository Systems<br />WEB<br /> MUSEUMS<br />3G Devices<br />LIBRARIES<br />Digital Boards<br />PUBLISHER’s<br />Services<br />Virtual Learning <br />Worlds<br />eBooks<br />GPS Device<br />
  45. 45. But....Are You Ready to fill Your Missile Gap?(Innovating Educational Content in Mobile Internet Times)<br />The Media Invention Clock <br /> Pool Paradox, 1983<br /><ul><li>9:30:00 PM : Oral Distribution (100K years AC)
  46. 46. 11:52:00 PM: Book Publishing (1490)
  47. 47. 11:59:49 PM: Analog Mass Media</li></ul> (1830 roto print, since 1920 film,radio,tv) <br /><ul><li>11:59:58 PM: Digital & Personal Media
  48. 48. 00:00:00 PM : The Next Big Thing </li></ul>Ubiquitous, Mobile, Broadband, Personal Ambient Learning & Publishing<br />Innovating Educational Publishing<br />Rose Monastry, Oslo Norway, 1491<br />The G.I.S. (Gutenberg Innovation Syndrome)<br />1490 : “Dear Gutenberg, Wonderful but….what else can we do with it apart printing the Bible?!**!”<br />From the audience at the first public presentation of Gutenberg’s <br />quantum leap publishing invention<br />From a show called Øystein & Meg (Øystein & I) produced by Norwegian Broadcasting television channel ( more)<br />
  49. 49. Facing the Gutenberg Invention SyndromeAgain and again and again….<br />1895: “Dear Marconi, ...great invention!.... BUT what else can You do with Radio Waves apart transmittting a single letter over the hilltop?*!*??……<br />1980: “Why should people use mobile phones if we have a phone box at every corner?!?”<br />1990: “Why on earth should we use emails for reaching our empoyees f we can fax all needed...?**!?”<br />2000: “Why should our kids use SMS messages if they can talk to each other by cell phone?!!!!*?”<br />2009: “Why should students want their learning materials on the IPAD or eBooks <br />if they don’t even read their <br />textbooks at school?!?<br />All Media Have Been.... “New”… <br />...Prepare to Bridge Your “Missile” Gap... <br />....Before its too late!<br />THANK YOU!<br />